" Grant that I may never again seek any pleasure other than that of pleasing You, of visiting You often, of speaking with You... "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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News and Events

News and Events... Updated regularly

Collecting and Praying for Zimbabwe...



This is the smiling face of one of our confreres, Fr James Smale C.Ss.R., who preaches and gives appeals to help our mission in Zimbabwe as part of his ministry.


Fr. Jimmy travels around the country, visiting parishes, telling them about the work of our men in Zimbabwe. He has raised tens of thousands of pounds for the mission in Zimbabwe, and he can assure the people in their parishes that every penny will go directly to Africa.


The internet is a wonderful place for Fr. Jimmy to say a huge "THANK YOU" to all who have given so generously in the past.


It also gives the Redemptorist Province a chance to say another huge "THANK YOU" this time to Fr. Jimmy for his commitment and dedication to this work and the confreres in Zimbabwe.

Vocations - A word from the Pope...




Get in touch with the

Redemptorist Vocations Director!

Message from Fr General C.Ss.R...


Rome, Italy
January 16, 2012


Dear Confreres, Sisters, Associates and friends,

I would like to wish you a blessed New Year filled with the hope, peace and joy which are signs of the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives and ministry!

In the first two weeks of January, we celebrated the feasts of two great Redemptorist missionaries – St. John Neumann and Blessed Peter Donders. Their lives and their example continue to inspire us in our mission to preach the Gospel ever anew. Through their prayerful intercession, they continue to accompany us as we live our missionary vocation today.


Blessed Peter Donders C.Ss.R.... 


On the 14th of January we celebrate his memory. 


The homily below was written by one of our confreres, Fr. Jim Casey C.Ss.R., who offers it to us in the hope that it will help us grow in our appreciation of this holy and saintly confrere.





1809 - 1887


Peter Donders was a loser – all his life he was a loser. He was born in 1809 in the town of Tilburg in Holland, the son of poor weavers, who lived in a one-roomed house with an earthen floor on which sat the family loom. Peter had to leave school at the age of twelve – his parents needed the money. He was a devout boy who wanted to be a priest, but everything was against him: poverty, delicate health and, to tell the truth, he was not that clever. Peter’s was the original impossible dream. As a weaver, he was not a great success. You see, he prayed while he weaved which did nothing at all for the quality of the cloth.

Some news...





The Visitation of the Province is under way by the OPC...



...and a new postulant begins the formation programme in Liverpool...





New Seelos Miracle...

At the weekend the "Catholic Herald" newspaper ran a front-page story telling the remarkable tale of a crippled Redemptorist priest being now able to walk - and all through the intercession of Blessed Francis Seelos C.Ss.R.

Read the incredible story for yourself!


Free gift Redemptorist Publications - South Africa...

Here is something that Redemptorist Pastoral Publications are offering those of you with Kindle from South Africa! Enjoy




To find out more - press here!

January's Virtue and Patron...




To find out more, press here

St John Neumann C.Ss.R...

The 5th of January is St John Neumann's feast day.

Enjoy his feast day!


If you want to learn more about St. John Neumann, click here.


When President Obama visited our Holy Father in 2009, he presented the pope with a stole that was draped upon the body of St. John Neumann from 1988 to 2007.

The picture below show's the President and his wife presenting the stole to Pope Benedict XVI.



Enjoy this great feast!

The New Year of 2012...

The Redemptorists of the London Province

pray that this year

may be

peace and joy filled!


We entrust you to the protection

of Mary,

the Mother of God


the Mother of the Church.



Enjoy the New Year!