" The past is no longer yours; the future is not yet in your power. You have only the present wherein to do good "
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News and Events

News and Events... Updated regularly

30 years ago, Blessed John Paul visits UK...

On the 28th of May 1982 Bl. Pope John Paul II landed in the UK.


An occasion during which he was received by the Archbishop of Canterbury of the time Doctor Robert Runcie and joined in an ecumencial service , pronouncing these words:



"On this first visit of a Pope to Canterbury, I come to you in love - the love of Peter I come to you also in the love of Gregory, who sent Saint Augustine to this place to give the Lord’s flock a shepherd’s care . Just as every minister of the Gospel must do, so today I echo the words of the Master: “I am among you as one who serves” . With me I bring to you, beloved brothers and sisters of the Anglican Communion, the hopes and the desires, the prayers and good will of all who are united with the Church of Rome, which from earliest times was said to “preside in love"...



Congratulations SCALA Ireland... 

After almost 25 years ministering to young people in Cork, Scala community now officially has its own home: Mahon House, Blackrock, Cork. Until recently, Scala had been located at Sundays Well and then Bessboro, in accommodation rented from the Good Shepherd and Chigwell Sisters respectively. The present house dates back to 1798, and was acquired by the Dublin Province of the Redemptorists two years ago; since then it has undergone extensive renovation, fitting it out as a youth ministry and conference centre to serve the people of Cork and the surrounding area.


The London Province was represented by Fr Ed Hone, who has worked with the Irish Redemptorists and young people in youth ministry since the first Scala was founded.




Blessed Peter Donders, Thirty years ago...


St. Clement Province
Blessed Peter Donders, thirty years after his beatification
A Call for International Support for Canonization
Fr. Henk Erinkveld, C.Ss.R.

(First published in SCALA May 2012) 


Thirty years ago, on 23th of May 2012, in St Peter’s Square in Rome Redemptorist Peter (‘Peerke’) Donders (1809-1887) was beatified. It was an important and joyful day, not only for the Redemptorists, but also for the Catholic Church and society in the Netherlands, the native country of Peter Donders, and in Surinam, the former Dutch colony in Latin America, where Peter Donders lived and worked for 45 years among the most abandoned. He spent more than thirty years among the marginalized lepers in the Batavia colony far away from society. His concern extended even beyond the disabled people left for forgotten in a remote area, to the slaves and the neglected natives in Surinam society as well.


After the beatification of Peter Donders in 1982 the process of his canonization began. Although some admirers say that this process is not necessary, because for them he already ís a saint, others feel the importance of realizing the final step of canonization; not only as a stimulus for the church and multicultural society of Surinam, but also as a support and recognition for all those people and movements in Surinam and in the Netherlands, who are working and living in the spirit of Peter Donders for the benefit of marginalized and abandoned people like he did.


Novena for Pentecost...

Starting tomorrow (Friday)

be sure and make a prayer each day

to the Holy Spirit

asking for the graces you need

at this time of your life.


The very first time this novena was made,

our Blessed Mother

and the Apostles

were all there!



Novena to the Holy Spirit for Pentecost


Archbishop Joseph W Tobin C.Ss.R., ....




The Canadian Catholic Television program "Witness" by "Salt and LIght Catholic Television"

has a substantive interview with Secretary for the Congregation of Religious,

Archbishop Joseph Tobin, C.Ss.R.


"Since it launched its Apostolic Visitation of American Women Religious in 2009, the Vatican's Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life (previously known as the Congregation for Religious) has been thrust in the spotlight. In the cacophony of voices and reactions to this important and necessary Visitation, Pope Benedict named the former Superior General of the historic Redemptorist Congregation, Archbishop Joseph William Tobin C.Ss.R, as the dicastery's secretary. The American Archbishop's appointment has elicited much positive response, as he quickly moved to re-establish trust and confidence between the visitators and women religious in the United States. Now that the visitation has concluded, Witness host Fr. Thomas Rosica speaks with Archbishop Tobin in this recent, exclusive interview filmed in the Vatican Offices of Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life."

Salt and Light 

Our Redemptoristine Nuns in Italy...

The Redemptoristine Nuns from all over the world have gathered together in Materdomini near Naples, Italy for their General Assembly.  The day before the Nuns arrived in Materdomini they had the wonderful privilege of a very close-up view of the Holy Father Pope Benedict at the Wednesday audience and were greeted and waved to by Pope Benedict.  Here are a few photos.

