" Jesus, thank you for everything, for my very beginning and my very end. "
Blessed Maria Celeste Crostarosa OSsR
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News and Events

News and Events... Updated regularly

Remembering the Pioneers of the Region of Zimbabwe...


On the 4th of November 2018, the entire Redemptorist Region of Zimbabwe gathered at the Grendale Cemetery in Harare to pay respects to the deceased confreres laid there. The deceased confreres are the men on whose shoulders the Redemptorist Region of Zimbabwe stands. When we talk of the men who laid the foundation for the region, these are some of the men who need special mention.


zimmcnallyBrother Andrew McNally, C.Ss.R

Brother Andrew McNally who belonged to the monastery of Pretoria was born on the 3rd of January 1895 and died on his visit to Zimbabwe in 1977. He had been professed as a Redemptorist on the 1st of November 1916.

CSsR Vocations Sunday 11th Nov 2018...


Pray for Vocations to the

CSsR Congregation - Redemptorists


OSsR Order - Redemptoristines

NRVP Conference...


National Religious Vocations Personnel Conference – 3rd November 2018
The annual NRVP conference will take place on Saturday 3rd November at Our Lady of Victories, Kensington, London. 

This year we will have Fr Richard Reid CSsR as our main speaker, speaking on the topic of ‘Vocations Promotion and Accompanying Discerners’. This is an opportunity to learn from another dedicated vocation director on what he feels is important to vocations ministry today. In the afternoon we will have two sessions, one on using social media in vocation ministry, and another on boundaries in vocation ministry. We have also invited five people who are relatively new in religious life to give us a few minutes on what it’s like entering today. There will be an opportunity to meet them and ask questions.

cssr ritz

They were tempted, however they realised

that they had a more pressing engagement...

Novices Clothed in the CSsR Habit...

There was much rejoicing in Zimbabwe recently

when our Novices were clothed with the holy habit.


Please pray for our novices and all our men in formation all over the world.noviceszim2noviceszim3

Fr Provincial writes...Oct 2018

30th October, 2018

Dear Confreres and friends,

Once again we are entering the month of November and we recall our beloved dead. In our society it is a challenge not to be morbid when reflecting on this, and to celebrate death in a truly Christian sense. I think particularly of all those in our Province on whose shoulders we continue to build. I think of the confreres who went to Australia, to Africa, to Poland, and later on to the West Indies, to Canada and to New Zealand for the sake of the gospel; and of course those who have laboured in these Islands so assiduously and with such zeal.

As usual, may I remind you of the suffrages, and the four community Masses we celebrate for our deceased confreres, relatives and benefactors.

I recall some years ago sharing with you a quotation from St John of the Cross. Of course he has many about life and death; and in one, he reminds us that, "In the evening of our lives we will be judged only on love". The one I prefer, he wrote towards the end of his life when he said, "What will take place for me on the other side when all for me will be overturned into eternity, I do not know. I believe, I truly believe only that a great love awaits me". And I read recently that the North American Indians only asked two things at the end of life: "Did you bring joy? Did you find joy?"

Christmas Meal in Liverpool

Our RYM coordinators Anita and Natasha, along with local parishes in Liverpool will be hosting a Christmas meal for those who would otherwise be alone on Christmas Day. 

If you are able to volunteer in any way to help on the day - please get in touch.


Christmas meal 2018

Adoremus 2018 - Redemptorist Charism

As part of the parallel programme that ran alongside Adoremus 2018, Bishop Eton Parish held two events. The second of these was a talk by Fr Andrew Burns C.Ss.R on St Alphonsus and the Redemptorist Charism

The talk followed Mass at which Bishop Ralph Heskett C.Ss.R presided


Novena for the Intercession of the Servant of God Venerable Fr Bernard Łubieński

(For private prayer during the nine days of prayer)


The Sign of the Cross

The Intention

Through the Intercession of Venerable Father Bernard, I ask God for (name the intention)



O God who has granted your servant Bernard an apostolic fervour and strength of spirit to carry his cross, we beg you to allow that he, who gave his whole life to lead the people to the Kingdom of Truth and Love, may intercede for us with you and obtain for us the graces for which we pray with faith, through Christ our Lord Amen.

Our Father …

Hail Mary …

Glory Be …..

