" The Infant Jesus, far from being sorrowful at this proposal, is pleased at it, accepts it with love, and exults in it! "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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Fr Provincial's Letter


5th November, 2010


Dear Confreres and Friends,


This letter will arrive a little late, since I have been on the road with the other members of the OPC, visiting most of the communities. Thank you again for the warm welcome we received and for your kindness. I am always impressed by the amount of apostolic work being done in the Province and also by the fraternity which exists, despite our differences.


This month we again commemorate our deceased confreres, relatives and benefactors. Often during these visits, I would reflect on those giants of Redemptorists who strove so earnestly since the 1840’s to bring the message of the gospel to people in this country and further afield. I again remind you of our commitment to celebrate or attend Mass for them, as well as for our benefactors who have been such an enormous support to us, and of course for our relatives who have gone before us and are now in solidarity with our mission in a new and special way.


Last month the three Provincial Councils of London, Dublin and St. Clements met in Dublin and continued our dialogue on common aspects of apostolate, formation and special initiatives. In particular we progressed our plans for the inter-provincial community at Clapham, and hope that this venture will move into a new phase after the Province Nominations in January/February.


I know that several of the confreres preached missions and retreats during October. I was fortunate enough to be part of the City Mission in Bratislava. This was an enormous venture which saw over 60 missioners – the vast majority of them Redemptorists or Redemptorist co-workers – being present in every Catholic church in Bratislava. The Mission proper was preceded by one week of street evangelisation to prepare for the preaching week. I found the Mission very edifying. I was also able to preach to our Novices and Sisters there.


The mission was followed by a meeting of the Conference of Europe in Trois Epis – scene of the Evangelisation Colloquium just a few weeks before. The main topics discussed were the Statutes of the Conference, and the Apostolic Priorities of the Conference.  In March, names will be forwarded to the General Government for the appointment of the Co-ordinator of the Conference of Europe, and further discussions on the Priorities and on Formation will take place.


This coming week we have OPC and EPC meetings during which this situation, as well as other matters such as our properties, the Clapham Community and items relating to the Trustees will be discussed. Any updates can now be found on our revamped web site. Thanks again to Fr. Richard.


All good wishes for our Feast on 9th – the Foundation of the Congregation. Perhaps it is a time to be grateful for what we, our co-workers and the confreres who have gone before us have done in evangelization. Congratulations also to our Superior General, Fr. Michael Brehl, who yesterday celebrated the first anniversary of his election.


I ask prayers for Sr. Perpetua Lonnergan, a Presentation Sister, who died this week. Sr. Perpetua ministered in a most dedicated fashion with our confreres in Formation in Zimbabwe, and also supported the poor in our township parishes through her teaching and good works. May she rest in peace. Fr. Tryvis Moyo, who is studying in Dublin, hopes to represent the Region and the Province at her funeral in Clane, Co Kildare.


Birthday this month are Brother William and Fr. Barrie O’Toole on 18th and Fr. Brian Russell on 24th.


With best wishes to all,


In Christ the Redeemer,



Ronald J. McAinsh, C.Ss.R.

Provincial Superior