" Grant that I may never again seek any pleasure other than that of pleasing You, of visiting You often, of speaking with You... "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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The Provincial writes... 31st may 2017...


31st May, 2017

Dear Confreres and friends,

This evening I celebrated Mass in Clapham with sixteen other confreres present (of seven nationalities) during which I invested Bro. Christopher Reynolds with our Redemptorist habit, and also conferred on him the ministries of lector and acolyte. At the same ceremony Bro. Massimiliano Mura received the ministry of acolyte.

Both ceremonies are important rites of passage in terms of the formation programme, but also are a sign of brotherhood and solidarity among us all. Please continue to pray for those in formation and ask the Lord to send good vocations to our Province and Region.

We were blessed to have two Zimbabwean confreres with us, Fr. Caspar Mukabva who has just completed his one year course in leadership and human development at Saint Anselm's Institute and Fr. Elias Gweme who is working in our parish and community in Birmingham. Fr. Mark Chikuni is due to arrive tomorrow to begin a course both here and in Rome in IT and web management, and will assume responsibility for this in the Region.

Three of the confreres who are due to participate in the month of preparation for Final Vows in Poland have been refused Schengen visas twice, and are struggling to resolve the issue. Prayer needed please.

This month is traditionally devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and St. Alphonsus has some very good and moving devotions to the Sacred Heart. There are also good contemporary prayers and reflections by Karl Rahner in Theological Investigations, 23, "Devotion to the Sacred Heart Today", and "Karl Rahner's Spirituality of the Pierced Heart: A Reinterpretation of Devotion to the Sacred Hearf', by Annice Callahan. As we know, the feast was dear to Alphonsus because it speaks so clearly of the humanity of Jesus as the sure way into the heart of God.

Tomorrow we have a Finance Secretariate meeting and then the following day an EPC meeting. I will update you on these by the end of this letter. 

At these meetings we will continue to look at the property issues in the Province as well as our financial situation. We have still not reached completion on the Hawkstone sale, and we are now looking at a date of 27th June. Please keep this in your prayers. Progress is being made.

Although an offer has been made for the Sunderland property, it is nowhere near what the Trustees would accept. An appeal has been launched into the planning application for the former hall in Clapham.


Toward the end of this month an initial meeting of a small group who will spearhead the launch of an Associate Programme will take place in Kinnoull. Fr. Maurice O'Mahony has offered to co-ordinate and work with future Associates. Anne Walsh, a Redemptorist lay Missionary from Canada will be present for the weekend to give input and direction. Please pray for this important initiative of sharing our Redemptorist charism.

This letter will be a shorter later than usual as I am leaving for a mission in Bearsden with Fr. Peter Morris. I am very excited about it and look forward to sharing the Word of Mercy and Redemption with the people there. Please keep the mission and all the other apostolic works of the Province in your prayers.

Please also pray for Br. Thomas who has been unwell and is now recovering in the Little Sisters of the Poor at the Oval, and for all our elderly and sick confreres. I had the happiness of anointing several confreres at the community Mass in Clapham and also of visiting Bro. Thomas in the Little Sisters' residence,

Birthday this month: Frs E. Hone 2nd, P. Morris 15th, T. Molloy 18th, A. Zindonda 20th, G. Sidinga 21st.

With prayers and best wishes for the feasts of Pentecost, the Sacred Heart and our Mother of Perpetual Help.

In Christ the Redeemer,

Ronald J. McAinsh, C.Ss.R.

Provincial Superior