" A badly written sermon has no more chance of piercing the heart than a rusty and crooked nail has of entering a wall! "
Ven. Fr Passerat C.Ss.R
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News and Events

News and Events... Updated regularly

Fr General writes to the C.Ss.R., community in Vietnam...

CONGREGATIO SS. REDEMPTORIS                                               

Superior Generalis

November 16, 2011

V. Rev. Vincent Pham Trung Thành, C.Ss.R.

Provincial Superior,

Redemptorist Province of Vietnam


Dear Fr. Vincent,

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ our Redeemer! As you know, we are presently meeting with all the English-speaking Redemptorist Provincials Superiors in Rome, Italy (November 11-19). Today, we are at our house in Materdomini, at the Shrine of St. Gerard. All of us will remember you and the Province of Vietnam in our prayers today.

We are very sorry that you are not able to be present with us because the Vietnamese government has prevented you from leaving the country. This is most unfortunate. Many of the Provincial Superiors would have liked to speak with you directly.

I want to assure you that we keep you in our prayers, and hope that the government will soon permit you to participate again in meetings outside Vietnam. This is important for all Redemptorists because we are an international Congregation. These meetings strengthen the bonds of brotherhood among us, and provide an important means of communication. However, let me assure you that your absence actually deepens our fraternal bonds, especially in prayer.

We admire the commitment of the Province of Vietnam, and your own personal commitment, to support all efforts for justice and peace, especially for those in Vietnam who suffer from violence, from injustice, and from the efforts of those in the communist regime who do abuse or ignore human rights. We have read the articles published about the recent attacks on the Redemptorist house in Hanoi. We pray that true justice will prevail and that the rights of all confreres and parishioners will be fully respected.

May Jesus our Most Holy Redeemer, the prayers of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, and the example of St. Alphonsus bring you strength and hope, today and always.

Your brother in the Most Holy Redeemer,

(V. Rev.) Michael Brehl, C.Ss.R.

Superior General


C.P. 2458 – 00100 ROMA – ITALIA                 Via Merulana, 31 – 00185 ROMA – ITALIA

Remembering our Dead...

Still in the month of November we continue to remember our dead;

we thank God for their lives and now pray for their rest.


Here is one of our early graves in the Mortlake Catholic Cemetery, in London. 

Fr. Dominic O'Toole and Br. Gerard Carroll C.Ss.R., visited the site recently.

RP and Your Sunday Missal...


We were delighted to take delivery of Your Sunday Missal this morning from the printers in Rome.

Those who have already placed an order for the Missal can look forward to receiving their copy any day! 




RP and Advent...

Click on the "Redemptorist Publications" box on the right hand side  

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Advent Extra 2011: Your Journey to Christmas
Advent is a busy time, so we need a realistic way of keeping prayer going. Every day, we provide a short yet meaningful reflection on the Gospel which helps you connect with God in prayer, even if only for a few minutes. This year's issue focuses on discipleship, the value of human life, and recognising signs of God at work in the everyday, and much more besides. For Advent groups there are readings, prayers, and discussion points on the same themes.
Advent with the Saints
Christians know that St. John the Baptist prepares the way ofthe Lord. Which other saints can accompany us during the four weeks of waiting for the birth of Jesus? Through insightful reflections Friedman connects us to the lives of saints and holy ones suggested by the Scriptural readings of Advent.
Advent & Christmas Wisdom from St Alphonsus Liguori
The latest addition to this popular series of seasonal meditation books provides not only Scripture readings for the seasons of Advent and Christmas, but pairs them with a daily selection from the cherished writings of St Alphonsus Liguori. In the season when we focus on Christ's birth, let us follow the example of St Alphonsus and his unwavering love of Jesus Christ.


Today let us remember in prayer and with gratitude all those who have given their lives in war.


The poppy petals fall through the roof at the memorial gates in Ypres/Ieper, Belgium.









The names of some of the people who died - 

including some of our confreres.


May they all rest in peace!

9th November - Our Birthday!...

On this day, 279 years ago, St. Alphonsus Liguori founded the Redemptorists!


From his humble origins the Congregation now numbers 5,300 Redemptorist Fathers and Brothers who serve the Church and her people in 76 countries of world!

salfonso padri


As Fr Provincial said in his last letter,

"it is perhaps a time to reflect with gratitude on the wonder of our vocation".

To all our brothers around the world

and all the people who work with us,

wherever you may be,

enjoy the festive day!

Redemptorists, Vietnam and Prayer...

Please keep our confreres in your prayers at this challenging time.




Hanoi Redemptorist Monastery attacked in broad day light
J.B. An Dang11/3/2011



"Hundreds of police, militiamen, and thugs, who yelled, smashed everything on their way in, threw stones into our monastery, and shattered the gate of the monastery," Hanoi Redemptorist Community reported, emphasizing that everything happened in broad day light. 

