" A badly written sermon has no more chance of piercing the heart than a rusty and crooked nail has of entering a wall! "
Ven. Fr Passerat C.Ss.R
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News and Events

News and Events... Updated regularly

Prayers are asked for...

our three novices who have finished their noviciate and make their first vows this weekend, Saturday 6th August in our monastery in Kinnoull, Perth.

Please pray for:

Br Gerard Carroll C.Ss.R.,

Br Peter Morris C.Ss.R.,

Br Charles Randall C.Ss.R.


Also we ask you to keep in your prayers

Sr Maura O.Ss.R.,

who makes her final profession this weekend, Saturday 6th August in the Redemptoristine Monastery in Dublin.


We ask God to pour out His spirit upon them, as they respond generously to the call they heard!


The Vatican's newest App...


Something for those involved in Youth Ministry!

Scotland's RYM celebrate St. Alphonsus...

(RYM = Redemptorist Youth Ministry)



Fiftheen of our young people in Edinburgh gathered to pray Evening Prayer and to have a pizza to honour St. Alphonsus. They were joined by a Redemptorist from Kenya, Fr Augustine C.Ss.R., and received a message from Fr. Provincial. Messages came in from further afield...

Fr. General sent the following message to our young people who were in Edinburgh to mark the Feast Day.


Just a word to wish you and all the group a very blessed and happy feast of St. Alphonsus our founder! Hope you enjoy evening prayer and pizza! We'll be united in prayer and our common friendship with Alphonsus!

God bless you all - I'd love to be with you in Edinburgh. 

In the Redeemer, and the spirit of St. Alphonsus,"


30th July, 2011
Dear Confreres and Friends,


I am very grateful for the great number of emails and cards which my family and I received from so many of you on the death of my father. We were also very touched by the number of confreres who travelled to the funeral. As you know, my father had enormous affection for the Redemptorists, and I am sure that he is now at peace.

The Redemptorist Virtue for the Month of August is...



Click here to find out more...

St. Alphonsus' Feast Day - 1st August...


We invite you to pray the following Litany of St Alphonsus...

who laid your sword at the feet of Our Lady of Ransom as a sign of your conversion….. 
pray for us!

whose mastery of civil and canon law foreshadowed your advocacy of those condemned by Jansenism…. pray for us!

Hospital Minister
to the incurably ill, who learned compassion in service to others…. pray for us!

Preacher of Missions
who spread God’s tender love through street preaching and through the creation of an association of chapel storefronts….. pray for us!

Practical Organizer
who used your creative energy to spread the gospel, to feed the hungry, to found the Redemptorists, and to shepherd a diocese….. pray for us!

to the condemned on their last journey….. pray for us!

who used your gifts of imagination and painting to express your tenderest emotions toward Jesus Christ and His mother….. pray for us!

whose religious lyrics and melodies fill the households of Italy to this day….. pray for us!

whose affective verse and tender prayer touches the deepest emotions in people’s hearts….. pray for us!

Man of Letters
whose pamphlets and books reveal in simple language the good news of God’s redeeming love….. pray for us!

who found God to be father, mother, sister, brother, lover, and dearest friend…. pray for us!

Spiritual Director
who gently encouraged sinners to repentance and prayer, and who deeply challenged good people to become saints…. pray for us!

of Redemptorist missionaries whose spirit lives in generations of Redemptorists, Redemptoristines, Immaculate Heart of Mary Congregations,and Missionaries of the Most Holy Redeemer….. pray for us!

Friend of the Poor
who shared all you had while living in need yourself…. pray for us!

Moral Theologian
whose principles have ensured freedom of conscience for those unjustly burdened by rigorism….. pray for us!

Superior General
who served your brothers on good days and bad….. pray for us!

who saw to the formation and education of priests and who took time to listen to the people of your diocese….. pray for us!

filled with the Spirit of God in spite of human weaknesses…. pray for us!

Doctor of the Church
who teaches us how to pray, to serve, to forgive, to love…. pray for us!


Sister Margaret M. O’Shea IHM 


Wherever in the world you are today,

enjoy the feast day!

Fr. Richard Reid C.Ss.R., and the Poor Clares in Arkley...

Many months ago Fr Richard received an invitation from the Poor Clares nuns in Arkley, Barnet, to celebrate mass as the community and their friends marked the entry of the Venerable Margaret Sinclair into the monastery. The Venerable Margaret never was in Arkley, but it was here the sisters of her monastery in Notting Hill, London moved in 1970.

We can safely say that this is the National Shrine of the Ven Margaret Sinclair in England!

