" That chosen 'Ark' of salvation, free from the common shipwreck of sin. "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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News and Events

News and Events... Updated regularly

Trinity Sunday...


In a word, the Three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity have endeavoured to show the love which God has borne us, that we may love him through gratitude.

 It is, then, but just that we love that God who has been the first to love us, and to put us under so many obligations by so many proofs of tender love.


“Let us, therefore, love God, because God first hath loved us." (1 John iv. 19.)


Oh! what a treasure is charity! it is an infinite treasure, because it makes us partakers of the friendship of God.


She is an infinite treasure to men, which they that use become the friends of God." (Wis. vii. 14.)


But, to acquire this treasure, it is necessary to detach the heart from earthly things.


“Detach the heart from creatures," says St. Teresa, "and you shall find God."


In a heart filled with earthly affections, there is no room for divine love.


Let us therefore continually implore the Lord in our prayers, communions, and visits to the blessed sacrament, to give us his holy love; for this love will expel from our souls all affections for the things of this earth.

When," says St. Francis de Sales, ”a house is on fire, all that is within is thrown out through the windows."


By these words the saint meant, that when a soul is inflamed with divine love, s/he easily detaches him/herself from creatures: and Father Paul Segneri, the younger, used to say,


that divine love is a thief that robs us of all earthly affections, and makes us exclaim:

”What, O my Lord, but thee alone, do I desire ?"


Homily preached by St Alphonsus Liguori 

Cardinal Rigali Named Envoy for St. John Neumann C.Ss.R., Event...

neumann jubilee_web banner

The archbishop of Philadelphia will represent Benedict XVI at an event celebrating one of his predecessors, St. John Neumann C.Ss.R., the first American to be canonized.

Cardinal Justin Rigali will represent the Pope this Saturday at celebrations in Prachatice, Czech Republic, marking the 200th anniversary of the saint's birth.

St. John Neumann C.Ss.R., was canonized by Pope Paul VI in 1977. His feast is Jan. 5.

St. John Neumann C.Ss.R., (1811-1860) was a missionary to the United States who became the fourth bishop of Philadelphia (1852-1860).

He was born in Prachatice but came to America to follow his vocation to the priesthood. He was ordained in 1836. Four years later, he joined the Redemptorists. He became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1848.

As bishop of Philadelphia, he was the first bishop in the U.S. to organize a diocesan school system.

neumann landing quote

Spirituality Course in Italy or on line...

The Center for Spirituality is conducting its annual English and Spanish language workshops for Redemptorists this summer. About thirty confreres converged on Rome at the start of June for the English language workshop.

They have now made their way to Materdomini to enjoy their hospitality and facilities for the course and to be the hub for excursions to the places of origin.


The group includes some Redemptorists preparing for their final vows. What a great way to begin perpetual profession – steeped in Alphonsian spirituality and experiencing places like Scala, Ciorani, Pagani, Marianella and Muro Lucano.

Can't come to Italy? You too can experience our roots – virtually - by visiting our cssr.com website and click on "On-line Pilgrimage" in the menu.

Mission in Leicester...


As you may know, the Redemptorists have been giving all kinds of missions and retreats in the UK for about 150 years but we always move with the times and adapt our style.
Frs Kieran Brady and Charlie Corrigan CSsR have been adapting one particular style to suit some parishes. They have recently been giving a mission in the joint parishes of St Mary's and St John Bosco's in Leicester, needless to say the week has been going well.
All groups in the parish have been touched by the Word of God.
The lay people have been formed into small faith sharing teams and have themselves prepared many aspects of the liturgy and Mission.
The mission nights were intitled, 'A Healing touch' 'Heart to Heart' 'A Mother's love' while the young people of the parish helped construct a night called 'A Just Word' exploring Justice in our world. 
In the pics of the mission we see both Fr. Kieran and Fr. Charlie and their 'little helpers' on the Family themed event in the mission.
Each night was, of course, judged by the people to be a great success and a special moment in the spiritual journey of these faith communities.
Feel free to contact the Redemptorists about a possible Renewal for your own parish.
The next scheduled event for Fr. Charlie & Fr. Kieran will be leading a similar format mission in the parish of St. Thomas of Canterbury, Sevenoaks in Kent towards the end of June.


Hospitality in Chawton...CSsR style!

Br Anthony and Fr Denis McBride were able to offer hospitality to the EPC (Extra-ordinary Provincial Council) who were visiting Chawton for the AGM of Redemptorist Publications.


