" Have you ever seriously reflected what those words mean, a God to be made man, and to die for thee? "
St. Alphonsus Liguori

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Praying for Vocations...

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It is simple really!

Please Pray for Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life,

remembering especially us, the Redemptorists!

CSsR Icon writer - he shares his love and his passion...

In this video Brother Richard Maidwell, CSsR, an Icon writer, shares his love and passion for Icons as part of the Church's rich tradition. He breaks down the Church's teaching that Icons are an expression of the mystery of the incarnation and not a self expression of the artist as we find with other forms of art. Brother Richard belongs to the Redemptorist Province of South Africa.

Changes for Redemptorists of London and Zimbabwe...


cssr cartoon desk

The Provincial Council has been hard at work and have made the followning changes among our communities...

In a letter to the confreres the OPC said,

"We again thank everyone for their generous cooperation and ask for your prayers that we will continue the tradition of our Province which is one of a prayerful fraternity of Redemptorists who bring hope and the Good News to people in whatever situation they find themselves."


The Ordinary Provincial Council

Fr Ronald McAinsh CSsR - Provincial 

Fr Richard Reid CSsR- Vicar Provincial and 1st Consultor

Fr Gerard Mulligan CSsR - 2nd Consultor


Bishop Eton Community, Liverpool

Fr Andrew Burns CSsR - Rector and Provincial Bursar

Fr James Corrigan CSsR - (Christopher Grange)

Fr James Casey CSsR

Fr Anthony Johnson CSsR

Fr Barrie O'Toole CSsR - Parish

Fr Jan Milcz CSsR

Fr Brian Russell CSsR

Fr Anthony Hunt CSsR

Fr James Smale CSsR - Mission Procurator

Fr Timothy Buckley CSsR - Parish Priest

Br William McDermott CSsR - Prison Ministry

St Clement Hofbauer CSsR 15th March...

st clement cssr

The Second Founder of the Redemptorists

Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer

As he points to the crucifix, let us look and make our Lent count!

Read the article below...

"Although his name is not listed on the official Church calendar for March 15, Clement Mary Hofbauer is my choice for saint of the month. (So writes Norman J Muckerman CSsR in the Liguorian Magazine)

One reason for this choice is that Saint Clement, born on December 26, 1751, in central Europe, became a Redemptorist priest, just as I did, so we are “family.” Second, I am presently living in Saint Clement Health Care Center, and I will soon need a benevolent promoter “on the other side.”

So even though we cannot celebrate him liturgically, we can recall some facts of his life that have caused him to be recognized as the “second founder” of the Redemptorists and the patron saint of Vienna.

Eight myths about Religious Life...!



Be brave and answer God's call!

Following Jesus...in the modern age...



Make your LENT count!

400 years since the martyrdom of St John Ogilvie...

st john ogilvie

Pope Francis has sent a special envoy to Glasgow to mark the 400th anniversary of the martyrdom of St John Ogilvie, Scotland’s only post-reformation canonised Catholic martyr. Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor – the former Archbishop of Westminster - has been asked by the Holy Father to be his special envoy at a Mass in St Andrew’s Cathedral, Glasgow at 7.30pm on March 10, St John Ogilvie’s feast day.

In his homily, Archbishop Philip Tartaglia (Archbishop of Glasgow) will highlight attacks on religious freedom, which he will claim, is:
"fragile, not always recognised, not always respected, in some places denied, leading, as we know, to persecution, sectarianism and brutality. St John Ogilvie was a standard bearer for the right relationship between the state and the religious freedom of its citizens. It is important that churches, faith communities and religious bodies are in dialogue with government and civil authorities about what religious freedom and freedom of conscience mean in their circumstances."

FLAME 2 at Wembley!... 

How is it possible to try and describe what was a fantastic day of joy, praise, and prayer? 

We were joined by 8,000 young people who had come along like us to 'celebrate with joy the mercy of God.'

Below is a photo of the Redemptorist Youth Ministry group!


Below two Redemptorists and Chris in his Redemptorist Youth Ministry t-shirt!


