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A man must be ready, for death comes when and where God wills it.

St John Neumann

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Ven Margaret Sinclair...can you help?

The Redemptorists have been the Guardians of her Shrine in St. Patrick's, Edinburgh. We have been asked by the maker of this film below to appeal of their behalf.

margaret sinclair the film


Margaret Sinclair: An Ordinary Girl 


A 1920's Period Feature Film to life. 


This is the true story of an ordinary girl who becomes a holy woman. Margaret Sinclair, a Scottish working class girl, living in 1920's Edinburgh abandons a life of security to follow God’s calling. She dedicates her life to helping others even whilst she herself experiences unemployment, family trials and poverty.

Read more: Ven Margaret Sinclair

The foundation of the CSsR Mission in Albania...

We thank Fr Laureano for this piece, it makes for fascinating reading...

albania cssr

It was 17:20 when Fathers Laureano Sevillano Del Otero, (Madrid)  Dominic O’Toole (London) and Andrzej Michon,(Warsaw) the first three Albanians Redemptorists, landed in Tirana, capital of Albania. The sky was cloudy and the road showed the preparations for the upcoming visit of the Pope to the “Land of the Eagles”.


The community was received in the rectory of the Cathedral by Mons George Frendo OP, Auxiliary Bishop of Tirana-Durres. There they remained for two weeks dedicated to the study of language and participating in various church meetings, making contact with the Albanian Catholic Church and its characteristics. The next day they were received by the Archbishop of the capital, Mons. Rrok Mirdita, who said that the arrival of the Redemptorists to the diocese was a precious gift for their 75th anniversary. They also held a meeting with the Apostolic Nuncio to Albania, who invited the confreres to love the people and have “smell of sheep”, quoting Pope Francisco.

Read more: The Foundation of the CSsR Mission in Albania

A young person's view of the Redemptorist Youth Group...


Thank you Damian Wilde for being so kind and sharing this.


cross gold



A friend who attended the group in Liverpool recommended I attended the group in Birmingham as I lived close-by, so I thought I would see what it was like.  Having only lived in the area for a few years, I did not know many people in Catholic circles.  I attended mass, but I only knew a few people in my parish.  All the people I knew through church and going to Lourdes were from the Archdiocese where I grew up in Liverpool.  It was due to this I wanted to extend my network and spend some reflective prayer time with fellow Catholics in the area.





Read more: View of Redemptorist Youth Group

Blessed Pope Paul VI 19th October 2014...


bl paul pp vi tombpope paul vi example


Sunday 19th October 2014

the church, we, have a 

new Blessed!


Read the spontaneous address Blessed Pope Paul VI

gave to the Redemptorists attending the General Chapter 6th Oct 1973.

It well worth reading...

Read more: Beatus Paulus PP. VI - 19/X/14

World Mission Sunday 2014...


This Sunday is World Mission Sunday... let us not forget those in real need...

world mission sunday 1

Read more: World Mission Sunday

Redemptorists and World War One...


This has been a sad time to remember the reality that was WWI. 


A confrere was recenly at an exhibition in Perth, Scotland, that was remebering the impact the War had on that city. Also included in the exhibition were the men from our monastery, St. Mary's Kinnoull, who did their bit in the World War. He sent the following pieces, so we'll let the articles speak for themselves...

+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++

Read more: Redemptorists and World War One

St Gerard Majella CSsR's Feast Day...


s gerard majella cssr lumuscio


The 16th October is the day when the Redemptorist family throughout the world celebrate the life and death of their beloved lay brother,

St Gerard Majella CSsR.


He was  a Redemptorist Brother who managed to minister to God's holy people in a fantastic and wondrous way. It is worth looking up stories attesting to the miracles worked in his presence! To find out more click here.

s gerard mothers saint copy



Today he is popularly known as the patron saint of pregnant women and children, especially babies. To all of you called Gerard, Gerardine, Majella or some similar permutation, we wish you a 


blessed and happy feast day!




Read more: St Gerard Majella CSsR's Feast Day

St Dr Teresa of Avila...


dr st teresa avila

Today the church celebrates the memory of one of the great women saints, one who has also been honoured with the title, Doctor, and the woman is the great Teresa of Avila. St Alphonsus was a great admirer of St Teresa, and he wrote all his letters with the initials JMJT at the top of the page - 


Jesus, Mary, Joseph and Teresa!


In the years following the canonisation of St. Alphonsus, it was common for the confreres within the Redemptorist family to write their letters with initial JMJTA at the top of the page -


Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Teresa and Alphonsus! 


Enjoy this lovely feast day, and ask the great Doctor (Teresa) to help you with your prayer life.

Read more: St Dr Teresa of Avila

CSsR Vocations Weekend Nov 2014...

cssr vocations w-end 2014

Fr Provincial writes Oct 2014...



7th October, 2014

Dear Confreres and friends,


This letter will reach you a bit late since I was in Rome on the occasion of Cardinal Nichols taking possession of our church. As you will know from the website the church of St Alfonso was given to him as his titular when he was created cardinal.

Read more: Fr Provincial writes Oct 2014

CSsR Students on tour in Italy...

st gerards tomb


In August, the students of the London Province joined students from other units in Europe for a pilgrimage to the sites where the Redemptorists began.  Museums were visited, Churches were viewed (and prayed in), talks were given and sights were seen.  Not to mention visiting the Redemptoristines and receiving their unmatched hospitality.


(Here the brothers stand by the tomb of

St Gerard Majella CSsR

- Patron of Pregnant mothers and babies)



Read more: CSsR Students on tour in Italy

Our Lady of the Rosary...


The words of the pope! 

Blessed  Francis Xavier Seelos CSsR...


As yesterday (5th of October) was a Sunday, there was little "space" to celebrate the feast day of our beloved confrere Bl Francis Xavier Seelos. However you can go to the Seelos page and find out more! 



Read more: Blessed  Francis Xavier Seelos CSsR

Cardinal Nichols and CSsR in Rome...



Cardinal Vincent Nichols has taken possession of his titular church in Rome - Sant'Alfonso de'Liguori all'Esquilino. The church is dedicated to its patron,  Saint Alphonsus - founder of the Redemptorists.

Since 1865 it has been home to the famous icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, which was given to the Redemptorists by Pope Pius IX with the instruction, "Make her known."

cardinal nichols and olps


In his homily he mentioned the late Fr William Maram CSsR

"I have many Redemptorist friends. Indeed I first came to this Church one Easter, many years ago,

with an English Redemptorist priest whom some of you will remember. He was Fr William Maram,

better known, at least in his later years, as Bill. He was a great character and had a wonderful love

for all things Redemptorist. Indeed, I think a great thrill in his life was the fact that he looked just a

little bit like St Alphonsus himself. How he loved it when people pointed that out."

To read it in full click here


Read more: Cardinal Nichols and CSsR in Rome

CSsR Virtue for October...


The Redemptorist Virtue for the Month of October is




PATRON: St Simon, Apostle


TEXT: "And when He had dismissed the crowds He went up by Himself

into a mountain to pray." (Matt 14: 23)

Read more: CSsR Virtue for October

A fresh look at the Rosary for October...

praying the rosary

Read more: A fresh look at the Rosary



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