" The Infant Jesus, far from being sorrowful at this proposal, is pleased at it, accepts it with love, and exults in it! "
St. Alphonsus Liguori

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Fr Provincial's Letter 26 Feb 2015...



26th February, 2015

Dear Confreres and friends,


By now we are already into the first week of Lent and I pray that it will be a blessed season for all of us. Certainly it is a challenging time as we continue to discern the way forward for the Province in terms of the Nominations.


I hope that people are able to spend a bit of extra time in prayer. On a personal note, just before I went to Zimbabwe I was in my room trying to pray without much apparent success, and I glanced up at the crucifix and spent some time reflecting on the passion of Jesus. I must say it really helped me to get my focus back. I know we all have different ways of praying, but at the heart of each Lent is the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. So I commend this theological (or pious) focus on the Cross to you.



What the papers are saying about us! Here is an article from the Glasgow Flourish.


102 0665


Frs Reid, McAinsh and Mulligan 

Scots to the fore 


THE London Province of the Redemptorists has just elected a Provincial Council made up entirely of Scots. 


Brothers and priests from communities in England, Scotland and Zimbabwe met in Chapter at St Mary’s, Kinnoull, in early January. 

Our Newest CSsR Priests…Makorokoto...


The following piece was submitted by one of our new Redemptorist Fathers in Zimbabwe...

cssr zimbabwe ordination4

(Fr Kenneth, Fr Gift, Archbishop Ndlovu, Fr Francis and Fr Gideon CSsR)


"Saturday the 14th February 2015 (Valentine's day, and Fr. Gift's birthday) was a special day for the Redemptorist Region of Zimbabwe, the Archdiocese of Harare and indeed for the whole Church, as four Redemptorist deacons were ordained to the priesthood by the Archbishop of Harare, his Grace Robert Christopher Ndlovu.

Ash Wednesday and so Lent begins...

lent - words

What are you doing for this Lent?

Letter from the Coordinator No.19...


cssr europe


Letter from the Coordinator, No 19 (7.02.2015) 


Dear Confreres, 

Dear Lay Missionaries of the Most Holy Redeemer, 

Dear Partners in Mission. 


Our Mission in Albania 

Greetings from the community in Albania!

albania perpetsucc  

I am writing this letter during my first visit to the new Redemptorist mission in Tirana. During my time here I have been greatly impressed by the life and work of the community. 


Our mission takes care of 3 parishes, and two filial churches, covering an area of approximately by 30km by 10km, where around 30,000 Catholics live. 


From the first days they have been celebrating mass and preaching in Albanian - and it is getting better each day! 


The community wish to express their grateful thanks for your prayers, and generous financial support, during the early months of their mission here. By your generosity they have been able to buy one car, and have been given another one. 

Prayers please for 4 new CSsR priests...





On the 14th February 2015

four of our young brothers are going to

be ordained to the priesthood in Zimbabwe.


This is a very exciting time for them, for us and for the church.


Your prayers are asked for these four men as they embark on years of ministry ahead of them,

proclaiming plentiful redemption as they go!

Living Joyfully 2015 in the Cathedral...


Over the last few days the Redemptorists alongside many other religious and consecrated people have hosted hundreds of people who came along to the Cathedral in Liverpool for these days called,


Living Joyfully!  


The Living Joyfully days came about when a few religious got the notion into their heads to ask the Archbishop if he would allow them to take over the cathedral for a few days! When he said "YES" the religious slightly panicked and then thought, "we have got to do something significant here".


This weekend has been something quite tremendous and utterly grace filled. However that being said it has involved a lot of hard work, but it has certainly now proved its worth. 


The smaller group were 


Br James Hayes fic, Sr Catherine Skelton fsp,


Sr Frances Kelly CSN, Sr MaryAnne Francalanza fcJ,


Sr Christine Warrington rc and Fr Richard Reid CSsR


they did great work!

102 0727


The smaller group has constantly kept the biggar group on board at other meetings. A huge round of applause goes to the many consecrated men and women who joyously bought into the idea and the days at the cathedral - thank you to each and everyone of you!

