" Who except God can give you peace? Has the world ever been able to satisfy the heart? "
St. Gerard Majella C.Ss.R
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News and Events

News and Events... Updated regularly

Fr Frank Dickinson CSsR - 60 years a Priest...!

Our hearty congratulations

go to our dear confrere

Fr Frank Dickinson CSsR

who recently celebrated

60 years as a Priest.

1957 - 2017

fr dickinson cssr 60 anni

In his diamond jubilee year - still going strong!


Claire Daly writes about the about the experience of the day...

"Here at the Abbey we had a wonderful mass to celebrate

the Diamond Jubilee of priesthood of Fr Francis Dickinson.

Fr Maurice O'Mahoney preached a lovely sermon on the birth of Our Blessed Lady and Fr Dickinson spoke at the end of mass with his usual wit and humour to a full church and a rapturous applause.

After a an enjoyable meal the community met together in the evening to watch a Betty Davis film which transfixed those present.

Fr Dickinson truly enjoyed his day."


From all of us - Ad multos annos et Vivat in aeternum!

Fr Terry Creech CSsR in Hospital...

A quick message to ask your prayers for Fr Terry Creech CSsR who is in hospital at this time. Fr Terry has friends all over the world, particularly from his time of ministry in Lourdes. If anyone wants to drop him a card the address is;

Fr Terry Creech CSsR

The Victoria Ward,

Royal Hampshire County Hospital

Romsey Rd,

Winchester SO22 5DG


Our Lady of Lourdes - Pray for him and all who are sick at this time!

Fr Provincial's Letter Oct 2017...


1st October, 2018

Dear Confreres and friends,

September has been a very busy month for many of us. I already wrote to you about the Third Phase of the General Chapter which was held here in Kinnoull, and also the Assembly of the Conference of Europe.

To expand further, the Third Phase looked at ways of implementing the decisions of the Canonical Phase of the Chapter in Thailand in order to renew our apostolic life. Topics covered included: the ongoing challenge of possible reconfiguration, prioritising ministry in Albania, networking within the Conference and with other Conferences, and the possibility of organising a meeting of European lay Redemptorist Associates or coworkers. A Commission is to be set up to prepare an Apostolic Plan for the Conference. This plan will be presented to the Conference in November 2018.

Towards the end of the meeting, the General Government announced dates of an Extraordinary Visitation of the Congregation by locations.

I had already also sent you information about the Conference meeting at which names were forwarded for a new Coordinator. We also received reports from several Secretariats and fixed the next Assembly meeting for Bratislava in 2018.

As you will recall from my last letter, we have arranged a Province meeting in January under the guidance of Fr. Jack to Kingsbury, the Coordinator of North America, to discuss restructuring. I remind you that the venue is Kinnoull and the dates are: January 7th (arrival) until January 12th (departure). Pease try and attend this gathering.

I would do it (CSsR) again!...

Fr Bev Ahearn has just celebrated 70 years of Redemptorist Religious Life!

He says, "I would do it again!"

clapham jubilee 3

It is a wonderful life! 

Is the Lord calling you?

70 years of Vows, CSsR Religious Life...

Fr Bev Ahearn CSsR

has reached a tremendous milestone in his life...

he took his religious vows 70 years ago this year!

1947 - 2017

We are all so proud of him and this incredible achievement

- not many people make it this far!

We give thanks to God for you and your vocation!

clapham jubilee

Before mass...

clapham jubilee 2

Fr Bev CSsR with his brother, sister-in-law and 2 of his nephews and nieces.

clapham jubilee 3

Fr Bev CSsR, some of his blood family and some of his religious family - CSsR

clapham jubilee 4

CSsR Jubilees Galore...

Many Jubilees have been celebrated up and down the province these last few weeks!

On the 8th of September

Fr Jim Casey CSsR,

Fr Tony Johnstone CSsR,


Fr Jim McManus CSsR

celebrated their Diamond Jubille of Priesthood.

A truly wonderful day was had by all who celebrated that day.

We give thanks to God for their years of devoted service and ministry!

fr jimcasey cssr


Then on the 17th September another two Golden Jubilees were celebrated for two of our Fathers in Bishop Eton Monastery, Liverpool.

Fr Tony Hunt CSsR and Fr Michael Henesy CSsR

have now reached the 50th mark in their holy priesthood.

We once again give thanks to these two men and the wonderful ministry that they have carried out.

cssr golden boyscssr jubilee 2017

Ad multos annos!

Ven Margaret Sinclair Pilgrimage Day 2017...

Once again the yearly Ven Margaret Sinclair Pilgrimage Day was upon again. Below are some of the pictures and the homily given that day by Fr Richard Reid CSsR. A great day was had by all and we continue to place before her shrine all our many petitions.

cssr pilgrimage 2017cssr pilgrimage tombcssr pilgrimage 2017i


Dear Brothers and Sisters!

I cannot begin to tell you how immensely happy I am to be back in the wonderful St Patrick's in the wonderful city of Edinburgh. I see many faces that I know well in this church however for those of you who do not know me, I had the privilege of serving in this church for 7 years and the honour of living in a Redemptorist Community - where you now have Mgr Phillip Kerr.

Since I left Edinburgh - nine years ago I have travelled to many different places - however that is not for here - but I would like to register my delight to return to this church - because it is St Pat's - but also because it is the home and final resting place of our Venerable Margaret Sinclair. I have know of the Venerable Margaret all of my life - believe it or not - because my granny always had a prayer card of the Venerable Margaret somewhere obvious in her house! So you can now appreciate how strange it was for me to find myself here in church those years ago. And you may well appreciate the great pride (not sinful pride) I was able to take when the hearse left the Mount Vernon cemetery with her coffin inside and I travelled all the way back here, with Ven Margaret's remains by my side.