Fr Joseph CSsR goes home to Zimbabwe...

fr joseph cssr says goodbye


There was much sadness in Clapham today as the community said "Farewell" to

Father Joseph Musendami CSsR

who returns home to Zimbabwe after being with us for the past two years.


He returns back to Harare to take up his new appointments among the Redemptorists there.


We are all blessed on account of your presence among us!

We wish you 

"Fambai zvakanaka"

Safe and blessed journey!



RP and FLAME 2...


We are delighted to be one of the main sponsors of this weekend's Flame 2 event!

Do you wonder why, as a Catholic, you do some of the things that you do? Have you ever found yourself unable to answer basic questions about what you believe and why you believe it?The Survival Guide for Young Catholics will tell you a bunch of stuff that you might already know and a lot more that you probably don’t. You won’t get long, boring answers. Instead you will get quick-fire, straight up answers that any parent or pope would be proud to hear. So prepare for an overview of the Catholic faith that is sure to leave you a little smarter, a lot more confident and the envy of your fellow Catholics.

The SSE Wembley Arena will be filled with 10,000 young people from across the country, receiving faith-filled inspiration from world class speakers. Speakers include
Cardinal Luis Tagle from Manila, Philippines; Baroness Sheila Hollins; Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP; and David Wells.

The software that the web-site runs on has been updated. 

Many of the images and slide-shows have yet to be reinstated - and will follow in due course.

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Fr Provincial's Letter 26 Feb 2015...



26th February, 2015

Dear Confreres and friends,


By now we are already into the first week of Lent and I pray that it will be a blessed season for all of us. Certainly it is a challenging time as we continue to discern the way forward for the Province in terms of the Nominations.


I hope that people are able to spend a bit of extra time in prayer. On a personal note, just before I went to Zimbabwe I was in my room trying to pray without much apparent success, and I glanced up at the crucifix and spent some time reflecting on the passion of Jesus. I must say it really helped me to get my focus back. I know we all have different ways of praying, but at the heart of each Lent is the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. So I commend this theological (or pious) focus on the Cross to you.



What the papers are saying about us! Here is an article from the Glasgow Flourish.


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Frs Reid, McAinsh and Mulligan 

Scots to the fore 


THE London Province of the Redemptorists has just elected a Provincial Council made up entirely of Scots. 


Brothers and priests from communities in England, Scotland and Zimbabwe met in Chapter at St Mary’s, Kinnoull, in early January. 

Our Newest CSsR Priests…Makorokoto...


The following piece was submitted by one of our new Redemptorist Fathers in Zimbabwe...

cssr zimbabwe ordination4

(Fr Kenneth, Fr Gift, Archbishop Ndlovu, Fr Francis and Fr Gideon CSsR)


"Saturday the 14th February 2015 (Valentine's day, and Fr. Gift's birthday) was a special day for the Redemptorist Region of Zimbabwe, the Archdiocese of Harare and indeed for the whole Church, as four Redemptorist deacons were ordained to the priesthood by the Archbishop of Harare, his Grace Robert Christopher Ndlovu.

Ash Wednesday and so Lent begins...

lent - words

What are you doing for this Lent?

Letter from the Coordinator No.19...


cssr europe


Letter from the Coordinator, No 19 (7.02.2015) 


Dear Confreres, 

Dear Lay Missionaries of the Most Holy Redeemer, 

Dear Partners in Mission. 


Our Mission in Albania 

Greetings from the community in Albania!

albania perpetsucc  

I am writing this letter during my first visit to the new Redemptorist mission in Tirana. During my time here I have been greatly impressed by the life and work of the community. 


Our mission takes care of 3 parishes, and two filial churches, covering an area of approximately by 30km by 10km, where around 30,000 Catholics live. 


From the first days they have been celebrating mass and preaching in Albanian - and it is getting better each day! 


The community wish to express their grateful thanks for your prayers, and generous financial support, during the early months of their mission here. By your generosity they have been able to buy one car, and have been given another one.