" Only one thing remains: to live as a perfect Redemptorist and to persevere in this vocation unto death. "
Blessed Peter Donders C.Ss.R
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News and Events

News and Events... Updated regularly

Sr M Patrick OSsR - RIP...

sr m patrick ossr rip

Of your charity please pray for the happy repose of our dear

Sr M Patrick OSsR - RIP

a Redemptoristine Nun

when went home this morning to 

Our Most Holy Redeemer.

Originally Sr Patrick, Irish by birth,

was a member of the Chudleigh/Gillmoss OSsR Monastery

she died peacefully as a member of the

Dublin Monastery of St Alphonsus.

Message from Superior General - Holy Redeemer...



Superior Generalis

Nairobi, Kenya, July 13, 2018



In Solidarity for Mission to the Wounded World

Dear Confreres, Sisters, Associates and Friends of the Redemptorists:

On Sunday, July 15th, we celebrate once again the Solemnity of the Most Holy Redeemer. This feast has a very particular significance for the Redemptorist Family: we are privileged to bear his name. God sends us ‘as helpers, companions and ministers of Jesus Christ in the great work of redemption’ (Const. 2). We remember that ‘at the heart of the community, to form it and sustain it, is the Redeemer himself and his Spirit of love’ (Const. 23).

This year, each (V) Province, Region and Mission is beginning the process of prayerfully discerning the leadership we need as we continue the process of Restructuring and Apostolic Planning mandated by the 25th General Chapter. This weekend, every Redemptorist community around the world will spend some time in prayerful discernment. It is this Spirit of love, the Spirit of the Redeemer, whom we ask to help us and guide us.

I especially invite all of our Redemptorist Sisters, Associates, and friends to join us this weekend in communion of prayer that we might listen attentively to the voice of God in this period of discernment. May Jesus, our Redeemer, who calls us his friends and witnesses, accompany us every day and strengthen our missionary availability to preach the Gospel ever anew.

May you all experience a joyful, blessed and prayerful Solemnity of the Most Holy Redeemer! May his Mother, our Mother of Perpetual Help join us in prayer as she gathered the disciples. May she accompany us as we continue to follow her Son, our Redeemer.

Your brother in Christ our Redeemer,

Michael Brehl, C.Ss.R.

Superior General

Homily preached at Fr John Milcz's funeral...




“As a man lives, so shall he die” is a phrase that will resonate with all Redemptorists of a certain vintage: the vintage mainly represented on the sanctuary today. These were the words at the beginning of one of those classic mission sermons that, as students, we were expected to learn by heart and use to hone our skills as preachers. No doubt Fr Jan himself, as a young man, proclaimed them to the assembled brethren at one of those mission academies in Hawkstone back in the 1960s. Of course, these sermons were all designed to stir the so-called lapsed and wayward to mend their ways, but today I would like you to reflect that those words – as a man lives so shall he die – can very aptly be applied in the best possible way to this good and holy man. Jan died a very peaceful death in the Marie Curie Hospice on Tuesday evening last week. When I saw him for the last time on the Sunday morning before I left for Hampshire there was a wonderful serenity about him. In the final weeks of his life, I have rarely met anyone who so continually expressed his gratitude for any little kindness. This natural courtesy was much appreciated by the staff at Marie Curie as well as the carers and nurses who tended to him in the monastery and the staff at Christopher Grange, where he spent a short time a few weeks ago. To them all and to our own wonderful resident team, we, as a Redemptorist family are immensely grateful, as we are to his family and his many friends in this congregation today: he treasured your love and support.

By what seems to me an act of divine providence, a couple of years ago Jan and others among our older confrères had to stay in Hawkstone Hall while the lift was being repaired in Bishop Eton. During that time as the result of a chance conversation with the wonderful Sr Jackie Smith we have a unique record of Jan’s early life. She was so fascinated by what he told her that she spent hours with him during those days and the result of their conversations was published in the Lent Extra of 2016. Redemptorist Publications have kindly furnished us with the text so that copies have been made available at the back of the church today. If we have not produced enough, just put in your order and we will duly respond. As many of you know, not long afterwards, Sr Jackie herself was suddenly struck down with a serious cancer and died. Please God, she and Jan are now reunited in that home where Jesus promised he was going ahead to prepare places for us all.

A long great life....



Fr Jan Milcz C.Ss.R. – a story of goodness and mercy  – a shortened version

Fr Jan, an elderly Polish Redemptorist, showed Sr Jackie Smith S.P. that great suffering can also reveal great goodness.

When did you leave Poland?” I asked the gentle, elderly priest with a slight Polish accent. He looked up and replied, “During the war, when I was fourteen, in a goods truck.” It was a startling revelation: one of those significant moments when time stands still. Thus began a series of conversations at Hawkstone Hall with Fr Jan, now aged 88, during which he related the story of his early life.

“I was born in the small village of Podchybie, about 20 km from Krakow in Southern Poland.  My parents, Jan and Hermenegilda, were basket makers. They had their own small business, but as you can imagine, life was hard. I never heard my parents complain and we were happy and content with the little we had.