“The incident happened at 14:45 on Nov. 3 when hundreds of police, militiamen, professionally trained dogs and hired thugs, along with state-run television crews, attacked our people and ransacked our monastery,” wrote Fr. Joseph Nguyen Van Phuong in his statement released on Nov. 4.

Fr. John Luu Ngoc Quynh, Bro.Vincent Vu Van Bang, and Bro. Nguyen Van Tang were among several who were physically and verbally assaulted when they tried to stop the thugs from smashing the monastery's gate. Their rude intrusion seemed to be premeditated since the church was deserted, as usual, during the noon hours.

After getting inside the monastery, the thugs attacked Fr. Pham Xuan Loc who tried to stop their acts of blasphemy. 



2nd October, 2011


Dear Confreres and friends,

I have just returned from a two week stay in Clapham where I greatly enjoyed the vibrant community spirit. The balance of prayer life, work and recreation was very heartening, and the manner in which our younger confreres have been integrated into the community was equally encouraging. The three have begun their studies at Heythrop University and we wish them well.

As with many of our communities, the work load is considerable, and despite the number of confreres in Clapham, the parish is to some extent under-staffed. Fr. Dominic met with the OPC to discuss this and look at how it could be remedied. In order to maintain our Mission ad gentes, Fr. Jim McManus has established a Centre for the New Evangelization in Clapham. Most of the work will be done through outreach to groups in the South of England, although there will also be some activity at the same level in the Monastery itself. At the time of the appointments, the OPC was very conscious that we have no full time missioners south of Liverpool, and the appointment of Fr. Jim was an attempt to maintain our tradition of having a Mission presence in the South.

Fr. Michael McGreevy continues his treatment which is at times very debilitating. However, he remains in very good humour and extremely positive.

During this last week we had a marathon of meetings.......two days with the EPC, an OPC meeting, a Finance meeting and a meeting of the RPTC. The meetings were tiring, but in each one there was a very positive and good spirit present. In particular the EPC meeting which was held over two days, was an attempt to look at our present strategy in the Province in terms of ongoing evangelisation. In obedience to the last session of the Provincial Chapter, we went through the list of recommendations and challenges which the Chapter highlighted.

After much brainstorming, and then prioritizing, we focused on our working relationships with the laity and with youth, and concrete proposals were made in both areas which will be further investigated. We are also conscious of the need to further develop the Province Plan for the years that lie ahead, and a follow up meeting has been arranged for this.

The Province Meeting, facilitated by the Apostolic Life Secretariat will touch on some of these issues through the keynote speaker, and this will be followed by a day in which we will expand this in terms of shared mission and our common life style. Everyone is now in possession of the paper on Province Statutes, issued by the Secretariat for the Revision of Statutes. It is hoped that as many confreres as possible will be present at the January Meeting.

The meeting will be preceded by a Provincial Visitation. I shall send a schedule of the proposed dates to the communities with this letter. It is also hoped that we will have a Superiors’ meeting before the next session of the Chapter - to be held in early June.

As you will have seen from the web site (www.redemptorists.co.uk) Fr Victor Bushu was ordained on 1st October. Many congratulations to him and to the Region. I was in Zimbabwe for over a week in September and was encouraged by the dynamism of the confreres there. Rev Br. Isaac Davies, who was due to be ordained with Fr. Victor, requested that, for family reasons, his ordination be postponed and the Regional Council agreed to this. At present the Region is looking at new ways of expanding the ministry, with the possibility of a third community, and also an outreach to the Province, while being aware of their responsibilities to the Conference of Africa. As you may recall, Fr. Tryvis Moyo is Novice Master in South Africa, and two of our Brothers are Novices there.

This month we celebrate the Feast of St. Gerard Majella and it is an occasion to remember the vocation of our Brothers within the Congregation. Bro. Michael Duxbury continues to serve on the European Conference as the Brothers’ representative, and the man who hopes to join us in the New Year is seeking to live his vocation as a Redemptorist Brother. Brother William is convalescing in a residential home after his fall and is in good spirits despite his ‘incarceration’!

During the month Mrs. Anna Keegan died and we continue to remember Fr. Desmond and his family in their bereavement and loss.

Fr. Michael Creech celebrates his birthday this month on 18th. Many congratulations.

With best wishes,

In Christ the Redeemer,

Ronald J. McAinsh, C.SS.R

Provincial Superior

Month of the Holy Souls

In this month of Novemeber we remember all our beloved dead. 

As Redemptorists, we remember 

  • The deceased members of the Province and Region
  • All deceased Redemptorists
  • Our deceased benefactors
  • Our deceased parents and relatives.
We entrust them all to our Most Holy Redeemer.
100 4017
Below you can see one of our graves in Streatham, London, where a good number of our confreres are buried.
img 0368img 0377

Requiescant in pace


The Virtue for November is...

