" Love for Jesus Christ ought to be the principal, indeed the only, devotion of a Christian "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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Fr Provincial writes...27th Septmeber 2019


27th September, 2019

Dear Confreres and friends,

I write this on the birthday of Saint Alphonsus and send good wishes to everyone for this special day. I am writing a short letter this month because I returned last night from meetings of the RPTC, OPC and EPC in Clapham, and on Sunday Fr. Richard and I head off to Cortona for the Mid Sexennium Meeting with all the other Provincials and vocals of the Conference of Europe. Please keep the meeting in your prayers.

After the meeting, I go for a short mission in our new European initiative in Lithuania, and also have a short retreat to the priests of the Archdiocese of Kaunas. I think that is the extent of my travelling for 2019.

The OPC intends to make a short visit to each community in November. We will be with you for perhaps a the Eucharist and a community meeting in order to prepare for the January meeting. We hope to be in Clapham for 12th, Birmingham for 13th,  Liverpool for 14th and Perth for 15th. After the January meeting, we will make longer visits to each community and will let you have these dates later..

The Apostolic Life Secretariat has invited Fr. Noel Keogh from Dundalk and Fr. Brendan Kelly from Rome to facilitate our meeting and it will be focused on the Plan of Community Life. I sent copies to each Rector earlier in the year, and if anyone has misplaced his copy, please let your local Rector know or I can get one to you. The Secretariat for Apostolic Life will contact you at a later date to set out some preparatory guidelines for the meeting.

I also remind you that the meeting in Kinnoull begins on the evening of Monday 6th January and ends after morning Mass on Friday 10th January.

The infrastructure situation in Zimbabwe continues to deteriorate with access to running water having been cut off in Harare. There is a lot of pressure on our confreres who work among the poor; and I again ask for prayers for them. Bro. Royston Price arrived there safely and has begun his apostolic work experience.

I also ask for prayers for our sick and retired confreres. This week in Clapham I could see that Fr. Jack Clancy is really struggling with serious health issues, whilst Fr. Bev's eyesight continues to diminish considerably. However both are valiant in trying to live in community, and their presence at the morning and other community prayers is quite striking.

We welcome to the community in Clapham Bro. Stanislav Marcin, a student from the Province of Bratislava-Prague. Stanislav will be doing a, six month pastoral placement in the Ace of Clubs and in the parish.

This month we celebrate the feast of Saint Teresa of Avila so beloved of St. Alphonsus because of her great commitment to prayer. We also of course celebrate the feast of St. Gerard Majella who is the patron of our Brothers, and I thank the many Brothers in the Province, the majority of whom are living in Zimbabwe, for their dedication and commitment. Dear Brothers, please be sure that we are all very grateful for your lives and ministries; and we will be praying for you all, especially on the 16th.

In August Fr. Maurice O'Mahony wrote and asked if there could be a link person to liaise with the Associates from each community. The OPC decided to assume this responsibility for the time being, and so I shall be dealing with the Associates in Perth, Fr. Andrew with the Associates in Liverpool and Fr. Richard with the Associates in London. I shall ask Fr. Elias to support those in Birmingham.

I shall not include any other business in this letter, but will give you further updates when we visit the communities.

Birthdays this month: 5th Frs K. Temba, 17th M. Gay, 18th M. Creech, 18th D. Kofi, 23rd E. Makova, 31st C. Mandandi.

With best wishes,

In Christ the Redeemer,

Ronald J. McAinsh, C.Ss.R.

Provincial Superior