" My Jesus, I will love only You; You are the only one I wish to please. "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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News and Events

News and Events... Updated regularly

Vietnamese Redemptorists and Perpetual Succour...

The youtube clip came with this message!
Greetings from Vietnam!
I am sending you the documentary film on the devotion to OMPH in Vietnam. This film belongs to our Congregation's project to celebrate the 150th OMPH Jubilee. Please help us to introduce it to your Units and lay partners. 
Thank you very much.
All peace,
Rev. JM. Hà Ngọc Phú, C.Ss.R.
Provincial secretary.
Director of Provincial secretariat for Jubilee Year. 

CSsR students renewing their Vows...

cssr consecration 1 2014

Pray for two of our students who are renewing their vows day.

Br Mike Taylor CSsR - will renew in Bishop Eton, Liverpool.

Br Royston Price CSsR - will renew in St Mary's, Clapham, London.

Also in the presence of his own Vice Provincial for the Vice Province of Michalovce (Slovakia), Br Marek Olčák CSsR will also renew his vows in St Mary's Clapham London.

Pray for these good and dedicated men!
Pray for Vocations to the Redemptorist Family!


Our Holy Father Alphonsus!...

1st August Solemnity of

St Alphonsus Liguori

Most Zealous Doctor of the Church

Founder of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (CSsR)


Patron of Confessors and Moralists

Patron for those who suffer from Arthritis

 st. alphonsus liguori

The Redemptorists of the London Province wish their...

confreres and sisters,

their family and friends,

their co-workers and benefactors

and to all they have the privilege of ministering to,

a happy, holy and blessed day!

salfonso padri

Our Holy Father Alphonsus

Pray for us!

Fr Jim Casey CSsR writes a wonderful personal story...

I'm back again

fr jimcasey cssrYes, I’m back, although I don’t know for how long. I left Bishop Eton and checked in to the Royal Liverpool Hospital at 7.30am on the 18th July 2016. A few days previously I had visited my brother in Glasgow to assure him that there was nothing to worry about and to avoid my never seeing him again if things did go wrong. I didn’t think they would, but when the patient is 82 years old and the surgery is of the car crash variety, there is room for doubt. But when I was told I had between six and nine months to live and surgery was proposed as my best chance of a cure, I was all for it. My mind was in “bring it on” mode.

I was wheeled into the operating theatre. I had been there before and so was pretty relaxed. It was a matter of breathing deeply and drifting off, for an indeterminate period of time, to a happy place, from thence to be awakened by the kindly voice of a Filipino nurse purring in my ear: “James how are you?”. At least that is how it happened in the past. This time it was different. I have no recollection of ever awakening from that general anaesthetic, or being coaxed out of sleep by some kindly nurse. No, I was locked , it seemed, in another world, in a very unhappy place, a dark place populated by drug addicts, gun runners, kidnappers—me being one of the kidnapped with no possibility of ever being ransomed. You see, I was being moved from one dank window- less place to another. There was no way I would ever be traced.

Cardinal Bourne - a Clapham Chap...

cardinal francis alphonsus bourne

Cardinal Francis Alphonsus Bourne (1861 - 1935)

Read this story of a great man who began his life

in our church of St. Mary's Clapham.

His name says something!

Thanks to  Oremus, Westminster Archdiocesan Magazine, Jan 2015

From the News Diary - CSsR Mission...fr j mcmanus cssr mission

This appeared in the Catholic Pic - the Archdiocese of Liverpool's news magazine.

Iss.152 May 2017

Fr General's Letter for St Alphonsus M de'Liguori CSsR...

alphonsus  general

Our Challenges and Opportunities...

Kinnoull 2018

Kinnoull 2018

Redemptorist Youth Mission 2018 - Planning

Thank you to Fr Charles Randdall C.Ss.R for this report on the recent planning meeting for 'Redemptorist Youth Mission 2018'


Redemptorists of Europe Meet in Granada to Plan July 2018 Youth Mission


On 12 July this year, Redemptorists from all over Europe gathered in Granada, Spain, to plan the forthcoming Redemptorist Youth Mission which will be held in the city between Wednesday 25 and Sunday 29 July 2018.

European Redemptorists

  Redemptorists from around Europe concelebrate Mass

at our Perpetual Help Shrine in the city.

A Mission to Europe

The following article was written by Fr. Andrew Burns C.Ss.R - and was first published in Bishop Eton's parish magazine BE Alive in May 2017.

When I first came to Bishop Eton twoWhen I first came to Bishop Eton twoyears ago, I wrote in BE Alive aboutthe various hats that I wear as part of my ministry here as a Redemptorist.One that I spoke of as being o fspecial importance to me is my work with Worldwide Marriage Encounter.



Upcoming CSsR Jubilees 2017...


On the 15th August

Fr Beverley Ahearn

will be 70 years professed.

On the 8th of September,

Fr Francis Dickenson

will be 60 years ordained

On the 8th of September,

Frs Jim McManus, Jim Casey, and Tony Johnson

will be 60 years professed

On the 17th of September,

Frs Michael Henesy, Philip Jones and Anthony Hunt

will be 50 years ordained

On the 16th of October,

Frs Denis McBride and Oliver Keyes

will be 50 years professed


We give thanks to God for the great example these men have given with their lives!

Nearer the dates for each celebration watch this space!

Br Mike CSsR and the Most Holy Redeemer...

Br Mike CSsR shares some of his vocational story during the Mass being celebrated for the Solemnity of the Most Holy Redeemer.

Solemnity of the Most Holy Redeemer - 2017...

ossr redeemer cssr


OSsR - The Most Holy Redeemer - CSsR

From the CSsR Constitution 23.

Since the members are called to continue the presence of Christ and his mission of redemption in the world, they choose the person of Christ as the centre of their life, and strive day by day to enter ever more intimately into personal union with him. Thus, at the heart of the community, to form it and sustain it, is the Redeemer himself and his Spirit of love. And the closer their union with Christ, the stronger will become their union with each other.


We the Redemptorists of the London Province -

wish all our 




family members

those whom we minister to

our benefactors

and all who read these pages

every blessing of this holy day!

Know this today,

that with the Lord,

there is plentiful redemption!

Compass 2017 - 2018...

Have you ever wondered whether the life of a





or brother

might just be for you?

compass 201718

compass 201718 i

Provincial's Letter - July 2017...

provincialsletterhead1st July, 2017

Dear Confreres and friends,

How rapidly the month of June has passed and we are now into July - the month traditionally dedicated to the Precious Blood. For us Redemptorists of course, the principal feast this month is that of the Most Holy Redeemer which is celebrated on the third Sunday of July - this year on 16th July. On this day where it is possible we have a common renewal of vows, although I appreciate that in the parish setting and in the holiday season this is not always possible.

During the month of June many apostolic works and missions took place as well as the Novenas in honour of our Mother of Perpetual Help. I mention in particular the Nine Days Prayer at Clapham which was conducted by Father Charles Corrigan and our Students. From all accounts, the sharing of the word of God was very well received. 

What's in a name?

Homily by Fr. Andrew Burns C.Ss.R on the Feast of Our Mother of Perpetual Succour 27th June 2017 at Bishop Eton Liverpool.

Last night talking to Fr Casey, I told him Fr. Tim has asked me to preach tonight and Fr Casey’s comment was “tell them that she is Our Lady of Perpetual Succour – not Our Mother of Perpetual Help”. Perhaps he would be more insistent here in the presence of Bishop Ralph, because in the diocese of Hallam and of Leeds the title of our Icon has changed again to “Our Mother of Unfailing Help”.

Should we refer to Mary as Our Lady or our Mother?