" Jesus, thank you for everything, for my very beginning and my very end. "
Blessed Maria Celeste Crostarosa OSsR
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News and Events

News and Events... Updated regularly

Mass in Shona from St Mary's CSsR Clapham, SW4 London Fr Casper CSsR...


Fr Michael CSsR gives us a thought for today 17th May 2020...


Mass for the 6th Sunday of Easter 2020 - Bishop Eton

This weekend the children in the sacramental programme at Bishop Eton were scheduled to make their First Holy Communion.  Fr Tim Buckley C.Ss.R and Fr Michael Henesy C.Ss.R wanted to do something for them and the children in the St Mary's  Woolton sacramental programme whose special day would have taken place in the next few weeks.
They have produced a special prayer service for the children to use after Mass this weekend. You can download a copy by clicking here.

A special thank you to Mike Anderson for the Gloria and Recessional hymn (The Kingdom)  sung during the Mass.
Fr Tim mentions his book Freddie Freckles and the sacraments.  Anyone wanting a copy can purchase one from Redemptorist Publications www.rpbooks.co.uk/freddie-freckles-and-the-sacraments-1-1 

Devotions OLPS and Benediction 16th May 2020...


Sunday Mass 17th Nay 2020 - Redemptorist Publications...

Br Royston CSsR gives a thought for today 16th May 2020...


Fr Casper CSsR Mass St Mary's CSsR Clapham, 16th May 2020...



Fr Kieran - This might help!

We are all getting used to tuning into our Masses, Liturgy and Prayer via Social Media. Diocesan parishes and Religious Orders are stepping up and streaming lots of content. There are plenty of choices out there. As a Redemptorist family we are very much present on the web.

Redemptorist Publications have many useful resources online. There are also recorded and streamed masses from throughout the London and Dublin Provinces.

I have tried to pull a lot of them together into one place to make it easier for those who may be newer to the virtual world. Hopefully one ‘Click’ on the choices below and you will be ‘there’.

They are mostly from these isles, but I have included a couple of USA sites just in case you want a late mass or to go to a different ‘parish’ in these next weeks... All times are GMT.

                                                                    Kieran J Brady CSsR

In each section below click on the blue links to access the locations of the Masses/Services


Recorded Sunday Masses (available from Saturday afternoon onwards)

Daily Mass St Mary's CSsR Clapham, SW4 Fr Richard CSsR 15th May 2020...


Fr Peter CSsR gives us a thought 15th May 2020...