" A badly written sermon has no more chance of piercing the heart than a rusty and crooked nail has of entering a wall! "
Ven. Fr Passerat C.Ss.R
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News and Events

News and Events... Updated regularly

Fr Guri C.Ss.R., writes to us all from Zimbabwe...


Regional Letter                          February 2011



St Gerard’s House

25 February 2011


Dear Confreres,


Last week we had the visitation of the Region by our Provincial Superior, Fr Ronald McAinsh. This was a very important visit that came at the end of the final triennium and at the beginning of the first quadrennium. You will recall that at the last General Chapter the quadrennium was introduced to replace the triennium. This means that all terms of office, except that of the Superior General, will now run for four years. The assumption of office in the entire congregation has been synchronized to begin at the same time in the first quadrennium and afterwards. Previously the units of the congregation began the triennium at various times in the year.


Gift Aid bonus ends April.

Charities get to claim back the UK tax paid on money donated, so if a basic taxpayer gives £1 the charity gets £1.28.

The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted they're reclaiming 3p per £1 donated more than the tax, as in 2008 when income tax was cut the govt. said charities could keep the higher amount until 5 April 2011.

So if you're planning to donate do it asap, and they get more.

(from Martin's money tips )

Our Doctoral Student at Durham University...

Fr Ed Hone C.Ss.R., is more than half way through his doctoral studies at Durham University.

He spoke to us the other day and gave us some insight into his course...



"I am currently studying at Durham for the DThM (Doctorate in Theology and Ministry), and involved in various aspects of college life. St John's College is home to Cranmer Hall and the Wesley Study Centre, which prepare men and women for ministry in the Anglican and Methodist traditions.
Over the years, the college has worked closely with Ushaw seminary on various pastoral modules.
This year, I have been appointed to the Examination Board, to assist in assessing the 35 undergraduate students on their mission course. The course involves, amongst other things, the students being formed into teams which have to envision, plan and deliver a mission weekend in partnership with a local Church of England or Methodist congregation.
The mission weekend experiences are then written up in essays which reflect pastorally and theologically on what took place.
This feels very much like Redemptorist mission territory!
My involvement at Ushaw teaching on the Preaching and Presentation module and giving input on other pastoral and theological issues will sadly come to an end with the closure of the college this year.
My head isn't entirely in the academic clouds!
I am continuing to give:
workshops and retreats with Dr Roísín Coll,
am giving an eight day retreat to Daughters of Charity,
will be with the Carmelite Sisters in Falkirk for the Easter Triduum,
and continue writing for publication.
Keep up the good work with the web site!"
Fr. Ed Hone C.Ss.R.



Durham Cathedral in the snow!

Please pray for...

This letter went around all the communities in the Province this morning...


Fr Gerry Mulligan is the Rector of Kinnoull Monastery and the Vicar Provincial Superior of the Province.

He asks for prayers for Br Malachy, a saintly brother of ours!  



fr general


The State of the Conferences...

Editor's note: It has been one year since the General Council

was seated and began to implement the decisions of the

XXIV General Chapter.

SCALA sat down with Father General recently

to receive an update on the progress being made

in one of the major decisions of the General Chapter

– the forming of the 5 Conferences of the Congregation:


SCALA: Father General, could you update us on the progress of each of the 5 new Conferences? What are their achievements? What are their continuing challenges?

FATHER GENERAL: I have been at all the first assemblies of the Conferences that have been held so far. I will also be attending the first assembly of the Conference of Latin America and the Caribbean, which has not held theirs yet, because they have been engaged in a great deal of preparatory work.

26 years of World Youth Days!




Fr Cyril Axelrod C.Ss.R., on the television in Ireland...

Watching this inspirational programme will do your heart good! 

As the world's first 'deaf blind' priest, he is truly an example to us all.

Please note, this programme is without sound -but totally watchable with subtitles and sign language!



If you would like to know more about his life, this book is available on line or a good book shop:


Archbishop Ihor Vozniak, C.Ss.R.

appointed temporary administrator of Greek-Catholic Church


On February 10 it was announced that the Holy Father, in accord with the code of canon law of the Oriental Churches had accepted the resignation of Cardinal Lubomyer Husar of the Archeparchy of Kiev-Halyc, Ukraine, from the office of Major-Archbishop.


An electoral Synod of bishops of the Greek-Catholic Church will be convoked within one month to elect his successor as Major-Archbishop.

Archbishop Ihor Vozniak, C.Ss.R., of the eparchy of Lviv, will be the acting Administrator of the Greek-Catholic Church until the election of Cardinal Husar's successor.

Along with Archbishop Vozniak, there are four other Redemptorist bishops in the Ukraine:

+ Stephan Meniok,

+ Bohdan Ziurakh,

+ Jaroslaw Pryriz

and + Mychajlo Koltun.


A Missioner preaching a Novena...

Fr Kieran Brady C.Ss.R., is now in Belfast preaching the novena in honour of Our Lady of Lourdes, whose feast we celebrate on the 11th February. 

Why not make a triduum of prayer (3 days) before the feast day for someone who is sick and in need of comfort at this time?

novenaourladynovenaour lady

Our Lady of Lourdes pray for us!

Fr William Guri C.Ss.R., writes...

6 February 2011 

Update on Frs Cletus and Joseph 

Dear Confreres,


Greetings from St Anthony of Padua, Coronationville in Johannesburg. This is the home of our two Nigerian confreres . Frs Charles Augustine Uloko C.Ss.R, and Cletus Onwudiwe C.Ss.R started ministry here in October 2009 and look after two parishes St Anthony of Padua in Coronationville, and St Joseph the Worker in Bosmont.


As you have all heard by now, two of our Redemptorist confreres, Fr Cletus from Nigeria and Fr Joseph Musendami from Zimbabwe, were involved in a motor car accident on their way to Merrivale, to attend the Preaching Symposium.


The accident happened on the main Johannesburg to Durban highway the N3, between Germiston and Alberton, just outside Johannesburg. Our confreres were travelling in convoy with Joseph and Cletus in the leading car. According to eyewitnesses, a car travelling in the opposite direction came through the ramp in the middle of the road, at very high speed and rammed into our car. Apparently the lady driving the car had lost control and she died on the spot. We do not know much about her – may God rest her soul.


Fr Cletus sustained a major dislocation and a minor fracture in his right leg. He was admitted into the Garden City Clinic, in Brixton. Fr Joseph sustained internal injuries in the abdomen around the horizontal seat belt area and was admitted into Union Hospital in Natalspruit.


Fr Joseph was operated on the day of admission, 31 January, in the evening. They repaired a section of the small intestines that had been injured and cleaned up the internal bleeding. The operation was successful.