Bl. Zynoviy (Zenon) Kovalyk Beatified
Bl. Ivan Ziatyk Beatified
Bl. Vasyl Velychkovsky Beatified
Feast of Our Mother of Perpetual Succour
1926 -Venerable Wilhelm Janauschek died
1973 - Bl. Vasyl Velychkovskyi dies.
1841 - C.Ss.R. divided into 6 provinces.
1783 - Pope names Francesco De Paola Rector Major of C.Ss.R. in Papal States.
1886 - Bl. Methodius Dominic born
1900 Bl. Peter Donders' cause introduced.
1752 St. - Gerard Majella professes vows.
1775 - St. Alphonsus resigns as bishop of St. Agatha of the Goths and returns to live in Pagani.
1910 - Bl. Methodius Dominic Trcka ordained a priest.
1917 - Venerable Antonio Maria Losito Died
1740 - Vow and Oath of Perseverance made for the first time in C.Ss.R.
1917 - Bl. Ciriaco Olarte Y Pérez Mendiguren ordained
1936- Bl. Ciriaco Olarte Y Pérez Mendiguren dies
1787 - St. Alphonsus dies
1842 - Bl. Peter Donders departs for Surinam.
1960 - Alphonsian Academy incorporated into the Lateran University