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A badly written sermon has no more chance of piercing the heart than a rusty and crooked nail has of entering a wall!

Ven. Fr Passerat C.Ss.R

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Photos of the Way - Santiago...


Below are some of the photos taken by one of the group...

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santiago 1

the scenery is stunning


time for personal sharing and reflection


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New Redemptorist mission in Albania...



We are well used to the fact that the numbers of active Redemptorists in Europe is diminishing: a concernshared with most Religious Congregations. However, we, in faith, take this as an opportunity: to give ourselves generously to areas we identify as missionary: whether in the developing world or closer to home. The Redemptorists of Europe have, this week, initiated a new missionary community in Tirana, Albania. Three confreres are involved in the new mission: Laureano (Madrid Province), Andrzej (Warsaw Province), Dominic (London Province). Each will be a sore miss to their home province, but each is a generous investment in the Redemptorist mission of the evangelisation of those most in need.


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Santiago de Compostella...

We made it! Last night we arrived at Monte de Gozo, the massive pilgrim centre about 6 kms from Santiago de Compostella. From here we began our walk (march) into the city and to the cathedral of Santiago. As a group we wore our Redemptorist Missionary Vocation blue t-shirts, and one of the group was in his Redemptorist habit, so we looked like a fine gang of people. As we walked into Santiago de Compostella we could see the people giving us a second look, wondering who on earth we were. This shouldn't surprise us as we were every age range from 82 years young down to 23 years old. We were a group of men and women, young and old, but all with one thing in common, we all are praying for vocations to the Redemptorists. 
As we approached the cathedral we all walked close by one another and the oldest member of our group led the procession into the square in front of the cathedral. It was a joy to be standing there just taking in the sights, knowing that we had finally arrived after our pilgrim way! 

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Mark McManus - An Alphonsian Journey...



br mark and abishop cushleyAd multos annos - Mark!

Fr Michael Brehl, CSsR Superior General of the Redemptorists, has led the tributes to Mark McManus on the occasion of his First Profession of Consecration to the vowed life in the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh, Scotland, on 6th September this year. Mark first met the Redemptorists in the parish of St Patrick’s, Edinburgh and was actively involved in the life of the parish and its mission in the diocese; He was a member of the parish when it operated as a Redemptorist Mission Development Community (from 2000 until 2012), exploring new ways of spreading the Gospel according to the charism of St Alphonsus. Mark has been both attracted to this mission and actively engaged in supporting it, running the parish bookshop, catechising in the parish, closely involved in the Redemptorist Youth Vocations Ministry and acting as a constant welcoming presence for visitors in the church during the week. Fr General warmly congratulated Mark and his desire to live the Redemptorist charism, saying,
'Greetings from Rome and heartfelt congratulations on your profession to live a
Consecrated Life in the Archdiocese of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, as inspired by
St. Alphonsus and the Charism of the Most Holy Redeemer…'
The ceremony of Consecration was conducted by the Rt. Rev. Leo Cushley, archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh. with a grand gathering of priests and Religious present. It was with great joy that the Redemptorists of the London Province, the parishioners, and the young people with whom Mark has shared so much over the years in RYVM celebrated this day with him.

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Fr Provincial writes Aug 2014...



30th August 2014

Dear confreres and friends,


St. Augustine's feast this week always gives me great hope. I find a quotation from the 9th Book of the Confessions very encouraging: "I did not know how sick I was; nor did I know how well I could become". Perhaps this can give some thought for reflection.


At the beginning of the month I informed you that Fr Gerry and I would visit Bishop Eton for the feast of St. Alphonsus. I was happy to see Fr Barrie O'Toole in good form and dealing with the chemotherapy, and all the confreres coping well with various infirmities. Archbishop Kelly and Bishop Ralph joined us for a lovely Eucharist followed by a marvelous lunch and celebration together with our Redemptoristine Sisters.


I likewise found our confreres in Zimbabwe in good space. I was there on a pastoral visit to do a consultation about proposals for the next Regional government which will take office at the same time as our next Provincial government. I did send to each community in the Province a letter which I wrote to all the confreres in the Region outlining the achievements they have accomplished in the past few years.

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Br Michael CSsR - 25th Jubilee...


Our congratulations go to


Brother Michael Duxbury CSsR

who made his Profession


on 9th September 1989,

25 years ago.