A great day was had by all - and the soup was wonderful!

Thanks Br. Anthony!




You are fire; enkindle in me your love.

You are light; enlighten my mind with the knowledge of eternal things.

You are the Dove; 
give me innocence of life.

You are the gentle Breeze; 
disperse the storms of my passions.

You are the Tongue; 
teach me how to bless you always.

You are the Cloud; 
shelter me under the shadow of your protection.

And lastly,  You are the Giver of all heavenly gifts; 
animate me,

I beseech you, with your grace; 
sanctify me

with your charity; 
enlighten me

with your wisdom; 
adopt me by your goodness as your child,

and save me in your infinite mercy;

so that I may ever bless you, praise you, and love you;

first during this life on earth,

and then in heaven for all eternity.



Alphonsus Liguori


Enjoy this wonderful feast!

Steeple Trouble...

St. Mary's in Clapham, London looks ever bit a charming church... and indeed it is!




However, come out the church and look up...



Steeple problems have been diagnosed...



Netting has to go all round the upper part of the steeple, to prevent unwanted debris falling...



Such is life in a busy parish!

We'll keep you up dated...or go to the

Clapham website.

Coordinator of the Conference of Europe...

According to the Decisions of the XXIV General Chapter (2.1-2.8), the General Council, during its Extraordinary Meeting from April 13-20, chose the Coordinators of the five Conferences from the candidates proposed by the Conference Assemblies.

The Conference Coordinators will come to Rome for the June 13-24 Extraordinary Meeting of the General Council to come to a further understanding of their role and to participate in the Extraordinary Meeting.

Coordinator of the Conference of Europe:
Fr. Jacek Zdrza
łek, C.Ss.R.

Father Jacek Zdrzałek, 46, was born July 10, 1964 in Zabrze, Poland.

He made his first profession as a Redemptorist on February 2, 1985 in the

Province of Warsaw.

He made perpetual profession on August 15, 1989 and was ordained a priest on

June 17, 1990.

Father Jacek has served in parish ministry as well as a variety of internal

Redemptorist ministries such as being a professor, a prefect of students

and Rector of a seminary.

Most recently he served as novice master.

Father Jacek has also been serving on the General Secretariat for Formation.

He speaks Polish and English, understands Russian and reads Spanish.

The London Province sends Fr Jacek our congratulations!


For more than fifty years, Redemptorist Publications has been providing parishes with resources to help everyone celebrate the Mass more fully and over the years we have built up a wealth of experience. We have consulted with a number of priests and liturgists and have developed a range of practical resources to help every parish during the introduction of the new liturgy. 
Our Services

Although we provide a huge service, we are still small enough to care that each of our customers gets what they need. We know that this is a difficult time for everyone in the Church and are offering our customers day-to-day support and extended ordering times. Our Customer Care Team is focused on ensuring that you get the right solution for your particular requirements. If you don’t find what you need here, give them a call on 01420 88222 or 

 31st May, 2011


Dear Confreres and friends,

Now that the moves occasioned by the Nominations have taken place, I shall be able to resume my personal monthly letter to each of you. On behalf of the OPC I would again like to express our gratitude for the generous way in which so many confreres accepted the assignments offered to them, in order to keep the apostolic impetus of the Province alive and active.

Perhaps I could begin this letter by just mentioning (from North to South) the general situation in each community.

Kinnoull. With the departure of Fr Jim and Fr Richard, and the death of Bro. Malachy, the community is now much smaller and this reduced Redemptorist staffing puts pressure on the members of the new community. Fr Kieran has arrived and is settling in. As you will know, the application for Planning Permission was voted on by the local Council and the result was 5 for and 5 against. The Convener with the casting vote, rejected the application, and so the matter is now being reviewed with some new options in terms of planning being considered.

Edinburgh. Again with the departure of Fr Michael Henesy, the community is small in number. We had hoped for some extra help, but it was not possible. A young Kenyan priest studying in Sant’ Alfonso in Rome will come for 6 weeks in July to try and help Fr Desmond and Fr Joe get some summer break.

Sunderland. Fr Jim Casey, Fr Jan Milcz and Fr Terry Creech have all left the Monastery, and Fr Oliver Keyes will be moving within the next few weeks to the Presbytery at St. Hilda’s. Fr Brian Russell will remain in Sunderland as Chaplain to the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Middlesbrough. The community there is delighted to have obtained the services of Fr Michael Henesy who will no doubt bring his considerable talent for creativity and innovation to the John Paul Centre. Br Michael Duxbury continues working in the prison and also promotes devotion to St. Gerard. You will have seen the small prayer cards which he recently produced, and for which we are all grateful.