Venerable God’s Servant, intercede for us

 (At the beginning of the Novena it is recommended to go to Confession, and through the nine days of prayer to attend Mass and receive Holy Communion)


Information about graces received through Fr Bernard Łubieński’s intercession should be sent to

Fr Rector – Bishop Eton

Woolton Road


UK L16 8NQ

Adoremus 2018 - Family Hour

As part of the parallel programme that ran alongside Adoremus 2018, Bishop Eton Parish held two events. The first of these was a family friendly Holy Hour

The 17 young Altar Servers and the members of the Bishop Eton and St Mary's Youth Justice and Peace Group were a credit to their families.

The service started with the Youth Justice and Peace Group signing (Britsh Sign language) 'Bread of Life - Truth Eternal'

Holyhour 8

The family Holy hour was led by Bishop Ralph Heskett C.Ss.R

Parish Mission in Rathmore


Pray for the Upcoming Parish Mission in Rathmore. We will be combining forces with Irish confreres.

Rathmore mission


Click on the image to download the parish mission flyer with details of the mission itself.

Pray for the Synod of Bishops in Rome...

Bishop Ralph CSsR greets Pope Francis

ralph  francis synodralph  card. vincent

Bishop Ralph Heskett CSsR (Hallam), Cardinal Nichols (Westminster) Bishop O'Toole (Plymouth)

Fr Provincial's Letter 30th September 2018...

provincialsletterhead30th September 2018

Dear confreres and friends,

As you are aware, we celebrate two significant feasts this coming month: on 15th, the feast of Saint Teresa the great Doctor of Prayer and so beloved by St. Alphonsus, and then the following day the feast of our own St. Gerard Majella. Each year I ask for prayers for all our Brothers - but especially those in the Province and in the Region. In a special way we remember Bro. Thomas who resides with Little Sisters, but is visited frequently by the confreres from Clapham. Let us also continue to pray for good vocations to this special way of living our Redemptorist vocation.

September has been a busy month and we have seen the ordination of two of our confreres in Zimbabwe. Bishop Raymond, who ordained Frs. Albert and George has been in Rome for the New Bishops' Initiation Course, and then moved on to Germany to visit some of the funding agencies. He hopes to be able to visit his family in England before returning to his diocese of Chinhoyi.

Also this month we have had many meetings. Most of these took place in Clapham, and it is always good to be able to say thank you for the hospitality shown by the community there. There are confreres from various parts of the world living there at the moment, and it is always truly an international community.

Parish Mission in Renfrew




Please click on the image to download the parish mission flyer with details of the mission itself.

More Summer CSsR Reflections...Dublin

The Ninth World Meeting of Families took place from 22nd to 26th of August in Dublin, Ireland. The Irish Redemptorists embraced this opportunity to give greater focus on marriage and family life in the months leading up to the main event, with various initiatives carried out at the local community level.

cssr dublin11

cssr dublin45

During the main event itself which ran from 22nd to 26th August, the Redemptorists had a large visual presence at the congress promoting all the aspects of the Redemptorist life and ministry. We gave particular focus to St. Gerard Majella with a standalone prayer space. This provided an opportunity for many people to chat, pray, write petitions and receive a blessing with the relic of St Gerard. This initiative was a great success and one appreciated by the many hundreds of people who visited our stand.

cssr dublin

I first starting thinking about Religious Life...

This was the sentence given to both Fr Richard CSsR and Fr Peter CSsR and this is how they completed it...

religious lifei

I first starting thinking of Religious Life when I was six years old! Never did the idea leave me and now 40 years later I am convinced that I am one of the happiest people on this planet. I am a Redemptorist Priest and all I can say is, Thanks be to God

relgious life

Fr Provincial speaks to the Spanish CSsR...

(Madrid, Spain) A gathering of 15 confreres under the age of 45 from the Province of Madrid took place from the evening of 16th until the afternoon of 19th September in the retreat house of the Oblate Sisters of the Most Holy Redeemer.

spanish cssr 2018

The group received some input sessions and actively participated in lively discussions on the major areas of our ongoing Redemptorist formation.  Among the areas covered were the apostolate, the community living, human sexuality, relationships, our partnership with the laity and transition to ministry.  The facilitator, Fr. Ronnie McAinsh of the London Province, also gave 5 input sessions as well as processing the reports from the groups’ sessions.  There was a remarkable degree of openness, transparency, and a common desire to continue developing our shared mission and ministry.  The Provincial Superior of Madrid, Fr. Jose Luis Bartolome, participated in each plenary session and was open to receive the feedback and process it.

spanish cssr 2018i

Encounters such as this are ongoing in the Province, and both the Provincial government and the participants are committed to this continuing dynamic which they find to be life giving and energizing.

Fr. Ronnie McAinsh, CSsR.