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150th Anniversary Pilgrimage in Honour of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour'

Bl. Zynoviy (Zenon) Kovalyk Beatified
Bl. Ivan Ziatyk Beatified
Bl. Vasyl Velychkovsky Beatified
Feast of Our Mother of Perpetual Succour
Supply St.James Renfrew
Supply Sacred Heart BELLSHILL
1926 -Venerable Wilhelm Janauschek died
1973 - Bl. Vasyl Velychkovskyi dies.
1841 - C.Ss.R. divided into 6 provinces.
1783 - Pope names Francesco De Paola Rector Major of C.Ss.R. in Papal States.
1886 - Bl. Methodius Dominic born
Retreat for Religious
1900 Bl. Peter Donders' cause introduced.
1752 St. - Gerard Majella professes vows.
1775 - St. Alphonsus resigns as bishop of St. Agatha of the Goths and returns to live in Pagani.
1910 - Bl. Methodius Dominic Trcka ordained a priest.
Retreat for Religious
1917 - Venerable Antonio Maria Losito Died
Supply St Margaret's Lochaber
1740 - Vow and Oath of Perseverance made for the first time in C.Ss.R.
1917 - Bl. Ciriaco Olarte Y Pérez Mendiguren ordained
1936- Bl. Ciriaco Olarte Y Pérez Mendiguren dies
Weekend Retreat for Lay People
1787 - St. Alphonsus dies
1842 - Bl. Peter Donders departs for Surinam.
Supply Our Lady of Lourdes - Birmingham
1960 - Alphonsian Academy incorporated into the Lateran University