" Only one thing remains: to live as a perfect Redemptorist and to persevere in this vocation unto death. "
Blessed Peter Donders C.Ss.R
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News and Events

News and Events... Updated regularly

Province Meeting...


This week a number of Redemptorists are at Hawkstone Hall for the Province Assembly. They have as their speaker, Fr Anthony J. Gittins C.S.Sp., who is talking about the theology and the priorities for "Mission". 

More stories will follow...

Collecting and Praying for Zimbabwe...



This is the smiling face of one of our confreres, Fr James Smale C.Ss.R., who preaches and gives appeals to help our mission in Zimbabwe as part of his ministry.


Fr. Jimmy travels around the country, visiting parishes, telling them about the work of our men in Zimbabwe. He has raised tens of thousands of pounds for the mission in Zimbabwe, and he can assure the people in their parishes that every penny will go directly to Africa.


The internet is a wonderful place for Fr. Jimmy to say a huge "THANK YOU" to all who have given so generously in the past.


It also gives the Redemptorist Province a chance to say another huge "THANK YOU" this time to Fr. Jimmy for his commitment and dedication to this work and the confreres in Zimbabwe.

Vocations - A word from the Pope...




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Redemptorist Vocations Director!

Message from Fr General C.Ss.R...


Rome, Italy
January 16, 2012


Dear Confreres, Sisters, Associates and friends,

I would like to wish you a blessed New Year filled with the hope, peace and joy which are signs of the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives and ministry!

In the first two weeks of January, we celebrated the feasts of two great Redemptorist missionaries – St. John Neumann and Blessed Peter Donders. Their lives and their example continue to inspire us in our mission to preach the Gospel ever anew. Through their prayerful intercession, they continue to accompany us as we live our missionary vocation today.


Blessed Peter Donders C.Ss.R.... 


On the 14th of January we celebrate his memory. 


The homily below was written by one of our confreres, Fr. Jim Casey C.Ss.R., who offers it to us in the hope that it will help us grow in our appreciation of this holy and saintly confrere.





1809 - 1887


Peter Donders was a loser – all his life he was a loser. He was born in 1809 in the town of Tilburg in Holland, the son of poor weavers, who lived in a one-roomed house with an earthen floor on which sat the family loom. Peter had to leave school at the age of twelve – his parents needed the money. He was a devout boy who wanted to be a priest, but everything was against him: poverty, delicate health and, to tell the truth, he was not that clever. Peter’s was the original impossible dream. As a weaver, he was not a great success. You see, he prayed while he weaved which did nothing at all for the quality of the cloth.

Some news...





The Visitation of the Province is under way by the OPC...



...and a new postulant begins the formation programme in Liverpool...





New Seelos Miracle...

At the weekend the "Catholic Herald" newspaper ran a front-page story telling the remarkable tale of a crippled Redemptorist priest being now able to walk - and all through the intercession of Blessed Francis Seelos C.Ss.R.

Read the incredible story for yourself!




1st December, 2011 


Dear Confreres and friends,


These months seem to pass so quickly and already I am sending you good wishes for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, our patronal Feast.


At the beginning of November the OPC met in Wittem, Holland with the Councils of St. Clements and Dublin. We continued our discussion on inter-Unit cooperation, talked about the new initiative in Assumption Parish, Dublin and looked at several issues involving Formation in the short and longer terms.


Two days later I attended a meeting of all the English speaking Provincials in the Congregation. (This week the other Provincials will gather from the Spanish/Italian/Portuguese/French speaking group). All Provincials, Vice Provincials and Regional Superiors attended. It was good to be with Fr. William Guri, the Regional Superior of Zimbabwe, as well as to renew acquaintances with so many confreres from around the world.


The ten days began with a Pilgrimage/Retreat during which we visited our foundation houses….Scala, Ciorani and Pagani. We stayed for the duration of the time in Materdomini.


The members of the General Government gave input on a whole variety of topics around the area of leadership, the pastoral guide and pastoral priorities, followed by the Curial officials – the Secretary General, the Bursar General, the Procurator General, the Postulator General and the Procurator for the fund for Africa. At the end of the course we had added input from the departments of Communications, Alphonsian Academy, Collegio Maggiore and other areas.


