" A badly written sermon has no more chance of piercing the heart than a rusty and crooked nail has of entering a wall! "
Ven. Fr Passerat C.Ss.R
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News and Events

News and Events... Updated regularly


Invocation 2012...


Two of our Redemptorist brethren will attend the Invocation 2012 event at Oscott Seminary in Birmingham this weekend. Fr. Richard Reid C.Ss.R., will attend as our Vocations Director and Br. Gerard Carroll C.Ss.R., will attend as one of our students.


The C.Ss.R., Virtue for July...


To find out more, click here...

C.Ss.R., Youth Ministry...


Please pray for the success of the Redemptorist Youth and Vocation Ministry preparation meeting in our Redemptorist house in San Sperate (Italy) this week (2nd-6th July).


London Province RYVM coorindator Roisin Coll, the chair of the Youth Secretariate, Dominic O'Toole CSsR and RYVM member, Andrew Reid will participate in meetings along with Redemptorist representatives and young people from across Europe to prepare for the International Congress due to be held there next year (2013) in August.


Provincial's Letter 18th June 2012...



18th June, 2012
Dear Confreres and friends,
I write a bit early this month in order to enclose the Directional Statement of our recent Provincial Chapter and also to send best wishes to all our confreres and friends for the Feast of Our Mother of Perpetual Help. I know that many confreres are involved in preaching the Novenas for the Feast, and I hope that large numbers of the faithful are encouraged through this special devotion to the Mother of God.
At our last OPC meeting, the final report on Dan Weston was discussed and I am happy to inform you that Dan has been accepted for the Novitiate. There is no Novitiate in Canada this year and Dan will spend his Novitiate in Merrivale in South Africa. This is the inter Unit Novitiate of Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa, with Fr. Moyo as Novice Master.  Dan actually went to school for a short while in Selly Park, Rustenburg and so is no stranger to South Africa. We wish him well in his adventure.
Two other Postulants from Zimbabwe, Lennon Rusike and Kudakwashe Muparabasa were also accepted for the Novitiate and they will join two Kenyans who will also arrive by 15th July. Please keep them all in your prayers. In addition, Fr. Guri has submitted the names of the two present  Novices and they have also been accepted for Profession: Brs Brian Manyenga and Kenneth Temba. Fr. Mulligan is going to Zimbabwe at the end of July to preach a retreat to the brethren and will be able to attend the First Profession ceremony.
The second session of the Provincial Chapter which took place in Hawkstone last week was a moment of unity and harmony in the Province. It was marvellous to have the Zimbabwe capitulors with us as well as the student representatives (and observer) from both the Region and the Province. Through the very competent facilitation of Sr. Raymunda, OP, the Chapter was able to make several important decisions about our future direction. The proposed changes in Statutes will be sent to the General Government in Rome   It is hoped that the communities will begin to ‘internalise’ the mood of the Chapter, and to assist in this,  in January the OPC hopes to make extended visits to all the communities.  In the meantime, the EPC and OPC will attempt to follow the direction which the Chapter has given.
Other snippets of news: Fr. Michael McGreevy has had another operation and is doing very well. Our  Redemptoristines, (Fr. Gerry and I visited them) continue in good spirits. Several key posts for Redemptorist Publications will also be advertised this month.  
Birthdays: Fr. Michael McGreevy 4th, Fr. Oliver Keyes 11th,  Fr. Charles Corrigan 15th, Fr. Terry Creech 21st, Fr. Kevin Callaghan 24th, Brother Thomas 31st and Fr. Gabriel Maguire 31st.
With best wishes for a blessed summer.
In Christ the Redeemer,
Ronald J. McAinsh, C.Ss.R.
Provincial Superior



Habits of the heart...


By Fr. RichardBennett, C.Ss.R., published in the Baltimore's Summer Newsletter


Recently, the Redemptorists of the Baltimore Province (USA) published their summer magazine. In the magazine Fr Richard Bennett C.Ss.R., the vocations director of the Baltimore Province, wrote this interesting article...



Like many people, I can be a nervous fidget. Think for a moment, how many times you've witnessed a friend or a teacher

twirl their hair with their finger. Perhaps your boss or colleague plays with his or her pen. Some folks chew gum, some grind their

teeth, still others bite their nails. These quirky, nervous habits seem to be rather common. No 

matter what the behavior, it seems to happen without thinking. This fact hit home with me

during a recent conversation with a friend. She was talking about

some observations she'd made about some unique Redemptorist habits.

Have you ever noticed your reaction when someone points out something in

your character or personality? Typically, our first reaction is, "No,

that's not true!" But once we honestly reflect a little ... there may be more

truth in our friend's statement than we were first willing to admit!

My friend noticed, time and time again, that Redemptorists have a habit

of playing with the rosary beads that are part of our religious habit. Of

course, I thought she meant that she often saw us praying with our rosary beads.


Celebrating the Feast of Our Ukrainian Martyrs...

We remember with pride our martyred confreres who gave their lives for the faith!




Blessed Vasyl Velychkovsky C.Ss.R., Bishop and Martyr

Blessed Nicholas Charnetsky C.Ss.R., Bishop and Martyr,

Blessed Zenon Kovalyk C.Ss.R., Priest and Martyr,

Blessed Ivan Ziatyk C.Ss.R., Priest and Martyr


Click here to learn more about these brave and holy men.


history_urk_06 2004_19_sk_ucc_yorkton_st_mary_05_1st redempt_martyrs


May our Martyrs in heaven

guide our earthly footsteps!

Feast of Our Mother of Perpetual Succour (Help)...



27th June...

The Redemptorists of the London Province

wish all their







and all who know them

a Happy Feast Day!

Our prayers go with you!

Eucharistic Congress, Dublin 2012...

The Redemptorist family shared exhibition space at the International Eucharistic Congress.


Some of the nuns just popped by to check on how things were going!

Bishop Ralph C.Ss.R., confirms hundreds...












Bishop Ralph Heskett C.Ss.R., (the Bishop of Gibraltar)

recently came to the Redemptorist parishes in Liverpool and confirmed

hundreds of young catholics as the continue on their journey of faith. 


To deal with the numbers,

there was 4 services in Bishop Eton 

and 3 services in St. Mary's Woolton. 


Click on the button below to see more pictures.


Bishop St Alphonsus - 250 years ago...


On the 20th June 1762, 250 years ago,

St. Alphonsus Liguori was ordained a bishop.



Fr General offers us this letter to help us reflect and think.


Here is a section of the letter:


In his biography, Fr. Rey-Mermet quotes from a letter written by his confessor about a month after Alphonsus‟ Episcopal Consecration: 







Everyone admires his tireless energy, his great patience…


and his big heart in giving audience to even the most insignificant person.



He is always ready to go down to the Church to hear peoples' confessions or go to the parlor to listen to them.



He will go anywhere if his presence will help. He is an untiring preacher… (p. 539)