" A badly written sermon has no more chance of piercing the heart than a rusty and crooked nail has of entering a wall! "
Ven. Fr Passerat C.Ss.R
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30th July, 2011
Dear Confreres and Friends,


I am very grateful for the great number of emails and cards which my family and I received from so many of you on the death of my father. We were also very touched by the number of confreres who travelled to the funeral. As you know, my father had enormous affection for the Redemptorists, and I am sure that he is now at peace.



Our three Novices arrived in UK this week, and are now having a few days with their families. They will come to Kinnoull on the night of the 4th to prepare for their Profession. The Profession will take place, as announced, on the 6th at 11.00am and all are welcome. Please just let Fr. Kieran know if you require accommodation.  I wish Br. Gerard, Br. Charles and Br. Peter every blessing as they join the family of the Province at a more committed level. They will return to Clapham at the end of August where Fr. Corrigan will be Prefect. Fr. Bev Ahearn has kindly agreed to be a resource person for them when Fr. Corrigan is away, and will in this sense, act as Socius to both Students and the Prefect.


The confreres in Zimbabwe are well, and two Novices have gone with Fr. Moyo, the Novice Master, to the Novitiate in Merrivale, South Africa. Br. Victor and Br. Isaac are due to be ordained on 1st October. Fr Guri and his Council have made several community changes which will be communicated you by the Regional Superior.


In the middle of this month we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Redemptorist Publications’ presence in Chawton. The event was well attended by friends, members of the media, confreres and staff. Fr. Dickinson gave a marvellous historical reminiscence of the early years, and the celebration was organised and run by the staff themselves. Congratulations to all.


Work continues to be done in several areas of the house at Clapham. A bathrooms/toilet suite is being installed, as is a new telephone system. Work on the spire is also being undertaken. Visitors continue to be welcomed at Clapham from many parts of the Congregation. Fr. Winfrield Pauly has now left the community, and I wrote to Winfried on behalf of the Province to thank him for his presence in the community and his ministry in the Ace of Clubs.


Fr. James, a Redemptorist from India, appears to have settled in well in Birmingham and is a good help to Frs. Gabby and Dickie. Fr. Gabby and Claire are working hard on the renewed Redemptorist Mission Action initiative. 


The three months course ended this week at Hawkstone, and now an influx of participants are expected for the courses given by Frs. O’Leary and Gittens.


Fr. Richard continues to keep the Province web site up to date. Indeed, I have heard great praise for its professionalism.  With the extra work involved with St. Marys, Woolton, there is plenty of opportunity for ministry for all in the community at Bishop Eton. Some members are also engaged in mission preaching and giving retreats.


Br. Michael Duxbury continues his prison ministry from Middleborough, while Fr. Andrew and Fr. Michael serve the people who daily come to the John Paul Centre.


I hear that Fr. Desmond was invited to lunch with the Cardinal in Edinburgh. He and Fr. Joe are being assisted by Fr. Augustine, a Redemptorist from Kenya. As with Clapham, many visitors from other Provinces are staying there over the summer. 


The summer retreats are in full swing in Kinnoull, with the new Rector preaching them this year. A new submission for planning permission will be submitted to the Town Council within the next few months.  Brother Malachy continues to be greatly missed, but Fr. McCarte is managing to keep the garden under control with a bit of help.


I know that some of the Secretariates have met recently and others have meetings arranged. I am sure that we will hear about the January meeting very soon.


Please keep in your prayers Fr. Kevin McEwen who had a heart bypass operation during the week. His brother Billy reports that it appears to have been successful, and that Fr. Kevin is beginning his recovery.  Fr.Michael McGreevy remains upbeat about his health situation, and we pray for a restoration to full health for him. Please also remember Fr. Desmond’s mother and all our sick confreres, relatives and friends


I recommend for the reading and study of the communities, the Lineamenta on the New Evangelization. I have had this document for some months now – a document which will form the Instumentum Laboris for the Synod of Bishops on this topic. I wrote to the Dicastery trying to obtain printed copies of the document for each confrere. However I was unsuccessful in obtaining them.  I strongly recommend this inspiring document to everyone in the Province. If no printed copies are forthcoming, I shall attempt to send a photocopy to each community. However it is thirty pages long, so I shall wait until September before sending it.


Birthdays this month begin on 1st with Fr. Bev Ahearn and Fr. Jim McManus; Fr. Maurice O'Mahony is on 9th, Fr. Andrew Burns on 13th, Fr. Kieran Brady on 17th, myself on 21st and Fr. Jan Milcz on 29th. Blessings to all.


We also have Golden Jubilees in September. Frs. Michael Henesy, Philip Jones, Kevin McEwen, and Tony Hunt all celebrate the 50th anniversary of their Profession on 3rd. Ad multos annos


Happy Feast of St. Alphonsus,



Ronald J. McAinsh, C.Ss.R.
Provincial Superior