" Jesus, thank you for everything, for my very beginning and my very end. "
Venerable Maria Celeste Crostarosa OSsR

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News and Events... Updated regularly

Fr Provincial CSsR writes...


1st May, 2016

Dear confreres and friends,


Each year as we enter the month of May, I usually remind us all of the Marian flavour of our vocation. Last year I quoted Pope Francis and in previous years, Saint Alphonsus, Cardinal Newman and others. This year, being a very special year for us, Father General wrote a letter on the role of Mary in our lives and I trust that each community has a copy. He concludes his letter by quoting Constitution 32, and I would like to begin my letter by restating the Constitution:


"Let them take the Blessed Virgin Mary as their model and helper. For she went on her pilgrim way in faith, and embraced with her whole heart the saving will of God. She dedicated herself completely as a handmaid of the Lord to the person of her Son and to his work, and thus served the mystery of redemption. Indeed she still serves it, as the perpetual help of God's people in Christ. Therefore, let them relate to her as a mother with all the love and veneration they owe her as sons.”


When I am teaching a course on the Constitutions I like to highlight the fact that it was Father Bernard Haring who managed to get the words 'perpetual help' inserted into the text.

Feast of St George - Patron Saint of England...

Today the Redemptorists of the London Province

wish you all a very happy and holy feast day of

England's Patron,

St George.

100 4666

St George

Pray for us

CSsR Novenas and Missions in the next few months...

Come along to the Novenas and Missions in the next few months.


Lichfield, Staffs 16 - 22 April

Musselburgh, Lothians 5 - 13 May

  Uddingston, Glasgow 7 - 14 May

Foxrock, Dublin 16th - 24 May

Handsworth, Birmingham, May

Warndon, Worcester 11 -17 June

Reading 17-26 June

St Mary's Clapham, London, 17 - 25 June

Erdington Abbey, Birmingham 19 - 27 June

Bishop Eton & St. Mary's, Liverpool 19 - 27 June



God bless the Mission!


Hear no evil! Speak no evil! See no evil!

Prayer for Vocations to the Priesthood and/or Religious Life...

4th Sunday of Easter is the World Day of Prayer

for Vocations to the Priesthood and/or the Religious Life

cssr consecration year 2014

Pray for Vocations to the Priesthood and/or the Religious Life

cssr consecration 1 2014

Pray for Vocations to the Priesthood and/or the Religious Life

cssr missionary

Pray for Vocations to the Priesthood and/or the Religious Life

St Mary's CSsR Clapham - the new book!...

st marys clapham book cover

For the first time this weekend the new book on St Mary's Clapham will go on sale! To give us our formal title, the book is actually called

St Mary's Clapham

The Church of Our Immaculate Lady of Victories

and its Redemptorist Community

The book was written and researched by one of our dear confreres from the Dublin Province, Fr Brendan McConvery CSsR. We owe him a debt of thanks! He has come up with some facts that even our most scholarly men did not know - eg, the Station of the Cross were given to the Community as a gift from ex King Umberto of Italy!

Icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Succour - all round Ireland...

Congratulations to our

Confreres and their associates of the Dublin Province

who are undertaking a wonderful event in order to mark

the 150th Anniversary of Blessed Pope Pius IX giving the Redemptorists

the Icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Succour.

The Icon is visiting all the Cathedrals of Ireland over the next 6 weeks.

Follow this Icon, by clicking here!

perpetsucc ireland

If you are on Facebook, follow them also at Redemptorist Communications

The Life of a CSsR Saint - in Cartoon!...

Here is the fourth and final part in the life of our beloved

St Dr Alphonsus Maria de'Liguori CSsR

alfonsocartoonpart4 copy

Click here for Part 4

European CSsR preparation for Worldwide General Chapter...

europe cssr

The General Chapter has already begun!  This was the message of Fr General when the Capitulars from the Units in Europe gathered in Torun, Poland for the First Phase of the 25th General Chapter, on Tuesday 5th April.

The last General Chapter agreed to celebrate the next one in three phases, the first and last in the various conferences, and the canonical phase.

37 confreres and two lay representatives, will be spending the next 10 days reflecting on the life and work of the congregation, with a particular emphasis on Europe.

