" A badly written sermon has no more chance of piercing the heart than a rusty and crooked nail has of entering a wall! "
Ven. Fr Passerat C.Ss.R
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Fr Provincial's Letter - May 2018...


17th May, 2018

Dear Confreres and friends,

All good wishes for the feast of Pentecost and for the days that follow. Next week I shall be at the Conference of Religious Meeting in Swanwick. I hope to make a quick visit en route to Fr. Barrie O'Toole who has been undergoing treatment and is resting at the home of his sister, Pat. I also intend to visit the confreres in Erdington and Liverpool on my return.

Before the Extraordinary Visitation began, the EPC had a meeting. During that meeting I asked if it would be in order to convoke the Provincial Chapter for the next quadrennium and this was unanimously agreed. Therefore, and in  ccordance with our law: 

I convoke the next Provincial Chapter to assemble in Kinnoull, Perth on the evening of January 7th, 2019. The meeting is scheduled to last until lunch time on Friday January 11th, 2019.

The agenda will be sent before the Chapter. Its work will include discernment and action on the Conference Apostolic Plan as it relates to our Province and to the Conference, and also the election of a new Provincial government.

The EPC also appointed Frs. Tim Buckley and Andrew Burns to be responsible for the election process of capitulars and for nominations for the next Provincial Superior. They will co-opt a third person and the ballot papers will go out in September.

During the week I received a letter from the Superior General for all the confreres, written in the name of the General Government, and talking about good leadership and also good discernment. I will attach it with this letter for your reflection. 

I shall of course write at the end of the month. In the meantime please continue to remember all the apostolic work being carried out, and pray especially for our older and sick confreres.

Enjoy the feast.

In Christ the Redeemer,

Ronald McAinsh, C.Ss.R.

Provincial Superior