Retreat for Priests & Deacons
Supply Sacred Heart BELLSHILL
1933 - Bernard Alojz Lubienski died
1702 Bl. Gennaro Sarnelli born.
1735 - Ciorani approved by the Arch-bishop of Salerno.
Retreat for Clifton Cathedral
1755 - Blessed Marie Celeste Crostarosa dies.
Feast of Bl. Marie Celeste Crostarosa
1816 - St. Alphonsus beatified.
1847 - St. Gerard Majella's cause introduced.
1745 - Vito Curzio dies
1724 - St. Alphonsus receives tonsure.
1889 - Bl Pedro Romero Espejo CSsR professes his vows
1889 - Bl. Kaspar Stanggassinger died
Bl. Francis X. Seelos arrives in New Orleans, U.S.A.
Feast of Bl. Kaspar Stanggassinger
1696 - St. Alphonsus born.
1925 - Bl. Miguel Goñi Ariz CSsR ordained
1925 - Julián Pozo Y Ruiz de Samaniego CSsR ordained
St Martin of Tours - Parish Mission
1696 - St. Alphonsus baptised.
Twenty-eight C.Ss.R.'s meet at Ciorani in a General Chapter to accept the Rule approved by Benedict XIV.
1909 - Bl. Mykolay Charnetskyi ordained a Priest.
1731 - Bl. Marie Celeste Crostarosa has vision of C.Ss.R. founding.
1867 - Bl. Francis X. Seelos dies.
Feast of Bl. Francis X. Seelos
1730 Tommaso Falcoia consecrated bishop of Castellamare.
Marriage Encounter European Council
St Ambrose Barlow Birmingham - Parish Mission
1742 - C.Ss.R. community at Pagani founded.
1896 - Bl Pedro Romero Espejo CSsR beatified
1936 - Bl. José Javier G. Jaunarena CSsR beatified
1963 - St. John Neumann beatified.
2013 - Bl Victoriano Calvo Lozano beatified
2013 - Bl. Ciriaco Olarte Y Pérez Mendiguren beatified
2013 - Bl. Miguel Goñi ArizCiriaco beatified
2013 - Julián Pozo Y Ruiz de Samaniego CSsR beatified
1755 St. - Gerard Majella dies
1893 - Bl. Kaspar Stanggassinger professes vows.
1920 - Bl. Mykolay Charnetskyi professes vows.
Feast of St. Gerard Majella
1969 - Bl. Methodius Dominic Trcka's remains transfered to C.Ss.R. cemetery plot in Michalovce
Rule of 1747 approved by C.Ss.R.'s at General Chapter