CSsR Missioners' Meeting Sept 2017...

Fr Kieran Brady CSsR called a Missioners' Meeting in the Monastery of St Mary's, Kinnoull, Perth Scotland. It was a great success and enjoyable by all. Many issues were discussed and plans for the future put in place.

missioners mtg 2017

Fr Charles CSsR - leading us in the liturgy - praying for us all!


The missioning body ranged in age from - 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's!

From these, came a huge amount of missionary experience and love of the Gospel!

kinnoull window 2017

CSsR Discernment Day Sept 2017...

cssr medal2

Fr Charles, Fr Peter, Sr Sheila and Fr Richard were joined by young people the other day to look at the question of discernment and what God has in mind for other peoples life. The event took place in our Monastery in Kinnoull Perth.

Pray for those brave people who earnestly seek God's way!

Third Phase of the CSsR General Chapter...

europe 3rd phase of the g chapter cssr

The Third Phase of the General Chapter for the Conference of Redemptorist of Europe has started in Perth (Scotland) on 4th September 2017 (London Province of CSsR). There are 36 participants. They represent 1399 Redemptorists from 14 Units and from the Interprovincial Community in Albania. There are also two lay people among the participants (from the London and Madrid Provinces).

The Chapter started with the Eucharist presided over by the Superior General. Fr. Michael Brehl said that: “Like the crowd in the synagogue in Nazareth, we sometimes become nervous and uneasy in the face of change. Like Jesus, we need to remember that we are sent with a mission in the power of the Spirit.”

During the working session the Superior General talked about the orientation and the meaning of the Third Phase. He recalled that this Third Phase has specific goals:

Fr General CSsR and Creation...

general creation


In Solidarity for Mission to a Wounded World

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus our Redeemer,

On September 1, 2017, we once again celebrate the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, which was instituted for the Catholic Church by Pope Francis in 2015. I write this brief message to encourage all of us to celebrate this day – and to remember it in our weekend Eucharists (September 2-3).

We remember the concern of the 25th General Chapter which urged all of us to promote and deepen the spirit of Laudato si as an essential part of our Witness to the Redeemer (25th General Chapter, Decision 12). The world, our ‘common home’, is wounded also by human exploitation and abuse of the ecology and environment.

I offer the following reflection from Pope Francis on this World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation:

As Christians, we wish to contribute to resolving the ecological crisis which humanity is presently experiencing. In doing so, we must first rediscover in our own rich spiritual patrimony the deepest motivations for our concern for the care of creation. We need always to keep in mind that, for believers in Jesus Christ, the Word of God who became man for our sake, “the life of the spirit is not dissociated from the body or from nature or from worldly realities, but lived in and with them, in communion with all that surrounds us” (Laudato Si’, 216). The ecological crisis thus summons us to a profound spiritual conversion: Christians are called to “an ecological conversion whereby the effects of their encounter with Jesus Christ become evident in their relationship with the world around them” (ibid., 217). For “living our vocation to be protectors of God’s handiwork is essential to a life of virtue; it is not an optional or a secondary aspect of our Christian experience” (ibid.).

Our CSsR map today...

Today the top ten visitors are coming from the following places!

Lagos was in the number 7 spot last month!

Glad to see some Scots and some Irish appearing! 

1 London

2 Liverpool

3 Sunderland

4 Winsford

5 Plymouth

6 Perth

7 Lagos

8 Birmingham

9 Derry

10 Glasgow

and so the list goes on...

Sr Mary Perpetuo OSsR - 60 years a Nun...

On the Second of September people gathered in the

Redemptoristine Monastery Dublin

to celebrate with the Nuns,

Sr Mary Perpetuo OSsR

Diamond Jubilee

60 years of Religious Life!


The community gathered - their joy is great! Sr M Perpetuo OSsR is in the front row,

third from the left


The singing and the music was real praise for God.


Fr Provincial's Letter Sept '17...



1st September, 2017

Dear Confreres and friends,

This has been a very hectic month for me - having given two large retreats for Religious - as well as having a considerable amount of Province business.

I have just returned from Clapham where we met as an EPC, and also as an OPC. We also had a day long meeting of the Finance Secretariate. In addition, the EPC, as Trustees, attended the AGM of the Ace of Clubs which I chaired. I am happy to report that this initiative goes from strength to strength, and the new Director, Andrew Tyers has settled in well.

We are also on the eve of the Third Phase of the General Chapter. The capitulators from the Conference of Europe will meet in Kinnoull for one week beginning tomorrow, and this will include the Assembly of the Conference of Europe. Obviously this is an important time as we try to discern the mind of the General Chapter, and also see a way forward for the Province. I therefore ask you to keep this meeting in your prayers.

The logistics and organisation of the meeting have been considerable, and this includes collecting over 35 confreres from Edinburgh airport, setting up translation booths, sound equipment and a whole raft of other requirements. As well as the 35 Redemptorists who will be present, the two lay members who attended the First Phase will be with us for some days. They are Nicole Barber from our own Province, and Raphael Junquera from the Province of Madrid.

Fr John Milcz celebrates his 90th birthday today!...

Pictured below as he is - a man at prayer!

john milcz cssr 50 6

Our warmest good wishes and prayers go to our beloved confrere,

Fr John Milzc CSsR

who today celebrates his

90th birthday!

We thank God for his wonderful long life and fruitful ministry!

Ad multos annos!

A Redemptorist CSsR Preacher...

From an advert found in the Scottish Catholic Observor

ven mgt sinclair poster

Venerable Margaret Sinclair - Pray for us!