He now celebrates his Silver Jubilee of Profession.


br michael cssr 25 years ago

This photos of Br Michael CSsR was taken 25 years ago!


Currently Br Michael CSsR works for men in prison. 

This ministry is important, so let us pray for Br Michael's work.

Let us also pray for Vocations to the Redemptorist Brotherhood!


Vivat in aeternum

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The Camino V...

The day starts as always with morning prayer where there are many references that I directly connect with our particular the phrase 'extend hospitality to strangers' strikes a chord.  Up until the previous day we were a group of individuals united in our common goal ....but something happened the day before to change the dynamic after we stopped to remember an Irish pilgrim, we prayed together there on the Camino Way and then walked together but in profound silence thereafter.....the group changed from that point.  
Today we walked @15km, there was no race against the sun and despite sore feet, legs and bodies we made a conscious effort to walk together.  Many members of the group commented on the sounds and smells of the Camino and this continued today...on one corner we hear the music and smell the aroma of coffee from the cafe we pass and then a couple of yards away we encounter a dog with her two young pups and then further on we see a family with their three young children walking.  We continue the way until Lavacollo and then follow in the pilgrim tradition of cleansing our feet in the river.  
As a group we are relaxed, sharing prayer, sharing silence and above all sharing the unique pilgrim experience.  Our day concludes after we reach our destination at Monte do Gozo with mass.  We are tired but happy that we have shared and supported each other this far....only 6km to go tomorrow and we finally reach our destination. 
Know ow that you are all being held before the Lord in prayer. 



Walking the Way - the Camino IV...

Our day began with morning prayer, led by one of the Irish group, who is actually an English sister! During the reflection she spoke eloquently about forgiveness. She then went on to talk about how holding onto a hurt is terribly painful to ourselves, while the person "responsible" maybe quite unaware! She went on to suggest that the forgiveness given by us to others is truly a great gift to ourselves first and foremost! So we were asked to reflect on this today.
After yesterday's gruelling walk(!) we walked only 19kms today, which gave great relief to the group who are now running out of blister plasters! 
En route we came across a memorial in the middle of a forest, dedicated to a lady, Myra Brennan, from Ireland, who had died in Santiago de Compostella. It was here that we all gathered to remember our dead - family members, confreres, OSsR sisters, friends, benefactors and co workers. It proved to be a very moving experience as we prayed the first decade of the glorious mysteries of the rosary - the Resurrection! 
Evening Mass was celebrated by one of the young Irish fathers, who celebrated the Mass of St Gregory with the intention of one of the group's organisers, whose birthday it was today! 
Just to keep things interesting, the homily was e-mailed to us from Dublin! Our friend, who hurt his ankle and had to remain behind, was due to look after the homily for this Mass. Being a good and responsible man he typed it up and sent it on for the priest to read out. It was a wonderful homily that gave us much to think about. 
Know that you are being held before the Lord in prayer here on the Camino - and that goes especially to those we haven't met yet but whom the Lord is gently directing towards us! 


Walking the Way - The Camino III...


Today was the longest walk that the group had ever done! There were no incidents apart from several blisters on the feet of most of the group, but thank God nothing serious. 
Our morning began in Palais de Rei and ended in Arzua 28.5kms away. As we left after morning prayer, even earlier than yesterday, no one had any idea just how difficult this walk would turn out to be! The last eight kilometres were exceptionally gruelling and many of the group said that they had only endured the ordeal as long as God was good and sent us vocations! 
Our morning prayer focused on the fact that no one of us, be we a priest, a religious, a married couple, or a co- worker, whatever we may be, are ever alone. 
We had a lovely surprise during the morning prayer when our brother who injured his ankle in Dublin the morning we were leaving, and as such had to stay behind, appeared on the computer screen and read the scripture passage for the group. Isn't technology a fantastic thing! 
During our mass this evening, led by one of the Irish fathers, had us contemplating on the Holy Spirit, and the fact some us choose our paths and some of us don't. Those who don't choose their paths are those who were made to walk to the ghettos, those who marched 100 years ago to the trenches, and those brother and sisters of ours in Iraq, Syria, Palestine. We are reminded to pray for all these people and to be attentive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. 
On another note, one of the Irish fathers was in a bit of a state when his shoes fell to bits! He said he had brought them because they were well broken in, but he had no idea just how broken they would become! 
Know that you are being held before the Lord in prayer as we walk this way! 