To find out, press now

Nazareth Nuns and the C.Ss.R....

During the last few weeks the Sisters of Nazareth in initial formation have been together in their Mother House in Hammersmith, London attending talks given by Augustinian Fathers, Salesian Fathers and our own Redemptorist Fathers! Below see a picture of Fr Richard Reid C.Ss.R., with the junoir professed. Fr. Denis McBride C.Ss.R., will be with the sisters next week - hopefully a photo will follow!

100 4540100 4542

The sisters are from Samoa, Zimbabwe, USA, South Africa, Philippines, Australia and Scotland. 

St. Gerard CSsR with the OSB...

Someone sent this picture of St Gerard Majella -

this statue is standing in an old Benedictine church, in England!



St. Gerard Majella - Pray for us!

The Province's Health and Safety Document...



A group of confreres recently met at Hawkstone Hall to launch the new Health and Safety Policy which covers the whole Province.

Fr Andy Burns C.Ss.R., is above launching the new document, while below we see Mr Gavin Leatherbarrow, Frs, Gabriel Maguire, Charlie Corrigan, and Maurice O'Mahoney joining him.

Also at the meeting were Frs Dominic O'Toole and Richard Reid.



Dublin OSsR Nuns visit Liverpool OSsR Nuns...

Two of the sisters from the Dublin Monastery of St. Alphonsus travelled to Liverpool for a quick visit to see our sisters in Liverpool. There was great fun and excitement! 


Srs. Lucy, Mary Bernadette, Anne Joseph and Maura O.Ss.R.


Srs Lucy, Anne Joseph and Mary Bernadette.

Our Mission and our Life...

Check out the Provincial's letter for all the latest in October 2011...


September 2011...

Dear Confreres and Friends,

This past month saw the First Profession in Kinnoull of Br Gerry, Br Charles and Br. Peter. It was a lovely celebration. I thank the Kinnoull community in particular for their kind hospitality to the families and friends of our newly professed confreres. The three new students begin the next phase of their Redemptorist journey tomorrow, when they arrive at Clapham to prepare for their formal academic studies at Heythrop College. We wish them, and Fr. Corrigan the Prefect of Students, every blessing.


This month Fr. Dickinson also celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of his First Profession. I did write to and speak with Fr. Dickie and I know that he has received many congratulations. Sixty years of Redemptorist life is an extraordinary milestone, and I would like to publicly thank Fr. Dickie for his Redemptorist life and ministry, and for his ongoing service in the parish in Erdington. Ad multos Annos.


I also once again offer best wishes to Fr. Michael Henesy, Fr. Philip Jones and Fr. Kevin McEwan who celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their First Profession 3rd September.


The OPC meet yesterday and continued to evaluate the situation in the Province. We are conscious that the EPC will have a two day meeting in September where an in-depth evaluation will take place. However, the OPC members feel that some source of encouragement for a renewed apostolic thrust in our Redemptorist missionary work would be helpful. I am therefore sending to each community a complete copy of the Lineamenta on the New Evangelization. A summary of this document is available from Jim McManus at Clapham. We in the OPC, feel that this is a document worth reading and studying in community. However, we will await the EPC deliberations before making any concrete suggestions.


There is little news from the communities, since August appears to have been a holiday month. Sadly Brother William fell down the stairs and sustained a broken ankle and also a sprain on the other ankle and has been in hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery. Fr. Michael McGreevy remains very positive, although gets tired from time to time. We remember Fr. Michael as his treatment continues. Fr. Kevin McEwan is making a good recover from his heart bypass surgery.


On Saturday I go to Zimbabwe for a pastoral visit and will be away for ten days, although I hope to be able to receive email. Fr. Gerry will be on holiday at that time. Fr. Maurice will remain in Hawkstone, so any urgent matters should be referred to him.


Fr. William Guri and Brother Benjamin have just returned from Nairobi where they participated in the Conference of Africa meeting. Fr. William has sent the latest Community list of members of the Region, and asked me to send it round the communities. I will enclose it separately. He, and all the confreres there, send warm wishes to all.


The EPC will meet in Clapham on 26th and 27th September.


The Finance Committee and the RPTC will also meet this month.


Birthdays in September are: Fr. Jimmy Corrigan on 3rd, Fr. Jack Clancy on 4th, Fr. Michael Duxbury on 5th, Fr. Frank Allinson on 8th, Fr. Tim Buckley on 19th and Fr. Kevin McEwan on 28th. Congratulations to all.


With best wishes,

In Christ the Redeemer,

Ronald J McAinsh, C.Ss.R.

Provincial Superior