" My Jesus, I will love only You; You are the only one I wish to please. "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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News and Events

News and Events... Updated regularly

Fr Cyril Axelrod C.Ss.R., on the television in Ireland...

Watching this inspirational programme will do your heart good! 

As the world's first 'deaf blind' priest, he is truly an example to us all.

Please note, this programme is without sound -but totally watchable with subtitles and sign language!



If you would like to know more about his life, this book is available on line or a good book shop:


Archbishop Ihor Vozniak, C.Ss.R.

appointed temporary administrator of Greek-Catholic Church


On February 10 it was announced that the Holy Father, in accord with the code of canon law of the Oriental Churches had accepted the resignation of Cardinal Lubomyer Husar of the Archeparchy of Kiev-Halyc, Ukraine, from the office of Major-Archbishop.


An electoral Synod of bishops of the Greek-Catholic Church will be convoked within one month to elect his successor as Major-Archbishop.

Archbishop Ihor Vozniak, C.Ss.R., of the eparchy of Lviv, will be the acting Administrator of the Greek-Catholic Church until the election of Cardinal Husar's successor.

Along with Archbishop Vozniak, there are four other Redemptorist bishops in the Ukraine:

+ Stephan Meniok,

+ Bohdan Ziurakh,

+ Jaroslaw Pryriz

and + Mychajlo Koltun.


A Missioner preaching a Novena...

Fr Kieran Brady C.Ss.R., is now in Belfast preaching the novena in honour of Our Lady of Lourdes, whose feast we celebrate on the 11th February. 

Why not make a triduum of prayer (3 days) before the feast day for someone who is sick and in need of comfort at this time?

novenaourladynovenaour lady

Our Lady of Lourdes pray for us!

Fr William Guri C.Ss.R., writes...

6 February 2011 

Update on Frs Cletus and Joseph 

Dear Confreres,


Greetings from St Anthony of Padua, Coronationville in Johannesburg. This is the home of our two Nigerian confreres . Frs Charles Augustine Uloko C.Ss.R, and Cletus Onwudiwe C.Ss.R started ministry here in October 2009 and look after two parishes St Anthony of Padua in Coronationville, and St Joseph the Worker in Bosmont.


As you have all heard by now, two of our Redemptorist confreres, Fr Cletus from Nigeria and Fr Joseph Musendami from Zimbabwe, were involved in a motor car accident on their way to Merrivale, to attend the Preaching Symposium.


The accident happened on the main Johannesburg to Durban highway the N3, between Germiston and Alberton, just outside Johannesburg. Our confreres were travelling in convoy with Joseph and Cletus in the leading car. According to eyewitnesses, a car travelling in the opposite direction came through the ramp in the middle of the road, at very high speed and rammed into our car. Apparently the lady driving the car had lost control and she died on the spot. We do not know much about her – may God rest her soul.


Fr Cletus sustained a major dislocation and a minor fracture in his right leg. He was admitted into the Garden City Clinic, in Brixton. Fr Joseph sustained internal injuries in the abdomen around the horizontal seat belt area and was admitted into Union Hospital in Natalspruit.


Fr Joseph was operated on the day of admission, 31 January, in the evening. They repaired a section of the small intestines that had been injured and cleaned up the internal bleeding. The operation was successful.

It is snowing again in Scotland!

Kinnoull monastery is beautiful in the snow. 


Now look closer at this picture...

Have you heard of Novena App...?

You can do many things these days with apps - including the nine day novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help adapted for your iPhone! See below...




"The first Apple iPhone app dedicated to Our Mother Of Perpetual Help adapts the time honoured novena to the digital world..."




Prayers can be shared via email and Facebook! Visit iTunes to find out more - all for £0.59



The local press has something to say about Kinnoull...

Our lovely monastery in Kinnoull Perth found itself in the local newspaper today - as it had been last week. People had written in to the "Perthshire Advertiser" last week to complain about the monastery's planning permission application for one of its fields.



The Perthshire Advertiser published three of their letters to the Editor. The headlines are of letters clearly in support of us. We thank the good people for taking the time to write.


See some of the headlines below from this week's correspondence:


The article below lays forth our fears...



Thanks to everyone for their support and their prayers!

3rd February, 2011

  Dear Confreres,


I hope to recommence my monthly letters to you shortly. In the meantime I wish to draw your attention to the fact that the OPC will make a brief visit to each community in the coming week. This will comprise a brief community meeting where appropriate, and a short chat with each confrere.  We intend to conduct a more full visit to each House in early March, and dates will be offered during the visit next week.


