" He who desires to obey the divine call must firmly resolve to follow it, and that as soon as possible. "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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News and Events

News and Events... Updated regularly

Fr Michael gives us a thought 10th May 2020...


Fr Richard CSsR celebrating Mass - Sat 9th May 2020...

Br Royston CSsR give a thought 9th May 2020...



A prayer from Erdington Abbey

Thank you to the Abbey School in our Redemptorist parish (at Erdington Abbey) for your wonderful and thoughtful prayer service, especially for the children’s prayers and for highlighting V E day.

We also remember all our Redemptorist parishes and schools at this difficult time. Pope Francis asks that May 14 be a special day of prayer, let’s unite as a community on that day.


Fr Casper CSsR celebrating Mass 8th May 2020 CSsR Clapham London


Fr Peter CSsR giving a thought 8th May 2020...

Pope Francis decrees two new CSsR Venerables in the Church...

Through God's grace, Pope Francis accepted the report on the heroicity of virtue by the Congregation for Saints Causes yesterday. Subsequently, he decreed two new venerables in the Church, including this father and daughter. Here is a brief biography of each:

New Venerable Fr CSsR.jpg

Redemptorist Missionary Francisco Barrecheguren Montagut was born in Lérida on August 21, 1881, into a wealthy family. Baptized ten days later in the cathedral parish, at just eleven months, his father died. After the death of his sisters, Carmen (1876) and Manolita (1883), and his mother (1885), and having no other family in Catalonia, he went to live in Granada with his paternal uncles, from whom they supplied his cultural and spiritual training. Francisco finished high school in 1897 at the Jesuit College in El Paso (Málaga), and he then began university courses. Having to leave Granada to continue university, he preferred, on the counsel of relatives, to abandon his studies and to commit to the fabric factory of his uncle Victoriano Montealegre, who was also his guardian. In the company he served as administrator.

On October 2, 1904, in the parish church of St. Mary Magdalene in Granada, Francisco married Concha García Bald. On November 27th of the following year, her only daughter, Maria Concepción, familiarly named "Conchita," was born. From this time on, Francisco's constant concern was Conchita's human and Christian formation, so he spared no sacrifices and energy. He was in fact the one who took care of school teaching and prepared her for the sacraments of confession, communion and confirmation. The same attentive and prompt love, Francisco also expressed it towards his wife, particularly after Conchita's death on May 13, 1927, when Concha manifested a decline in mental health.

Celebration of Mass 7th May 2020 in CSsR Clapham, London...


Thursday's Thought from Bishop Eton Monastery...



Br Mike CSsR gives a thought 7th May 2020...