Summer Sabbatical Course
St. Mary's Fort William- Parish Mission
1871 - Confraternity of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and St. Alphonsus established.
1839 - St. Alphonsus Canonised.
1938 - Bl Pedro Romero Espejo CSsR dies
1788 - St. Clement Hofbauer named transalpine Vicar General.
1755 - First house in Papal States founded.
1903 - Bl. Vasyl Velychkovskyi born.
Death of Bl Zynoviy Kovalyk
1836 - St. John Neumann arrives in New York.
2013 - Blessed Marie Celeste Crostarosa declared Venerable
1746 - Foundation at Materdomini begun.
1841 Bl. Peter Donders ordained a priest.
1732 - Bl. Gennaro Sarnelli ordained a priest.
1877 - St. Gerard Majella proclaimed heroically virtuous.
1808 - St. Clement Hofbauer and C.Ss.R. expelled from Warsaw.
1730 - St. Alphonsus preaches at Scala Cathedral.
1817 - Peter Paul Blasucci dies
1848 - St. John Neumann named Vice-Provincial for Redemptorists in America.
1895 - Bl. Kaspar Stanggassinger ordained a priest.
1907- Venerable Pelagio Sauter ordained
2016 - Blessed Marie Celeste Crostarosa declared Blessed
1977 - St. John Neumann Canonised.
1762 - St. Alphonsus consecrated bishop in Rome at the Basilica of Santa Maria sopra Minerva.
1867 - Icon of OMPS crowned
1867 Bl. Peter Donders professes vows.
1740 - St. Gerard Majella confirmed.
1836 - St. John Neumann ordained a priest.

Make her known

150th Anniversary Pilgrimage in Honour of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour'

Bl. Zynoviy (Zenon) Kovalyk Beatified
Bl. Ivan Ziatyk Beatified
Bl. Vasyl Velychkovsky Beatified
Feast of Our Mother of Perpetual Succour
Supply St.James Renfrew
Supply Sacred Heart BELLSHILL
1926 -Venerable Wilhelm Janauschek died
1973 - Bl. Vasyl Velychkovskyi dies.