" Make me forget myself, so that I may remember only Your goodness! "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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News and Events

News and Events... Updated regularly


Fr General writes...


Rome, Italy

November 16, 2012


Dear Confreres, Sisters, Associates, and friends,

Last week, on November 9, 2012, we celebrated the 280th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. Once again, we gave thanks to God for the audacious hope and courage of St. Alphonsus. In the spirit of distacco that brought freedom to his whole life, he left Naples, family, comfort, reputation, and a fruitful ministry to give his life for copiosa redemptio as a missionary and evangelist. From the small seeds planted in November 1732, God has brought forth our Congregation. And what a gift it is to be a Redemptorist Missionary!

In this Spirit, I wrote a letter which I hope that every Confrere has received. All of us are called to give our lives for copiosa redemptio as Redemptorist Missionaries. The theme of this Sexennium calls us to the renewal of our apostolic life and our Congregation so that, in the words of St. Clement Hofbauer, “we may preach the Gospel ever anew”. It is my heartfelt prayer that as we remember our first beginnings 280 years ago, this call will resonate ever more deeply in our own hearts and lives.

Last week, we also finished the last of the five Mid-Sexennial Meetings. Over the past five months, I attended each meeting, in each of the five Conferences:

· July – Conference of Latin America and the Caribbean in Alajuela, Costa Rica;
· August – Conference of Africa and Madagascar near Antananarivo, Madagascar;
· September – Conference of Asia-Oceania in Minburi and Pattaya, Thailand;
· October – Conference of North America in West End, New Jersey;
· November – Conference of Europe in Krakow, Poland.

These meetings were important opportunities to review the progress we have made since the XXIV General Chapter three years ago (October-November, 2009). More information will be communicated to you through the Conference Coordinators and your (V) Provincial and Regional Superiors. After prayerful reflection on these mid-term meetings, some decisions will be taken at the General Council in December, 2012 – and these will also be shared with the Congregation in early 2013.

I wish you every blessing and grace necessary for our missionary vocation. May we joyfully follow Jesus the Redeemer, accompanied by Mary of Perpetual Help, and inspired by the example of St. Alphonsus. May the privilege of our vocation as Redemptorist Missionaries continue to be a source of hope and courage not only for us, but especially for the abandoned and the poor to whom we are sent.

Your brother in the Redeemer,

Michael Brehl, C.Ss.R.


Visit SCALA to find out more.

Latin - a Dead Language that's still alive...


Remembrance Sunday...



We will remember them.


Happy 280th to the C.Ss.R.,...

The 9th of November 2012,

marks the

280th birthday

of the

Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer!

Congregatio Sanctissimi Redemptoris 




To all the Fathers and Brothers

of our beloved Congregation

and all who work and pray with us

celebrate this day well - with prayer and thanksgiving!







In the hills outside Naples, St. Alphonsus Liguori and his first companions professed their vows as Redemptorists on this date in 1732. Those first few years were difficult — most of St. Alphonsus' first confreres left him within a year or two, but the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer soon took root and spread throughout the world.

By 1787, Redemptorists had crossed the Alps and established a community in Poland.

By 1820, they'd made their way to France, and so our expansion continued.

Today, there are approximately 5,300 Redemptorists serving in 76 countries.

Please join us in giving thanks for the blessing of our Congregation,

and praying that more young men will join us in proclaiming plentiful redemption.


National Office for Vocation...

Discovering Discipleship.



The National Office for Vocation have recently launched their Vocations Framework,

"Discovering Discipleship".


To find out or discover more look at some of these web sites, as well as our own...








The Redemptorists Social Media Apostolate in  Poland...




The following article was kindly sent it by Fr Jim McManus C.Ss.R., currently a member of the Clapham Community.





"During October I gave three retreats in Poland: an all day Saturday retreat on The Healing Power of Forgiveness to 250 people in our church in Torun, a week’s retreat for 22 priests and a weekend on The Healing Ministry for 60 men and women in our retreat centre in Krakow. This gave me just a little glimpse into the deep faith that has sustained the Polish nation during centuries of invasions and persecutions and which has inspired thousands of Polish priests and Religious to serve the Church all over the world. Our Redemptorist confreres  support the mission of the Church in many countries.





November - Month of the Holy Souls...


Requiescant in pace.


This month of November is a month specially dedicated

to those we have loved and lost through death.


Visit Our Dead...

November's Prayer Intention and Virtue...



To get a translation and to read more, go here...

Compass - Exploring your spiritual future...






The Compass North-West programme is due to begin shortly.

If you are interested, contact them at the email address above,

or visit the web site...


Enjoy this adventurous journey!

Venerable Mother Maria Celeste Crostarosa O.Ss.R.,... 

We remember her birthday, this day 31st October 1696.

To find out more about her life and her place in our Redemptorist story, go here.



We can see what our sisters, the Redemptoristine Nuns are up to in Dublin...