" O Mary, what must you be yourself, when your very name is so lovable and gracious! "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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The Provincial writes...


6th April, 2019

Dear Confreres and friends,

Apologies for this monthly letter being late but as you may know I was in Rome attending a meeting of the leaders of all English-speaking groups of the Congregation. I was happy to meet up with Brother Benjamin and with Fr. Gideon Sidinga who is studying spirituality in Rome.

On my return, the OPC immediately began the second round of visits to the communities, and on their behalf I would like to thank you again for your welcome and for your openness and willingness to cooperate with us in attempting to continue to reinvigorate the Province.

We are hoping to publish the Nominations soon after Easter; but of course we still need to hear back from the local bishops in whose dioceses the proposed changes will take place.

At the meeting in Rome, the General Government presented us with the new Plan of Community Life which we hope to present to each of the communities in the coming weeks. As a sign of cooperation, Fr. Dan Baragry, the Provincial Superior of the Dublin Province and I have talked about the possibility of having this printed professionally and shared among the confreres. It will be part of the blueprint for our renewed way of living.

At the meeting, there was also a suggestion that the Provincial Councils of London, Dublin, St. Clements and MunichNienna meet during the summer to see in what manner we can continue to advance the restructuring process in the Congregation. As you can imagine, with a minimum of 12 people we are having a great challenge in finding suitable dates.

During our visit to Clapham, the Conservation Officers from Lambeth met with Henry Dempsey and expressed their great satisfaction at his professionalism, proposals and his knowledge of old buildings. Of course we still have to wait for their approval before we can submit our plans, and then put them out to tender; but we are now hopeful that this will be sooner rather than later. We can report no further progress on the proposed sale of the hall although the negotiations continue to be active.

It was fortunate that we were able to visit our elderly and sick confreres. I was speaking with Barrie's sister yesterday, and Pat told me that he remains in a vulnerable situation and seriously unwell. Fr. Kevin Callaghan's sister Maura has begun her treatment and is responding well and I have spoken to her.

Obviously this is a challenging time for all the members of the Province as we prepare for the Nominations, and in some senses also a tense time. As we enter into the final two weeks of Lent, my prayer is that we will be able to walk with Jesus on the road to Calvary and also experience the peace and joy of his resurrection.

In the coming year we have a considerable number of Jubilees and I list those of which I am aware. If I am missing anyone please let me know.

~ Richard Reid: Silver Jubilee of Profession - 10th September

~ Kieran Brady: Silver Jubilee of Profession - 10th September

~ Joseph Doherty: Golden Jubilee of Ordination - 10th August

~ Barrie O'Toole: Diamond Jubilee of Profession - 6th September

~ Michael McGreevy: Diamond Jubilee of Priesthood -12th July

~ Tom Molloy: Diamond: Jubilee of Priesthood - 12th July

Many congratulations to all these confreres, and prayers for their ongoing Redemptorist journey.


Birthdays this month:Frs E. Gweme 6th, D. O'Toole 6th, F. Dickinson 10th,

B. Manyenga19th, Bishop Rayond 28th, Fr T. McCarte 29th.


With prayers and best wishes for Easter,

In Christ the Redeemer,

Ronald J. McAinsh, C.Ss.R.

Provincial Superior