" When you withdraw to speak to God alone, He will not speak in a voice that strikes the ear, but in one that reaches the heart "
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20th March, 2011



Dear confreres and friends,


Until the Nominations are published I shall not be writing a monthly letter to each one. However, I shall try to keep you posted with updates.


If all goes well, the OPC hopes to be able to publish the Nominations early next month. However, there are still a few challenges to be dealt with before we are at that stage.


The funeral of Fr. Bill Lavery was a very blessed occasion, with many members of his family present; Brother Thomas of course, and a good number of confreres. I would again like to restate my gratitude on behalf of the Province, to Fr Maurice and Fr Kevin and the extended community at Hawkstone for their great care of Fr Bill over these past months in particular.


The OPC would also like to express their thanks for the warm reception we received in each community as we made the second round of visits. It really is heartening to experience such fraternity.


Please continue to remember Brother Malachy in your prayers. He is in a special Unit in Perth Royal Infirmary where is he receiving wonderful care and attention. His illness is progressing. However, Malachy is serene, extremely lucid and most edifying. His family have been able to visit, and there is no shortage of visits from local people each day. I was able to celebrate Mass for him at the shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help when I was in Rome recently, and he has also received a message of solidarity from the Superior General. Br Malachy is most grateful for these gestures of care, and spends his days inactive, but deeply prayerful.


We heard today of the death of the mother of Fr. Michael Kelleher, Provincial of the Dublin Province. His mother Maeve had been in poor health for a considerable period. Michael was with her when she died. I have written to Michael assuring him of the prayers of the members of the Province.


I also heard from the Novices on the Feast of St. Clement and they all seem to be engaging in the life of the Novitiate with focus and cheerfulness.


The confreres in Zimbabwe are in the midst of their first real Mission season. Last week they preached a school mission at St. Dominic’s, Chishawasha, which appears to have been very well received. Today they begin a mission in Waterfalls – the Franciscan area in the south of the City, and this is to be followed by a Mission in Bulawayo Cathedral. So they also welcome your prayers for these apostolic ventures.


I am a bit late for birthdays – Fr Richard Reid on 2nd, Bishop Ralph Heskett on 3rd, Brother Cajetan on 7th and Fr Gerry Mulligan on 11th. (As well as Fr Abel Makahamadze on 18th and Fr William Guri on 25th).


With best wishes for this Lenten season.




Ronald J. McAinsh, C.Ss.R.

Provincial Superior