" The Blessed Mother has appeared to me and told me to become a missionary. "
Bl Francis Xavier Seelos C.Ss.R
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CSsR Festival of Remembrance on Friday 16 February 2018...

To mark the Centenary of the cessation of hostilities at the end  of the First World War, St Mary’s R.C Redemptorist Church, Clapham will be holding a  Festival of Remembrance at 7 pm  on Friday 16 February.

The service, modelled on that held by the Royal British Legion, will bring together military chaplains of all denominations, respected veterans, the Redemptorists of the London Province, parishioners and members of the local community to remember, not just the chaplains, but all those of the parish who lost their lives during the First World War.

Br. Christopher Reynolds, a member of the Redemptorist community in Clapham, explains why he was inspired to organise the service,

“a board in the monastery refectory records the names of all the deceased members of the community and my attention was drawn to one name in particular which was followed by the note: “died at sea.” Looking further I noticed two others carried the post nominal C.F., Chaplain to the Forces.” 

fr kavanagh cssr ripsm

Father Kavanagh who was killed in action

Br. Christopher Reynolds’ Research

Br. Christopher was intrigued to learn more about their wartime contributions and this prompted 2 years of research revealing that there were, “far more than three men who had served and their stories were worth telling”.

The research is hoped to culminate in a book,which details the lives of forty priests from our London Province who served as chaplains to the armed forces: four in the senior service, the Royal Navy; two in the Royal Air Force and the remaining men with the Royal Army Chaplains Department.

Br. Christopher’s own experience as a junior navigator at sea gave him an insight into the invaluable and often unrecognized work of chaplains. He continues, “in addition to recording their lives I thought it would be wonderful to hold a Remembrance service, so the Clapham community could gather together to hear their inspiring stories.”

The event can be found advertised on the following two pages

The Clapham Society

Lambeth Council