540637 441133809248433_100000554543447_1503651_853638182_n

Some of our Sisters, our Brothers, our Fathers and Saint Alphonsus in Pagani...

576600 441149282580219_100000554543447_1503677_1002448195_n


Mass was concelebrated with the Nuns in Scala, Italy today, with the General Assembly group of Redemptoristine Nuns from all over the world. Father General, Superior General of the Redemptorists, Fr Michael Brehl with 11 other Redemptorist Priests from various parts of the world. Fr Brehl was Chief Celebrant with 42 Redemptoristines in the Monastery where Sr Maria Celeste Crostarosa received her inspiration to found the Order.




A few of our sisters from all over the world in Materdomini


 A trip to Ireland...


The formation community of the London Province recently visited our confreres of the Dublin Province, as well as our Redemptoristine Sisters. The two Provinces often work closely on retreats, parish missions and novenas, as well as in formation, so this was a very welcome opportunity to renew old friendships and to make new ones.


Afternoon spent with the Redemptoristine Sisters in Dublin

Br. Dan Weston, Fr Charles Corrigan C.Ss.R., Br. Charles Randall C.Ss.R, Sr Magdalena O.Ss.R.,

Sr. Monica O.Ss.R., Sr Maura O.Ss.R., Br Peter Morris C.Ss.R., and Sr. Alena O.Ss.R.

Our tour started at Marianella in Dublin, where we received a most warm welcome, and from which we were thrilled to also visit the community at Clonard, Belfast, and see the newly renovated church.


After Sunday mass in the newly refurbished church at Clonard, Belfast, lunch with the community.




2nd May, 2012


Dear Confreres and friends,


There is always a danger that looking back will bring one into the area of reminiscence or nostalgia. I caught myself doing this yesterday as we began the month of May, a month which in the past was regarded in the Christian calendar as the month of Mary. The practise of May Devotions, of May Processions and of other Marian practises has largely gone. However, I am reminded again by Chapter 8 of Lumen Gentium, "the Place of Mary in the Economy of Salvation", of the essential role of the Mother of God not only in our history but in the life of the Church.


While the Council does warn us against exaggerated forms of devotion to Our Lady, it also reminds us of the danger of minimalism. And our own Redemptorist Constitutions are unambiguous in recalling our Marian heritage which was passed on by St. Alphonsus, and is still a vital part of our life and ministry. We only have to think of the huge Marian shrines entrusted to the Redemptorists throughout the world, to see this in reality. So Constitution 32 in particular, invites us to 'be generous in fostering devotion, especially of a liturgical nature, to the Blessed Virgin Mary". It also states that, "All confreres will honour the Blessed Virgin every day" and gives examples of how this may be done.

It seems to me that the challenge is to transition from an over pious devotion to a more contemporary and perhaps liturgical devotion, without losing some of the intimacy on the one hand, and theological reality on the other. I continue to recommend the Province to the care of Our Lady each day.


During the month I have been fortunate in not having too much travel. I was in Cape Town for 5 days for the 100th anniversary of the foundation of our ministry in South Africa, and it was a very blessed time. I have sent a copy of the Centenary Booklet to each community and to the Archives. Personally I felt very much at home, because of our close connection with all the confreres in the Province of South Africa, and also because I have given two clergy retreats in Cape Town as well as preaching missions in both of our parishes.


The gathering was very blessed, with input from Archbishop Tobin (C.Ss.R.)and others in the days leading up to the public celebration. The Mass itself saw Bishop Dowling (C.Ss.R.) celebrating, and the Archbishop and bishops of Cape Town present, together with all the Redemptorists of the South African Province. Fr. Guri was there from Zimbabwe and Fr. Moyo attended with the Novices. Again and again I heard words of gratitude for the hospitality that the confreres from the South African Province experience when they come back to this country - and especially to Clapham.


News from the Houses:

Kinnoull continues to be busy. However the ongoing saga of the Planning Permission remains a great challenge. Some disinformation about our finances was recently circulated, which I had to refute, and the campaigns to stop us obtaining the permission continue. However, I am quietly optimistic about it. We keep on having the Planning hearing deferred, and I will let you know when we have a definite date. Meanwhile Fr. Kieran Brady and Fr. Tom MacCarte continue to give Missions from Kinnoull, and we all help out locally with Supplies.