Short Biography of Fr Jan John Milcz CSsR - RIP...

john milcz cssr 50 1


29.8.1927 - 3.7.2018

Father John Milcz was born in Podchybie, Poland. He attended primary school from 1933-1940 after which he attended grammar school but because of the 1939-1945 war his education was interrupted until 1956  when he attended Campion House Osterley in London, the late-vocations house run by the Jesuits.

On the 6 of September 1958 he entered the Redemptorist novitiate in St.Mary's Kinnoul Perth where he made his first profession on 6.9.1959. From Perth he went to the house of studies at Hawkstone in Shropshire where on 6.9.1962 he made his final profession. He was ordained at Hawkstone on the first ofJuly 1966.

From July 1966 his apostolic career was appointments to:

July 1966 to Bishop Eton, Liverpool; February 1967 to Erdington, Birmingham; August 1967 Capetown, South Africa; July 1975 Salisbury in the then Rhodesia; March 1980 Bishop Eton, Liverpool; February 1981 Clapham; May 1987 Bishop Eton; May 1993 Sunderland; 1999 Sunderland; 2011 Bishop Eton.

Latterly he had not been in good health. He died in Bishop Eton on 3rd of July 2018. He is to be buried from Bishop Eton on July II 2018.



Fr. Kevin Callaghan's Diamond Jubilee

IMG 5607

On the 6th July 1958, Fr Kevin Callaghan C.Ss.R was ordained to the priesthood. Today the 7th July 2018 he marked his Diamond Jubilee of Priesthood with a Mass which was attended by many of his friends, relatives, confreres and parishioners from far and near.

Fr John Jan Milcz CSsR - Gone to the Father...

john milcz cssr 50 6

Our prayers are asked for 

the repose of the soul of dear 

Fr John Jan Milcz CSsR - RIP

who went home to the Father last night.

Please pray for him and offer mass for his departed soul into Heaven 

More news as it is available.

Fr Provincial's Letter June 2018...



29th June 2018,

Dear Confreres and friends,

All good wishes on this feast of Saints Peter and Paul. I know it is the ordination anniversary of quite a few of the brethren. Also best wishes for tomorrow for the feast of Blessed Januarius Sarnelli; and of course yesterday we celebrated the Ukrainian Martyrs. So there is a plethora of celebrations.


I understand that the Novenas and Triduums in Clapham, Liverpool and Birmingham were all well attended. Many thanks to Fr. Tim Buckley who single-handedly preached the Novena in Clapham, to Fr. Charlie and Bros. Mike and Royston who preached in Liverpool, and to Fr. Peter for his work in Birmingham.

Mother of Perpetual Succour...

This image is the Icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, which was shot at by a Ukrainian soldier, when our Ukrainian marytrs were being persecuted.

The bullet entered the icon between Jesus and Mary.

olps shot


Happy Feast Day to all our

confreres, sisters, families, friends and benefactors.

Mother of Perpetual Succour, pray for us all.

ADOREMUS Extra - cherishing the Eucharist...

"With 45 short articles on Eucharist, pilgrimage, pilgrims, reconciliation, pastoral engagement and mission, as well as plenty of material for children and young people, plus six weeks of reflective prayer material, and a Holy Hour, the Editors have done a remarkable service to the whole Catholic population of the Dioceses of England and Wales (and beyond!)." 

Fr Denis Blackledge SJ


adoremus extra available now

Contact Redemptorist Publications

All our CSsR Saints and Blesseds in the Greek Catholic Style...

Look at this icon of all our Redemptorist

Saints and Blesseds

in the Greek Catholic style.

We look forward to getting one for our monastery!

saints cssr ukrainian style

Thanks to Fr Metod Lukacik CSsR

Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Succour 2018...

As promised, here is another of our posters for Novenas in the province.

BishopEton 9 Days

Four Ukrainian Martyrs CSsR...

Learn about our four Ukrainian Martyrs who died in modern times.

Their feast is on the 28th of June.


Our Redemptorist Martyrs from Ukraine, Pray for us.

Cardinal Tobin CSsR speaks about Religous Life...

An amazing talk...


Upcoming Parish Mission in Hornchurch


Summer Mission in Essex - Led by Carolyn Barber & Fr Kieran Brady CSsR Come and See




Please click on the image to download the parish mission flyer with details of the mission itself.


multi onseethroughFrTimCSsRIn the run-up to Adoremus 2018, the Maryton Carmelite convent in Liverpool is running a series of talks. on the 27th May Fr Tim Buckley C.Ss.R was honoured to speak on the Eucharist and St Alphonsus. So that you may get a flavour of his talk the majority is reproduced below

Last weekend at the Royal Wedding in Windsor we had a remarkable demonstration of the power of the preached Word of God. I cannot remember a Christian sermon receiving such universal acclaim across the religious, political and social spectrums. And for me, what was most striking was the simplicity of the message, going to the heart of the Gospel of love. Bishop Michael Curry had been flown in especially for the occasion and some suggested that he stole the show and was the ‘man of the match’.