Liverpool. This is now our largest community. Fr. Richard has settled in, as have several new members. Bro. Glynn, whom I saw last week in Christopher Grange, is well. The twinning of Bishop Eton Parish with St. Mary’s, Woolton means that there will be plenty of work for all in the community. The Redemptoristines at Crosby have formally petitioned Rome for the canonical dissolution of their Monastery, and they will be incardinated into the Dublin community while residing at Nazareth House. When I saw them last week, all four members were well.

Hawkstone. The community at Hawkstone remains the same. I taught on the Course there recently, and the spirit among staff and participants was good and positive.

Birmingham. As with Hawkstone, the community remains the same. In July it is hoped that a young Indian priest, also from Sant 'Alfonso will come and help out until September. At present, he is trying to secure a visa, and my letters to him in Rome keep on disappearing, so we have to pray that Fr. James does indeed get the visa to help out Fr Dickie and Fr Gabby. Fr Richard and I will be attending the Invocation meeting for Vocations at Oscott towards the end of this month and will stay in Erdington.

Clapham. Clapham has seen some confreres move from the community and some arrive. At present Fr Michael McGreevy is recovering from his operation. I saw Fr Michael last week and I thought that he was in remarkably good spirits, considering the major surgery he has had. He is convalescing at present. Fr Charles Corrigan has also had a bout of bad health. Now that his medical condition has been identified, he hopes for good treatment and a resumption of full health. However, with Fr Michael and Fr Charlie out of action, considerable stress has been put on the shoulders of Fr Dominic. I hope that the presence of Fr George and Fr Jim can take some of the work off him. We also have hopes of some summer help there. The Ace of Clubs continues to be well patronised and Jan Haen, at the invitation of Fr Winfried, has been working there, painting the interior with the help of the clients. I was able to visit the Centre last week and the bright colours give the place a new aspect. Many of you will know that a dignified and sensitively celebrated Mass was held in the church for our former confrere David Cairns. I was able to be present at the family Requiem in Greenock.

Chawton. Fr Terry Creech is established in Chawton, but at present is back in Lourdes working as a confessor. Brother Anthony has again had a few health scares, but appears to be stable once more. I hope to see him this week. Redemptorist Publication continues to function well. This is a blessing at a time when many religious publishers are folding up.

May I remind those who are assuming the role of Rector for the first term in a new community, to observe the form of ‘Taking of Office of Superior’ which I will attach for the notice board.

Fr. Michael Creech continues to do great work in Heathfield, and is involved in a major consultation about restructuring in that parish.

Fr Kevin McEwen remains in Grantham in a care facility near to his twin sister Maureen. If anyone is in the Grantham area, Fr Kevin would love a visit.

Formation. The three Novices have made petition to be accepted for First Vows, and their petitions, together with their final reports, will be considered at the OPC meeting this week. A date has been set for the Profession as 6th August in Kinnoull, and the Rector has indicated that there will be accommodation for any confrere who wishes to attend. We also have two men who are very interested in joining us, and Fr. Richard is facilitating their request which may come to the OPC very soon. Please continue to be open to welcome and encourage men who wish to live our Redemptorist charism in our Province.

Last week the Finance Committee (of which I am a member) met and reviewed all our properties as well as the many issues which affect our lives. I thank Tony Barrance for his ongoing assistance in so many areas of our Province life.

Following the OPC meeting this week, the EPC will convene. The EPC, as Trustees, will consider many of the issues emerging from our Communities, as well as establishing the new Secretariates. This had to be postponed at the previous meeting due to the funeral of Bro. Malachy. The EPC will also begin to look again at our strategy for the next quadrennium and beyond. The AGM of Redemptorist Publication will also be held this week, and the Trustees will be present at it. RP have produced some very fine Mass leaflets and other updated liturgical material.

The confreres in Zimbabwe remain the same, in a difficult political climate. Fr. Abel Makahamadze has requested a leave of Absence for one year. Fr. Tryvis Moyo finishes his year in Dublin during which he has engaged in a Formation Course. I understand he will return to be Novice Master, with a Novitiate beginning this summer. There will also be the priestly ordinations of Victor and Isaac in September. The confreres in Zimbabwe continue to be grateful for the subsidy which the Province provides, as well as for the great fundraising done in our parishes and by individuals.

