" My Jesus, my love, my all, gladly would I endure hunger, thirst, heat and cold to remain always with You in the Blessed Sacrament "
Saint John Neumann C.Ss.R
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News and Events

News and Events... Updated regularly

The Barren Harvest of Denominationalism...

Something very interesting... A Jewess - who became an Evangelical Protestant - who is now a Roman Catholic... and a nun.
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Fr Provincial writes...31st October 2019


31st October 2019

Dear Confreres and friends,

As usual, we begin the month of November by remembering those confreres who have been active in the Province since the early 19th century, and who passed on to us our Redemptorist charism and our traditions - and of course above all, our ministry. Our Province Statutes remind us that we celebrate four Masses in community in the coming month, and that at these celebrations we remember also all of our confreres throughout the world, our families, our benefactors and our co-workers and Associates. In Zimbabwe all the confreres are able to gather at the cemetery for prayer. I know that is not always possible here; although last year I understand that many of the Clapham community went to our Redemptorist plot in Streatham. And we still retain cemeteries in Kinnoull, Liverpool and Birmingham. Some years ago I offered you a quotation from St John of the Cross which I found very moving and which I shall print once again at the end of this letter.

The month of October began with Fr. Richard and I in Cortona at the Mid Sexennium meeting of Provincials and Vocals of Europe. It was a long meeting and a very challenging one, and the main topic was restructuring.

As already communicated, after much debate it was decided that the Provinces of Southern Europe will in future form one Province. The Provinces of Northern Europe, that is Dublin, London, Saint Clements and Vienna/Munich shall create a structured Federation which will lead to one Province; while the Provinces of Eastern Europe will enter into a collaboration with one another in certain areas.

Parish Mission in Hall Green BIrmingham

mssion  logo   jpgFr. Kieran writes;

Our Mission in St. Ambrose Barlow, Hall green, continues, the parishoners are delighted with the services and the atmosphere in the parish during our few days of Mission.

Myself and Fr. Charles Randall CSsR would like to take the credit, but we know it is the action of the Holy Spirit working in all of us during these days. Come and join us at 7pm each evening or follow us on the Church Webcam.



 click here to download the parish mission flyer.

A Time for Mission?


Mission Advert

Parish Mission in Tranent

Fr Kieran Brady C.SsR and Fr Tom MacCarte C.Ss.R are giving a parish mission in Trenent,  It is in in East Lothian, near Edinburgh, all Welcome to tonight's  (1st October) and tomorrow's sessions.

This afternoon Fr Kieran has been visiting the school . Tweet from the school below (click on it for the full Tweet with photo)



Men on Mission - CSsR...

The Redemptorist Cross in various different parts of the world!

#CSsR #Redemptorists #Vocations #Priesthood #ReligiousLife #Brothers

cssr men on mission

Fr Provincial writes...27th Septmeber 2019


27th September, 2019

Dear Confreres and friends,

I write this on the birthday of Saint Alphonsus and send good wishes to everyone for this special day. I am writing a short letter this month because I returned last night from meetings of the RPTC, OPC and EPC in Clapham, and on Sunday Fr. Richard and I head off to Cortona for the Mid Sexennium Meeting with all the other Provincials and vocals of the Conference of Europe. Please keep the meeting in your prayers.

After the meeting, I go for a short mission in our new European initiative in Lithuania, and also have a short retreat to the priests of the Archdiocese of Kaunas. I think that is the extent of my travelling for 2019.

A Pilgrimage in the footsteps of Saint Clement Hofbauer

Two of our students made the pilgrimage... Br Mike and Br Royston CSsR 


(Austria) A pilgrimage in the footsteps of St. Clement Hofbauer took place from 26th to 30th August. St. Clement is a Redemptorist who is often called the “Second Founder” of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, which was founded by St. Alphonsus de Liguori in Italy. That is why he was called the “second”, because he took the Congregation outside the Alps.

Altogether 26 members took part in the pilgrimage, mainly clerical brothers, together with several educators and formators. The participants were from the provinces of Warsaw, Vietnam, London, Madrid, Lviv and Bratislava-Prague.

It was an extremely busy schedule. During our travels, we had the opportunity to pray in different languages and rites, get to know each other, learn a little about our provinces and formation structures. We have heard stories of Redemptorist working in other parts of Europe and the world. Therefore, it was an interesting time together which enriched everyone.

Fr. Michael Brehl: “Pope Francis is an example of the spirit of Saint Alphonsus”...


The Superior General of the Redemptorists analyzes his congregation, the Church and this pontificate in an interview given to The New Life.

The nearly 5,000 members that make up the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer are currently present in more than 80 countries in the world. “The situation is different in each continent,” explains, superior general, Fr. Michael Brehl, to New Life. While in Asia there is a moment of great growth due to the increase in the number of vocations, in Europe and North America the vocations are declining. “There are many older confreres and few young,” he says. Meanwhile, in Latin America, the numbers remain stable. “Brazil, for example, is the country with the biggest number of Redemptorists in the world,” says Brehl. “But if something is common to all continents, it is the clear commitment of the congregation to collaborate with lay people, women and men, prepared and trained to do the mission with us.”

QUESTION.- How do the Redemptorists carry their mission out today?

ANSWER.- It depends on the place. For example, in Latin America and in Europe, which are cultures with a very strong Catholic tradition, we can preach the popular missions and form the communities. But not in Asia, because of various cultures there are fewer Christians. Our mission in Asia is carried out much more in the dimension of witness and social apostolate. However, there is a link between all continents, and we work a lot in the field of youth ministry. In fact, during my recent visit to Spain, I participated in a meeting in the Monastery of Espino (Burgos) with more than 350 young people and confreres involved in the youth ministry in our congregation.

The other reality is the shrines, as it is the case of Aparecida in Brazil. Many of them are dedicated to Our Lady of Perpetual Help. They are very popular pilgrimage destinations and represent another opportunity to evangelize and encourage many people to live more deeply their relationship with God and Jesus in their own parishes after the pilgrimage. Also, each shrine develops social projects to deepen relations with the abandoned and the poor.

Five Redemptorist Missionaries to attend the Special Synod in October 2019

(Rome) Pope Francis has announced the delegates who will be participating in the Special Synod on the Amazon, which will take place in Rome from October 6 – 27. Among the participants are five Redemptorist Missionaries, all from the Pan-Amazon Region. They are:
1. Very Rev. Jose Amarildo Luciano da Silva, C.Ss.R.,Vice-Provincial Superior of Manaus, Brazil
2. Most Rev. Waldo Ruben Barrionueva Ramírez, C.Ss.R., Bishop of Reyes, Bolivia
3. Most Rev. Francisco Antonio Ceballos Escobar, C.Ss.R., Bishop of Puerto Carreño, Colombia
4. Most Rev. Zenildo Luiz Pereira da Siloa, C.Ss.R., Bishop of Borba, Brazil
5. Most Rev. Marian Marek Piątek, C.Ss.R., Bishop of Coari, Brazil