102 0736

Our CSsR Vocations Director - A profile...


In this months Catholic Pic - the Liverpool Archdiocesan's monthly Catholic magazine - you will find our Vocation Director's profile on page 18! The piece entilted "Helping young people find their calling" is written by Simon Hart can be read below. Enjoy! 


cssr reid liverpool pic1

Read here the article...


The Provincial writes Jan.'15...


29th January, 2015

Dear Confreres and friends,


The Year of the Consecrated Life began as we know on the first Sunday of Advent. However, it seems that Monday, 2 February, (the day specifically dedicated each year to the Consecrated Life) will see celebrations in many cathedrals and churches.


Fr. General has asked us all to take this year very seriously and to focus on the area of our dedication to the Redeemer. We already have from the Spirituality Centre some possibilities for communal study. Also the book which I produced for the Year of the Consecrated Life has set out more than enough material for at least 10 meetings during the coming year. I appreciate that at this time of transition, communities may not be in 'a space' where they can have such meetings; but I do invite each confrere to reflect on the vocation we have received to follow Christ the Redeemer as Redemptorists.

February Virtue and Patron...



Virtue: HOPE

Patron: St. ANDREW

Text: His hope he set on me, so I will rescue him;

protect him for he knows my name. 


Living Joyfully 2015...


He is...!

....Are you?

living joyfully

If you want to know anything or everything about religious life then come along on Saturday 7th Feb 2015 to Liverpool's Catholic Cathedral!

You will be made most welcome and without doubt,

you will enjoy and be educated!

RYM back for another year...


RYM is back for another year - and 2015 looks like a busy and exciting 12 months!


Towards end of 2014 I started a Young Adult Group in our Redemptorist parish of St Mary's, Clapham in London!


So now RYM is based in 3 cities - Liverpool, Birmingham and London! After just 2 years we have developed the ministry nicely and there is undoubtedly a great need for young people to come together to share, learn about and discuss their faith!

Our Provincial in Poland...


fr mcainsh cssr

Many Provinces in our Redemptorist Congregational are holding Provincial Chapters both for the task of electing new Provincial governments and also to reviews their apostolic and community priorities for the next four years.



At the invitation of the Provincial of the Province of Warsaw, Fr. Janusz Sok, our own Provincial Superior, Fr. Ronald McAinsh, was invited to conduct some time of spiritual preparation for the 44 confreres who participated in the Provincial Chapter of the Warsaw Province.



Flying into Gdansk, Fr. McAinsh stayed overnight in our community in Gdynia which has a fascinating history.  The parish church which we staff was build under great persecution during the communist regime – and barely survived. There are 11 confreres ministering in the community, and we are also responsible for a very thriving Apostleship of the Sea which has the use of part of our premises. Being a port city this is of great value to the many seafarers who arrive and depart.



The Provincial Chapter was held in the Redemptorist Retreat house in Rowy which is about 130 km from Gdansk, and is on the Baltic Sea, which makes it a great tourist attraction during the summer months. 

Fr Charles Corrigan CSsR - Golden Jubilarian...


Great celebrations were held in Clapham on the occasion of

Fr Charles Corrigan CSsR

Golden Jubilee of

Ordination to the Priesthood.

fr charlie cssr 1

Fr Charlie was ordained on the 10th January 1965!

fr charlie 2

Pope Francis' List...

pope francis list



“When we gossip, we “are doing what Judas did,” and “begin to tear the other person to pieces. Every time we judge our brother in our hearts or worse when we speak badly of them with others, we are murdering Christians,” Francis says. “There is no such thing as innocent slander.”

“Throwing food away is like stealing from the tables of the poor, the hungry! I encourage everyone to reflect on the problem of thrown away and wasted food to identify ways and means that, by seriously addressing this issue, are a vehicle of solidarity and sharing with the needy.”


“If the Pope can find time to be kind to others, if he can pause to say thank you, if he can take a moment make someone feel appreciated, then so can I. So can we.”