" That chosen 'Ark' of salvation, free from the common shipwreck of sin. "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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News and Events

News and Events... Updated regularly

Christmas Midnight Mass Clapham CSsR Church 2019...

A selection of photos...

whatsapp image 2019 12 29 at 11.28.58whatsapp image 2019 12 29 at 11.28.51

Br Thomas CSsR RIP Funeral Procession...

Vivat in aeternum Br Thomas CSsR!

Br Thomas Lavery CSsR RIP Funeral Homily...


Vivat in aeternum Br Thomas.

Br Thomas Lavery CSsR RIP...

Born Henry Lavery 31st July 1934

Professed a Redemptorist Brothers 26th April 1964

Died 19th December 2019

Requiem Mass in St Mary's Redemptorist Church Clapham London SW4 7AP

23rd December 2019


whatsapp image 2019 12 21 at 23.01.55

Br Thomas' remains came back to spend one more night "at home" in the monastery...

whatsapp image 2019 12 22 at 23.10.573

The CSsR confreres carried him into the Church...

whatsapp image 2019 12 22 at 23.10.572

whatsapp image 2019 12 22 at 23.10.574

He was carried into the side altar of St Gerard Majella, Patron of the Brothers...

The mystery of Christ and our Mother of Perpetual Help...

The intensity, breadth and variety of practices of devotion to Mary, the Mother of Perpetual Help, demands that we pay attention to the deep experience of faith and receive it on its own terms.  Faith comes to us carrying the full weight and depth of the whole Christian mystery as it draws on the dynamics of that great event— “in Christ, God was reconciling the world to himself” (2 Cor 5:19).

The Integral Mystery

At every point, faith is a matter of letting in the light and atmosphere of a new creation through the windows that open in the light and darkness of our world.  Just as the risen Jesus entered the locked rooms to the surprise of his fearful disciples, he has not stopped coming; nor, for that matter, has he ceased to give us Mary as our mother. The light of Christ, the fresh air of his Spirit, and the maternal presence of Mary permeate the experience of the Catholic faith.  John’s Gospel concludes with a healthy reminder, that the works of the crucified and risen Jesus cannot be contained within the linear print of any book –or of all the books of the world (Jn 21:25).  By implication, all the gifts of God elude our comprehension, including the work of the Spirit and the maternal presence of Mary.

On the other hand, the mysteries of God’s grace inspire ever-fresh attempts to come to some kind of fresh comprehension of what most nourishes the life of faith and health of the Church.  It is not a matter of adding one consideration to another, in an ever-increasing list of topics, or—for that matter—to invoke Mary with an endless list of titles and to visit places associated with her apparitions, recent or in times past. The concentrated point of faith in Jesus, crucified, risen and ascended, sheds unfailing light on Mary’s role, in the Church and beyond it, just at it leads to a deeper understanding of who she is, what she does and her manner of bringing home to believers of every age the Gospel of grace.

Mary Assumed 

Consider for instance the Catholic dogma of the Assumption of Our Lady, solemnly defined in 1950.  In this dogmatic definition, the conviction of faith hurried beyond its powers of expression.  If Mary is declared to be assumed, body and soul, into heaven, then the corporate, historical authority of the Catholic Church is thereby engaged.  It is committed to a view of corporeality, physicality and interpersonal communication in ways that are largely beyond our powers of expression.

The worst thing we can do is to let this Marian doctrine become isolated.  For that reason, it is worth noting that in the development of Catholic tradition, the ascension of Jesus and the Assumption go together.  In the mystery of salvation, the Ascension of Jesus[i] is connected to the Assumption of Mary as cause to effect. Likewise, the Assumption, as an effect of Ascension of Christ, has a deep ecclesiological and cosmic significance.  It tells us something about the future or the Church and even implies a present transformation of the cosmos.

Let us remember the real meaning of Christmas...

As a child sees it...


Christmas Blessings for 2019...

st. joseph


The Redemptorists of the London Province would like to wish their...

- CSsR Confreres
- OSsR Nuns
- MSsR Sisters
- Lay Associates
- Family and Friends
- Parishioners 
- All Redemptorist organisations 
- Benefactors
- Dear Friends on Social media

A Happy, Holy, Relaxing, and Peace-filled feast of CHRISTmas.
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Novena for Christmas Day 9

Written by St Alphonsus Liguori CSsR Founder, Bishop and Doctor of the Church


Meditation Nine



The birth of the Infant Jesus in the cave of Bethlehem.




Christmas message from Fr General 2019

Novena for Christmas - Day 8

 Written by St Alphonsus Liguori CSsR Founder, Bishop and Doctor of the Church

Meditation Eight



The sojourn of the Infant Jesus in Egypt and Nazareth.