Our work will be collated with that of the four other conferences, and be presented to the Canonical phase in Thailand in October 2016.


Two confreres and a lay person are representing the Province at this stage of the General Chapter:

Fr Provincial, Ronald McAinsh CSsR, Fr Andrew Burns CSsR and Mrs Nicole Barber. 

Fr Dominic O'Toole CSsR is also there as a notary.

Please continue to pray for the work of the General Chapter.


Divine Mercy Sunday 3rd April 2016

Dear confreres and friends,


"The Church is not in this world to condemn, but to make possible an encounter with the visceral love that is God's mercy. For this to occur we must go out. Go out from the churches and the parishes, out to the people where they suffer, where they hope".


These words of Pope Francis sum up for me the vision and the ministry of Saint Alphonsus. Our founder used to say that there are several Congregations doing the same work we do, especially the work of preaching popular missions. However he said that what characterises us, is that we seek out above all, the most abandoned and sinners, and offer them in a personal way the mercy of God. In this Year of Mercy, we are attempting this in a special way. It is what our life is all about.


As I was reflecting on these words of Pope Francis, I recalled that just before Easter I was attending the Novitiate Board in Toronto and had the opportunity to meet with our two novices. One of them said to me, "Father what is your vision of the work of the Province?" My response was, "Perhaps you could tell me how you see the Province and its future". His reply was almost a complete summary - albeit unknown to him - of the Province Pastoral Plan.

Fr Jan CSsR's early life...

Fr Jan is a Polish Redemptorist who belongs to the London Province.

Some years ago as he was preparing to say mass he announced to the priests with him that,

"70 years ago today the Nazis took me from Poland".

Imagine the shock the priests felt on hearing this terrible piece of news.

Now he has finally told his story and it was published this Lent in

Redemptorist Publications "Lent Extra".


Br Royston Price (one of our Novices) and Fr Jan Milcz CSsR

cssr eldest and youngest

Fr Jan CSsR - His Story

Easter Sunday 2016...

Christus Resurrexit! Vere Resurrexit!

Χριστὸς ἀνέστη! Ἀληθῶς ἀνέστη!

The Lord is truly risen!

alleluia charlespearce calligrapher


The Redemptorists

of the

London Province 

wish their:

confreres around the world

sisters, those cloistered and apostolic,





those whom they have had the privilege to minister to

and all those people who follow us on line


A Happy, Holy and Peace filled



Enoy this day

and pray for us

as we do for you each

and every day!


alleluia charlespearce calligrapher


Fr General writes about "Blessed" M Celeste Crostarosa OSsR...

fr. general crostarosaa

Fr General writes to all of us, talking about our

"Blessed" Maria Celeste Crostarosa OSsR

For the letter click here

ossr images


St Alphonsus CSsR - A life in Cartoon Part 3...

alfonsocartoonpart3 a photo page 8

St Alphonsus CSsR - Click here to see more and enjoy!

Feast of Saint Clement Hofbauer CSsR - Our Second Founder...

March 15th 2016

san clemente cssr

clement hofbauer cssr

A truly great, holy and determined man!

St Clement Mary Hofbauer CSsR

Pray for us!

To read more about his life, click here.


Looking for a modern Redemptorist CSsR...

trendy cssr

Goodbye Middlesbrough and God Bless...

john paul centre cssr 8

The Redemptorists after being in the John-Paul Centre and part of the John-Paul Centre for 21 years took their sad leave the other day when Bishop Terence Drainey came to celebrate a mass of Thanksgiving with the wider community. The Bishop expressed his gratitude to the Redemptorists for all they had done over the many years there and he also thanked them for what they were leaving behind. The present community, Fr Michael Henesy CSsR and Br Michael Duxbury CSsR worked deligently behind the scenes to ensure many good things were in place and would continue - for this we also thank Fr and Br Michael.

john paul centre cssr

john paul centre cssr1

(Fr Michael Henesy CSsR at the lecturn)

 While it was certainly a sad occasion, there was joy and laughter as stories were shared and memories again brought back to life. However an event in the day certainly added sparkle to some sadness.


The event was the Presentation of the BENE MERENTI to Doreen Orton.

john paul centre cssr2

(Bishop Terence Drainey and Doreen Orton BM)