Supply Sacred Heart BELLSHILL
The Gift of Health and Wholeness - the Healing Ministry in the Church today
Marriage Encounter European Council
Spirituality of Self Esteem
Young Adults Group - Clapham
Supply Holy Family - Belfast
1729 - Peter Paul Blasucci born.
Chard, Somerset Parish Misison - Mission Prep
1749 - Approval of the Institute and Rule by Pope Benedict XIV.
RYM - Young Adults Group Liverpool - Homeless Mission
1734 - Founding of Villa Liberi by St. Alphonsus.
1793 - C.Ss.R. reunited after Regolamento crisis.
1866 - Cure of Father Francis Hall
RYM - Liverpool - Mass and drinks
Silent Lenten Retreat
Young Adults Group - Clapham
RYM - Young Adults Group Liverpool
2018 - Venerable Bernard Alojzy Lubienski is declared Venerable
Marriage Encounter Weekend
Parish Mission Killoe Co Longford
Sacred Heart and St Margaret's - Parish Mission
1663 - Tommaso Falcoia born.
1820 - St. Clement Hofbauer dies in Vienna
Feast of St. Clement Hofbauer.
1663 - Tommaso Falcoia baptized.
St Bartholomew Norbury - Mission Prep
Our Lady of Lourdes - Brentwood - Parish Misison
Young Adults Group - Clapham
1785 - St. Clement Hofbauer professes vows.
RYM - Young Adults Group Liverpool