Birthdays for June are: Ed Hone on the 2nd and Tom Molloy on 18th.

Please remember that some of the above information, and also photographs, are available at the Province web site: www.redemptorists.co.uk

May I remind everyone of the importance of the Novena to the Holy Spirit which starts with Ascension Thursday? St. Alphonsus considered this as a very special time for Redemptorists.


With best wishes for those participating in the Novenas in honour of Our Mother of Perpetual Help this month, and with prayers, especially for our sick and aged confreres, relatives and benefactors.


In Christ the Redeemer,

Ronald J. McAinsh, C.Ss.R.

Provincial Superior


The Redemptorist Virtue for the month of June...


Click here to go to our virtue explanation...

Pope Dedicates Prayer in June to Priests

papa benedicto xvi

Pope Benedict XVI is dedicating the month of June to pray that priests be united to the heart of Christ.

His general intention is:

"That priests, united to the Heart of Christ, may always be true witnesses of the caring and merciful love of God."

The Pontiff's apostolic intention for June is:

"That the Holy Spirit may bring forth from our communities many missionaries who are ready to be fully consecrated to spreading the Kingdom of God."


Have you ever thought about becoming a priest or a brother or a sister?

Pray about it!

Goodbye Fr Desmond C.Ss.R...

This is a busy time in the Province for some confreres who are on the move following the recent changes made by the Provincial Council.

In Liverpool it has been particularly busy with the departure of Fr Desmond Keegan C.Ss.R., who is leaving after spending 9 years there as Parish Priest.

He leaves to take up his new role as Parish Priest in St. Patrick's in Edinburgh.




The children of the parish say their goodbye.


Fr. Tim Buckley, the new Parish Priest, Fr Desmond Keegan the departing Parish Priest

and Fr Richard Reid, the new Rector of the Community.



While it was a sad time, they could still celebrate!


Fr. Dominic O'Toole and Channel 4...

Fr Dominic O'Toole recently appeared in a programme on Channel 4.

He did us proud! Watch and reflect...


Collaboration Between Ace of Clubs Centre & International Mural Artist...

The Ace of Clubs Centre (St Alphonsus Road, SW4) serves the homeless and vulnerable in Clapham by providing hot meals, laundry/showering facilities and welfare advice. The centre has up to 60-70 clients per day and crucially is a valuable social centre for people who often feel totally isolated.

Father Winfred C.Ss.R.,(Centre Director) recently invited an internationally renowned artist Jan Haen C.Ss.R., and accomplished co-artist Anne-Marie Van Delft , of the Collaboration Art Projects International Foundation based in the Netherlands, to lead a mural project at the centre. Father Winfred explains that the inspiration behind the mural was a wish “not to focus on the clients’ problems but their skills… I want the centre to be a place of hospitality and to create a warm and inviting environment where members can escape the clinical feel of many institutions”. 

The murals are due for completion soon and will be open to the public for viewing at the Ace of Clubs Centre, St Alphonsus Road, Clapham, SW4 7AS between 12-3pm on Monday, 30 May 2011.

Jan Haen CSsR sees to the finer details



The Final Work!

Jan Haen’s mural work dates back over 17 years and he has worked on community projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Tanzania, Ireland, Zimbabwe as well as South Africa where he spent 25 years of his life. Jan’s was one of the key personnel working for the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference who were expelled by the apartheid regime in 1978 due to their opposition to the oppressive apartheid system. He was allowed to return to South Africa in 1994 where his artistic talents were galvanised when faced with the decoration of community areas in deprived townships.

Novena in Belfast...

...in Honour of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Fr. Richard Reid C.Ss.R., was invited to Belfast to join Fr. Sean Duggan C.Ss.R., to be the preachers at this years Novena. 

The Novena was a great success! Each day started with mass at 7am and finished each evening with a mass at 7.30pm.

Although the Novena is an event organised by the parish of St Gerards, many people come from surrounding parishes and even further afield.

It was a great experience for all involved and many people came to one of the four Novena sessions each day.

richard reid cssr and sean duggan cssr

Frs. Richard Reid and Sean Duggan C.Ss.R


Frs. Sean Duggan and Richard Reid C.Ss.R.

shrine of our mother of perpertual help

Our Mother of Perpetual Help,

Pray for us!