In addition to this, we had input on Child Protection from Frs. Michael Kelleher and Mark Millar, and on other areas of Redemptorist community living and its development from myself and Fr. Johannes Roemelt. The feedback from the Provincials was positive in terms of the whole experience – although there was very little free time for informal gatherings. In other words, it was hard work and not a holiday!


Since then, we have had a Finance Committee meeting in Clapham at which property issues, Health and Safety and investments matters were examined in detail. Obviously this is a difficult time for the Province in terms of our small portfolio. For the past week, I have been teaching in Kinnoull. There are 24 on the Course and a there is a very good level of participation.


Some random news from around the Province……………..


Chawton: Fr. Terry Creech is back in Lourdes but will return this month to cook the Christmas dinner! Bro. Anthony soldiers on; while Fr. Denis enjoys the results of the great publicity we have received in publishing the new missal. It has been very well received, and indeed is already in reprint. Congratulations to all at RP for their hard work.


Clapham: I managed to stay in the community for a few days last month, and again received a warm welcome. Fr. Jack Clancy now has some further and significant health issues but is dealing with them well. Fr. Michael McGreevy continues his treatment and remains positive. The students are working hard in connection with their studies at Heythrop. This weekend they will be in Ireland with the Prefect, Fr. Corrigan, for the ordination of Fr. Derek Ryan. I have sent good wishes on behalf of the Province.


Birmingham: I did hear from Fr. Gabby this month, and gather that he and Fr. Dickie continue to deliver a good service to the people of the parish.


Hawkstone: The course has just ended there. The Exit Strategy Group continues to progress this initiative. This coming week Fr. Maurice and Mr Tony Barrance will meet with the appointed solicitors who will handle the transaction.


Liverpool: Brother Glynn has been in hospital recently but is now back in “Christopher Grange”. Bro. William also remains in the care facility, although he has had a visit back to the monastery and remains cheerful. He is due to return to Bishop Eton on 5th December. The parish team continues to work on the newly clustered parishes and the work, although heavy, appears to be fruitful


Middlebrough: Br. Michel Duxbury attended the Conference of Europe meeting as representative of the Brothers of Europe, Fr. Andrew Burns is working with the marriage Encounter Groups and Fr. Mike Henesy, while working in the John Paul Centre, has also produced a catalogue of still life paintings and has a web site for them.


Edinburgh: The Liturgy of Advent is in place and a rolling project involving some interior remodeling of the house and Church, spearheaded by the Parish Fabric Committee, has taken place recently


Kinnoull: This month the revised application for planning permission will be submitted in the name of the Monastery, rather than that of the developers. Those involved in the submission feel quietly hopeful about it. The Course here finishes next week.


Zimbabwe: The General Government has asked Fr. Luis Roballo to visit the three Units of Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe with a view to looking more closely at possibilities in terms of shared theological study. He will visit Holy Trinity College in Harare. The apostolates continue to be challenging and time consuming.


The first session of the Provincial Chapter decided that it would reconvene for a second session in early June, 2012. Given that the first week contains two consecutive

bank holidays for the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen, the OPC have set the dates for 10th June (evening) until 15th June (morning), with the venue being Hawkstone Hall.


I also take this opportunity to inform confreres that the annualSpirituality Course will take place in mid-June in Italy, and that there is a moral theology refresher course in Thailand for confreres also beginning in mid June. If anyone wishes to attend either, please let me know and I can give further details, and then put the request to the Provincial Council.


May I also offer you a reminder that the Province Meeting is scheduled to take place in Hawkstone Hall from the evening of January 22nd until the morning of January 27th. I hope as many confreres as possible will be able to attend this gathering.


Birthdays this month are all celebrated at Bishop Eton: Tony Johnson 16th, Bro. Glynn 18th, Jimmy Smale 23rd.


I am very happy to conclude with some good news. The OPC, after receiving all the necessary reports and documents, and on the recommendation of the Vocations’ Director, Fr. Richard Reid, have accepted Dan Weston to begin his Postulancy at Bishop Eton on 8th January. He wishes to pursue the vocation of a Brother in the Congregation. Please remember Dan in your prayers as he comes to explore his vocation.


Although we are still in the first week of Advent, may I take this opportunity to wish you all – and also our relatives, friends and benefactors – a very happy and blessed Christmas.


In Christ the Redeemer,


Ronald J. McAinsh, C.Ss.R.


Provincial Superior



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