Supply St. Peter's Hamilton
1842 - St John Neumann professes vows
1986 - Bl. Kaspar Stangassinger proclaimed heroically virtuous
Day for Portsmouth Clergy
1866: The Icon of OMPS collected from S. Maria de Posterula
1726 - St. Alphonsus ordained a priest.
Young Adults Group - Clapham
1780 - "Regolamento" approved by King Ferdinand IV of Naples
Supply Sacred Heart BELLSHILL
RYM - Young Adults Group Liverpool - Pub Quiz
1713 - St. Alphonsus earns Canon & Civil Law degree
Rome - Institute of St Anselm
1888 - St Clement Hofbauer beatified
1893 - St Gerard Majella beatified
February, 1787 St. Clement Hofbauer founds first transalpine House in Warsaw.
RYM - Liverpool - Mass and drinks
1963 Bl. Vasyl Velychkovskyi is clandestinely ordained bishop.
Young Adults Group - Clapham
RYM - Young Adults Group Liverpool
Our Lady of Lourdes Wanstead - Mission Prep
Supply Sacred Heart BELLSHILL
1893 - Bl. Ciriaco Olarte Y Pérez Mendiguren born
1893 - Bl. Ciriaco Olarte Y Pérez Mendiguren CSsR born
1931 - Bl. Mykolay Charnetskyi consecrated bishop in the Church of St. Alphonsus in Rome.
1949 - Alphonsian Academy founded.
RYM - Retreat Day at Pantasaph
The Gift of Health and Wholeness - the Healing Ministry in the Church today
Marriage Encounter European Council
St Barbara's Muirhead - Mission Prep
Spirituality of Self Esteem
Young Adults Group - Clapham
Supply Holy Family - Belfast
1729 - Peter Paul Blasucci born.
Chard, Somerset Parish Misison - Mission Prep