Other news: 

  • Brother Malachy is in hospital but in cheerful form. He has lost some power in his arms and legs and the cause of this has not yet been diagnosed.
  • Fr Charlie Corrigan has seen a specialist about the loss of his voice. Thankfully there appears to be no major illness involved. However, Charlie has to have speech therapy to get one of his vocal chords working again.
  • Last week in South Africa, there was a serious car accident in which some of our Zimbabwean confreres were involved. They were in South Africa for a Mission Symposium. Father Joseph Musendami and Fr. Cletus from Nigeria were injured and had to be hospitalised. Fr Joseph has had an operation and appears to be recovering. However, he would be grateful for your ongoing prayers.
  • Fr Martin Gay will be in the Province for some months as part of his sabbatical year. We welcome Martin, and I know everyone will make him very welcome.
  • Birthdays this month: Fr Philip Jones on 4th, Fr Desmond Keegan on 14th and Fr Michael Henesy on 24th.  Congratulations to all.


I hope to see you next week.


In the Redeemer,






Ronald J. McAinsh, C.Ss.R.

Provincial Superior

Some news...




Six participants who joined the Spring Renewal course for an introduction to

St. Matthew’s gospel and the book of Psalms given by

Fr. Ciaran O’Callaghan C.SS.R.

The participants were a religious sister, a lay man, three married women and priest.


Some news about some of our Brothers...

Prayers are asked for....


Br Glynn Blackman C.Ss.R.,  has moved from the community at Bishop Eton, Liverpool, to a nursing home where he will get all the comfort and attention he needs at this time of his life. Brother Glynn is in his 84th year! 

The Bishop Eton community and staff are to be thanked and recognised for all their commitment to Br. Glynn.


Br Malachy Kelly C.Ss.R.,  who normally is busy maintaining and developing the grounds at the monastery in Kinnoull, Perth, is currently not well. Brother Malachy is in his 86th year! 


Fr Joseph Musendami C.Ss.R., one of our young priests recently ordained in Zimbabwe, was involved in a road accident while on a trip to South Africa. Fr Joseph has had surgery and hopes to be back in Zimbabwe very soon.


Your prayers are a great comfort for all who are sick.

Benedict XVI urged consecrated men and women in the Church to be "assiduous listeners of the Word" as he offered Simeon and Anna as examples of lives "dedicated totally to the search for the face of God."

The Pope said this today (2nd February) during evening vespers in St. Peter's Basilica on the occasion of the World Day of Consecrated Life, which is observed on the feast of the Presentation of the Lord. Reflecting on the Gospel passage that recounts the entrance of the Child Jesus into the Temple, the Holy Father noted that only "two elderly people, Simeon and Anna, discovered the great novelty" of Christ's presence.

"Led by the Holy Spirit, they see in that Child the fulfillment of their long expectation and vigilance," the Pontiff said. "Both contemplate the light of God that comes to illumine the world, with their prophetic gaze open to the future, as proclamation of the Messiah: 'Lumen ad revelationem gentium (a light for revelation to the Gentiles)!'"

images"The evangelical icon of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple," he continued, "contains the essential symbol of light; the light that, coming from Christ, shines on Mary and Joseph, on Simeon and Anna and, through them, on everyone."

The Holy Father noted that the Fathers of the Church "linked this radiation to the spiritual journey," and he added that consecrated life "expresses this journey, in a special way as 'philocalia,' love of divine beauty, reflection of the goodness of God."

Benedict XVI said the evangelical icon also "manifests the prophecy, gift of the Holy Spirit." He explained: "Simeon and Anna, contemplating the Child Jesus, perceive his destiny of death and resurrection for the salvation of all peoples and proclaim this mystery as universal salvation. 

"Consecrated life is called to this prophetic witness, linked to its twofold attitude, contemplative and active. Given to consecrated men and women, in fact, is to manifest the primacy of God, passion for the Gospel practiced as a way of life and proclaimed to the poor and to the last of the earth."

"In this way," he added, "consecrated life, in its daily living on the paths of humanity, manifests the Gospel and the Kingdom already present and operative."

Finally, the Holy Father said that the evangelical icon of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple "manifests the wisdom of Simeon and Anna, the wisdom of a life dedicated totally to the search for the face of God, of his signs, of his will; a life dedicated to listening and to proclaiming his Word."

"Dear brothers and sisters," the Pope urged, "be assiduous listeners of the Word, because the wisdom of life is born from the Word of the Lord!"