Walking the Way - The Camino II...


Camino II

We decided, wisely, to begin the walk earlier that we had done yesterday. So just before 8 o'clock we were all on the road, again with a sense of purpose and prayerful determination. 
At our morning prayer this morning we were reminded that Fr General, Michael Brehl CSsR, has asked that today be dedicated to prayer for all our forthcoming elections that will take place throughout the whole world in the coming months. The confreres are electing new chapters, new provincials, and new provincial councils - or voting to reappoint existing ones! 
So we have this prayer intention to accompany us along the way. 
The scenery was, as one would expect, stunning! We all walked at different paces and arrived at our destination at different times, but thanks be to God we all arrived safely. However it would seem that many of the group are now treating blisters and caring for muscles that they didn't know they had!
As always we thank everyone who is accompanying us in our walk by their prayers. Know that you are being held before the Lord here on the Camino. 
Now we are going to celebrate mass, the main celebrant will be one of the Irish Redemptorists, and at this mass you will be remembered. God bless! 

CSsR Virtue for September...


Virtue: Mortification


PatronSt Matthew, Apostle


Text: "He that hates his life in this world, keeps it unto life eternal" 
(Jn 12: 25)



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The Way - Walking the Camino I...


camino shell
Twenty two of us, having just got off a flight from Dublin to Santiago de Compostella, are now on the bus driving 120 kms (100miles) away to a place called Sarria. 
It is hot and very humid, (I don't think the air con on the bus is working!) Sadly one of the group, one of our brothers fell this morning (in Dublin) and is no longer with the group, he will be missed and we were sad to leave him behind! 
Before we left this morning, Fr Michael Kelleher, the provincial of the Irish Redemptorists, celebrated the mass. His preaching made a signicant impact on the group as spoke of the shredded snakes skin being removed from the creature in order to let the snake see with new eyes and live within new skin! Over the course of the Camino he suggested that we might be able to see with new eyes and live within new skin! 
So far our group, (praying especially for CSsR vocations, and thanking God for our own) have met on the plane a group coming here to fund raise for Guide Dogs Ireland and the Heart
So we look forward to meeting so many new people from all different parts of the world, walking this Camino for all different intentions.
Day One

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Vocations CSsR Camino...



Thanks to Br Piotr Kochanski CSsR from Poland!

Perpetual Succour (Help), Icon of Love...

perpetsucc icon of love



Icon of Love


Official website for the

150th Jubilee

of the Icon of

Our Mother of Perpetual Help



150 years

"Make her known"

1866 - 2016 



In 1866, Pope Pius IX

entrusted the Icon of

Our Mother of Perpetual Help

to the Redemptorists

with the mission to

"Make her known"

throughout the world




RYM Young Adult Group at Bishop Eton...


rymheaderWhen I first heard about the RYM Young Adult Group at Bishop Eton I was a little apprehensive. Unfortunately friends of mine had been to Young Catholic Adult groups and had been disappointed. They usually fell into one of two categories: too spiritless and nothing ‘Catholic’ about them, or rigid and unaccommodating to anyone who doesn’t share the same views as the leader of the group!


I didn’t know what to expect, whether everyone would have the same outlook and approach to religion that I had, and whether the style of worship and activities would be what I’d have chosen. I decided to leave my prejudices at the door and a year and a half later, I’m so glad I did. The group was not what I expected, and not how I would have done things – it was so much better! When I opened my mind to the possibility that this might just be a group of normal people doing something a bit different to what young people might normally do, I found a new spiritual home among a new group of fellow Catholics whom I am now proud to call my friends.

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Blessed Dominic Methodius Trcka CSsR...


trcka cssr




The 25th of August is the feast day of our confrere,


Blessed Dominic Methodius Trcka CSsR


he is a martyr


who died on the 


23rd March, 1959.


To read more and watch a video, click here.







Lord our God,

you gave to Blessed Methodius

your priest and martyr

outstanding bravery in the face of trials and torture.


With the help of his prayers,

may we remain faithful to the Gospel of truth

and come with him to contemplate

your face for all eternity.


We make this prayer through

Our Lord Jesus Christ your Son,

who lives and reigns with you

in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

One God for ever and ever.




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