While St. Patrick's in Edinburgh is the National Shrine of the Ven Margaret Sinclair in Scotland!

There is great affection and friendship between the shrines!

arkley poor clares


To find out more about the Venerable Margaret Sinclair click here.


RP turns 50 years old...


Redemptorist Publications has been in operation for 50 years!

1961 - 2011

A garden party was fabulously arranged (all done 'in-house') and many

ex staff, friends and business colleagues came along to celebrate the day.

rp 50 party 001


Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R., welcomed the 100 or so guests...

rp 50 party 006


....and then thanked Fr Frank Dickinson C.Ss.R.,

for giving a first hand account of what it was like 50 years ago!


rp 50 party 005


Thanks to the present staff for all their hard work!



Congratulations RP!

Your prayers are asked for...

Please hold in your prayers...


Mr Jimmy McAinsh RIP, the father of Fr Ronald McAinsh who died recently

and was commited to God from the monastery church in Perth.

He was 94 years old and had lived a good life.

We pray that God will welcome him into Eternity,

and that Fr Ronnie's family will have peace.



Please hold in your prayers...


Our three novice brothers who are due home today from their noviciate in Canada,

and will be preparing themselves to take vows on the 6th August.

Holy Spirit guide them.

Going on holiday to Rome...?

Here is some interesting news from Rome that might just be helpful if you are going to Rome soon.



St. Mary Magdalena's Feast Day...

This day used to be a day of recreation for our communities, who would celebrate Mary Magdalena.


Well she was the first person to have encountered the Lord after the crucifixion

and therefore the first person who announced

the news of the Resurrection!



St Mary Magdalena - Pray for us!

A new Redemptoristine O.Ss.R!

We rejoice with our sisters who witnessed the profession of vows of a new Redemptoristine nun!

Sr. Maria O.Ss.R., finished her noviciate and took her first vows in the Monastery of St. Alphonsus, Dublin.

The Irish Provincial Fr Michael Kelleher was present and celebrated the profession mass.

Sr. Gabrielle, the Prioress of the Monastery, received Sr Maria's vows and presented her with the black veil, the blue choir cloak, and the Constitutions of the Order.


Congratulations Sr. Maria - our prayers go with you!

The Solemnity of our Most Holy Redeemer...



This weekend we remember Our Most Holy Redeemer!


We would like to wish all - 


our Redemptorist CSsR Fathers and Brothers,

our Redemptoristine OSsR Nuns,

our MSsR Missionary Sisters,

all our brothers and sisters who share in our spirit,

and all our family and friends


- a weekend of joy and happiness

wherever in the world you may be!


May Our Most Holy Redeemer look upon you in love!


sacred side of christ in santalfonso-thumb-300x480

Two O.Ss.R., (Redemptoristine) Professions...

Our prayers are asked for Sr. Maria O.Ss.R.,

who will made her first vows on Saturday the 16th of July,

at the Monastery of St. Alphonsus in Dublin, Ireland.



Our prayer are also asked for Sr. Maura O.Ss.R.,

who will make her Solemn Profession on the 6th August,

in the Monastery of St. Alphonsus, Dublin.




To follow the lives of the Redemptoristines and see something of their life of prayer,

click here...


We will get back to you with more photos...

Some news on Confession...


30th June 2011


Dear Confreres and friends,


Today, the feast of Blessed Januarius Sarnelli, the Ordinary Provincial Council met in Edinburgh where we were able to speak with Fr. Desmond and Fr. Joe. A young Kenyan Redemptorist who is studying in Rome, Fr. Augustine, will be arriving on 2nd July to assist the community with parish work for the next six weeks.


Here is some news from the Province - other than that found on the web site: - www. redemptorists.co.uk


Two weeks ago I was able to spend the weekend in Erdington where Fr. Richard and I enjoyed great hospitality. We were attending the Invocation weekend at Oscott College. Fr. Richard managed to make some good vocations contacts. One man in particular from the previous year is in the process of applying to join the Congregation. During the summer, Fr. Gabby and Fr. Dickie will be assisted by Fr. James, another student from Rome. Fr. James belongs to the Bangalore Province and will stay in Erdington from next week until late September. Hopefully, this will allow our confreres there to get some form of rest.


At the end of June, Redemptorist Publications will celebrate the golden jubilee of their presence in Chawton, and I gather that Fr. Dickinson will be the keynote speaker. This is a good time to recall the wonderful impact on the UK, and indeed further afield, of the many publications that have been produced at Chawton over the past 50 years, the assistance to the Province and Zimbabwe rendered by RP, and to thank the many confreres and co –workers who have laboured there over those years.