In Edinburgh, Fr. Joe Doherty has been unwell with an infection but is on the mend. Fr. Kieran Brady managed to cover the parish for that week. We were also fortunate to welcome Fr. George Wadding (from Dublin) to the community in order that Desmond could settle up family matters after the death of his mother, and also have a short break.


The situation in Sunderland remains difficult. As you may know, the Church and Hall are also in the name of the Province, but we shall be handing these over to the diocese of Hexham and Newcastle. Fr. Maurice has visited twice recently, and the EPC continues to try and see what the best long term possibilities are for the parish and for the Province.


The Little Sisters of the Poor are also withdrawing from Sunderland and we have been in conversation with Fr. Brian Russell, who has been acting as their chaplain, about relocation. I have managed to see Fr. Brian, and Fr. Gerry Mulligan has also been own and has had a conversation with him in these past weeks.


The Middlesbrough community is planning their June Novena, and I spoke with Fr. Andy Burns about developments at the Centre when we were in South Africa. Br. Michael Duxbury continues his prison ministry (please remember Michael's mother in your prayers as she is unwell), and Fr. Michael Henesy has introduced new meditation experiences for a group of local people.


Fr. Richard Reid continues the vocations ministry from Bishop Eton. It seems that a large proportion of those showing interest in our Redemptorist life are well above the age limit we have in our Ratio, and the OPC is looking at this and endeavouring to discern what the Lord is saying to us in each situation. Brother Glynn and Fr. James Corrigan continue to be fragile but able to engage with life. The cluster parishes are proving to be a source both of new life and of many apostolic demands for Fr. Tim Buckley and the brethren.


The marketing of Hawkstone continues, with the property liable to be advertised by late June. The courses have seen reasonably good numbers and this trend will continue through the summer until autumn. It continues to be a challenging time for the community and staff members.


Fr. Gabriel Maguire and Fr. Dickinson maintain their service of the busy Abbey Parish. As you know Fr. Dickie (quietly) celebrated his 80th birthday recently and remains active in the parish, although Fr. Gabriel does try to cover more than previously. It is hoped that Fr. David Raju from the Bangalore Province will be able to visit there this summer - but visas are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. One Redemptorist from the Mumbai Region who was going to come to Kinnoull and Edinburgh was refused a visa twice recently. And this is a trend that is increasing.


We are in negotiations with the Home Office to get official registration as a sponsoring body, and Fr. Richard Reid is dealing with the many layers of officialdom that one encounters in such a process.


I was in Clapham overnight last week and I found the community as usual welcoming and in good spirits. (It was the night that Chelsea beat Barcelona and so there were a few divisions of opinion!). Fr. Michael McGreevy is returning to full health. Fr. Jack Clancy continues to be optimistic, despite his heath difficulties. Our students are preparing to preach the Novena with the Prefect Fr. Charles Corrigan in June. Please remember the father of Br. Gerry Carroll who is seriously ill.


The community at Chawton have just seen the return of Fr. Terry Creech from Lourdes. Redemptorist Publications continues to produce good quality material. However, with some staff changes, there will be several new faces in Chawton. The RPTC had been working on job descriptions for the soon-to-be advertised posts, while being mindful of the needs of good IT and media personnel.


Fr. Guri has sent an email from Zimbabwe and I know that many of you will have received it. The Region continues to face many challenges in its ministry and social outreach in the country. Some of the Zimbabweans will of course be here for the second session of the Provincial Chapter which is due to assemble in Hawkstone on 10th June.

The Redemptoristines are about to have their Assembly in Materdomini. This takes place every ten years. None of our Sisters from Liverpool will attend, but I have been asked by Fr. General to work with moderating and facilitation.


Birthday this month: Fr. Denis McBride 7th May.


I wish everyone a spirit-filled life in these days leading up to the Feast of Pentecost. The Novena begins on 18th May.


With best wishes,


In Christ the Redeemer,

Fr. Ronald J. McAinsh, C.Ss.R.

Provincial Superior


Bishop Eton Bees...

Bishop Eton has approximately 200,000 of these beautiful little creatures in the garden - and has had them for decades!


Each hive contains about 50,000 bees and we have four.



Several decades ago one of our brothers was being moved from Bishop Eton to another community, and his main concern was what would happen to his bees? 

The Redemptorist Virtue for the month of May is...



Virtue: Poverty

Patron: St. Thomas

Text: "Blessed are the poor in spirit, theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven." Mt.5:3