" Not by chance, nor in vain, do the servants of Mary call her mother "
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News and Events

News and Events... Updated regularly


Brother Elias Gweme and Brother Mark Chandavengerwa CSsR

Early in the year 2008 the Redemptorist community in Zimbabwe had the great joy of recieving the Final Vows of Brother Elias Gweme CSsR. The confreres also welcomed His Grace Archbishop Robert Ndlovu, and the Provincial of the London Province, Fr. Ronnie McAinsh CSsR, to officiate at Elias' Diaconate Ordination.phoca_thumb_l_100_5349

The Redemptorists are blessed with many young men, like Elias, who are willing to give their lives to the service of the Gospel. In October 2008 Fr. Elias Gweme CSsR was ordained to the Priesthood, while Br. Mark Chadavengerwa CSsR was ordained to the Diaconate., a ministry of service.

phoca_thumb_l_100_5347Could you give your life for plentiful Redemption?

If so Contact;

Fr. Vocations Director, Alphonsus House, P.O. Box 30, Tafara, Harare

Tel; 00 263 (4) 491544

Have you ever known you were truly at home? You are invited to share the beginnings of a vocation story by Fr. Elias Gweme CSsR


Chapter News...

A few photos of some of the days activities!

Holy Mass


Fr Ronald McAinsh and Deacon, Br Victor Bushu



Fr Tryvis Moyo


Deacon, Br Victor Bushu


Fr Ronald McAinsh




The rest of the Chapter!




Fr Raymond Mupandasekwa, Fr Denis McBride and Br Michael Duxbury


Br Benjamin Posvo and Fr Tryvis Moyo


Sr Raymunda, Ms Marie Hogg and Fr Timothy Buckley


The brethren all chatting away!



5th January

Feast Day of

St John Neumann C.Ss.R.

neumann jubilee_web bannerneumann landing quote


March 28, 1811
St. John Neumann born in Prachatice, Bohemia (modern day Czech Republic)

June 1836
Ordained a priest by the bishop of New York

June 1842
Takes vows as a Redemptorist

Redemptorist vice-provincial in the U.S.

Pastor, St. Alphonsus Church Baltimore

Named fourth bishop of Philadelphia

January 5, 1860
Neumann dies at age 49

October 13, 1963
Declared Blessed

June 19, 1977
Neumann declared a saint by Pope Paul VI


Please pray for the 2011 Chapter...

The Chapter was formally opened last night (2nd Jan).






The confreres worked hard today, listening to various reports on the state of the province.

An election will be held tomorrow for the office of the Provincial Superior. 

Your prayers are asked at this time.

The Virtue for the Month of January is Faith!

On the banner above you'll find "Preaching and Prayer"

- click on this and "Virtues" will appear

- click on that and find out more about Faith!



Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

January 1st 2011


The Redemptorists wish all their friends

every grace and blessing

for this coming

New Year!

The Redemptorists of the London Province

wish you and your loved ones

a peace filled,

joy full,

and blessed Christmas Day!


Our Prayers are being offered for you

over this Christmas-time. 


Materdomini, in southern Italy, was the birthplace of St. Gerard Majella our patron.

The Redemptorists have a basilica there dedicated to St. Gerard and his shrine is a popular place for pilgrimage.

30 years ago in November, Materdomini was struck by an earthquake.

Ninety interminable seconds.

It was Sunday, November 23, 1980.

At 19:34 a quake of magnitude 6.9 on the Richter scale devastated southern central Italy.

An earthquake of biblical proportions: 2,914 victims, 9,000 injured, 280,000 displaced persons.




The photos tell the story of the destruction of the old Basilica of St. Gerard at Materdomini.



Two days after the disaster, Pope John Paul II came to, Balvano (Potenza).

In this small area, the collapse of the church led to the deaths of 66 people, mostly children.

Time cannot erase the hurt of those who lost their children and loved ones.

But as Benedict XVI said to the survivors of the L'Aquila quake in 2009,

"we must commit to live again, tapping into what the earthquake cannot destroy: Love."

The church, monastery and St. Gerard’s shrine have been completely restored .

st gerard family league image

The St. Gerard Family League is an association of Christians united in prayer for their own and other families, to preserve Christian values in their home and family life. It is an extension of the Redemptorist family and its apostolate.

St. Gerard Majella born in Muro, Italy in 1726 was a Redemptorist brother.

During his lifetime and after his death in 1755, God was pleased to work miracles through his intercession. St. Gerard is the patron of mothers and young children and has become well known as a constant help and inspiration to parents.

Membership of the League is open to all and a monthly Mass is offered for all members and their intentions.

If you wish to obtain further information or membership please click here to contact us.

Christmas Greeting from...

Our men at the Abbey, Birmingham, Frs Dickenson and Maguire C.Ss.R.,

send their best wishes and prayers to all!

In this photo they are joined by the Archbishop of Birmingham, Most Rev Bernard Longley.



Our novice brothers send their festive wishes from further afield, Canada!