Clapham seems to have a busy summer with visitors from all over the world. Sadly, Fr. Winfried Pauly will be leaving the community and the Ace of Clubs, and I again thank Fr. Winfried publicly for all that he has done to ‘rescue’, and then ‘rehabilitate’ the Centre. We wish him well in his new ministry. Fr. Michael McGreevy continues his recovery in Clapham and I am sure is grateful for your continued prayer. Later this month our Novices will return to Clapham from Canada after completing their Novitiate. Initially they will go home for a few days before coming to Perth to prepare for their Profession which is on 6th August at 11.30 in Kinnoull. All confreres are very welcome to this event.


All the changes have now been made, and the confreres in Bishop Eton are settled. Bro. Glyn is happy in Christopher Grange, and the clustering of St. Mary’s parish with our Bishop Eton parish continues well. The Redemptoristines have completed all the paper work for the canonical closure of the Monastery in Gillmoss and are settled in Nazareth House, Crosby. They will be incardinated into the Dublin Monastery.


I met Fr. Michael Henesy recently, and he has settled in well at Middlesbrough. The confreres there are delighted to have a third member.


The property at Sunderland has not yet been sold. This was predictable in this economic climate, and we are told we just have to be patient. In the meantime, Fr. Oliver Keyes is actively working on the cluster of St. Hilda’s and St. Benet’s, while Fr. Brian Russell remains chaplain to the Little Sisters.


Here in Kinnoull, the new Rector, Fr. Kieran, has taken office but has a schedule of missions he has to honour. At present he is working with Fr. Charlie Corrigan in Sevenoaks. The ongoing submission for planning permission continues, with some guarded degree of optimism.


Our confrere Fr. Kevin McEwen was due to go into hospital in Nottingham for a triple heart bypass today. However, I have been informed by his brother Billy that this is now postponed until the middle of July. Please keep Fr. Kevin in your prayers.


I am enclosing a list of the members of the new Secretariates for the quadrennium which was drawn up by the EPC. We hope that they will be one of the sources of energy for the Province. I thank all who have accepted to be members of Secretariates, and trust the Conveners will call meetings as and when appropriate.


As some of you may know, Fr. Martin Gay has been in the Province for a few months as part of his sabbatical year, and has been helping out in Clapham. Fr. Martin’s sister, Patricia died during the month and the funeral was yesterday in Bigglesworth. I have written to Fr. Martin expressing our condolences, and also asked Fr. Andrew Burns to represent the Province at the funeral.


Birthdays this month: Fr. Michael McGreevy 4th, Fr. Oliver Keyes 11th, Fr. Charles Corrigan 15th, Fr. Terence Creech 21st, Fr. Kevin Callaghan 24th, Brother Thomas 31st, Fr. Gabriel Maguire 31st. Congratulations to all.


Also this month we celebrate the Feast of our Most Holy Redeemer, our titular Feast. At that time, as is our custom, we renew our Vows in community. Might I suggest it is a good time also to reflect on the wonder of our Vocation? I offer just a thought for your consideration. It comes from Constitution 6 - The Gospel of Salvation: “This message has for its special object plentiful redemption: it proclaims the love of God the Father ‘who first loved us and sent his Son to be the expiation of our sins’....”


It seems to me that this is at the very heart of our Redemptorist vocation.....the God who first loved us. That is why the mystery of the Incarnation was so dear to St. Alphonsus, why we have had the tradition of privately renewing our Vows on the 25th of each month, and why we are so focused on the person of Jesus.


I believe that unless we are convinced, and also actually experience this white hot heat of the Father’s love in our own lives, touching the very depth of our being, we will never be able to fathom the depth of our vocation. And to do this we need our prayer times to reflect on this extraordinary gift. It was the very realisation of just how all-encompassing God’s love is in Jesus that impelled Alphonsus to dedicate his life to share this mystery with the abandoned; with those who did not appreciate their lovableness, had forgotten it, or whose lives had led them into self destructive life styles.


And I further believe that the realisation of this truth is what ultimately will sustain us in our vocation. It will also draw others to share in this privileged work of making plentiful redemption real in their lives.


So my invitation at this time is to reflect on the heart of Redemptorist life, and to renew ourselves as far as we can, remembering that the invitation comes from God who first loved us and sent his Son.


And to those going on holidays or taking a break, happy vacation.


In the Redeemer,




Fr. Ronald J. McAinsh, C.Ss.R

Provincial Superior