" Jesus, thank you for everything, for my very beginning and my very end. "
Blessed Maria Celeste Crostarosa OSsR
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Dear Confreres and Friends,

Today we celebrate the Feast of Gennaro Sarnelli and I wish everyone a blessed feast. We will also celebrate Our Most Holy Redeemer on 18th July, and again prayers and best wishes for this great feast of our Congregation

This month, many confreres have been engaged in preaching or organising Novenas in honour of ourMother of Perpetual Help. I was privileged to be part of the team in Clonard, Belfast, and I must say it was a great source of grace for the thousands who attended and a very blessed experience for me.
Our condolences go at this time to Fr. Michael McGreevy whose brother Vincent died during the month. We remember Vincent's wife and family. Fr. Jim McManus's, brother-in-law also died, and Jim is at present at the funeral in the US.

The three Postulants, Gerard Carroll, Peter, Morris, and Charles Randall were approved for the Noviciate and will fly to Canada on 28th July. Please keep them all in your prayers. Also approved for First Profession in the Region of Zimbabwe were Brs. Lovemore Jim, Kudakwashe Kariviro, Kenneth Macharaga, Gift Mubayiwa, Munyaradze Mushuku, Gideon Sidenga and Francis Tirivangani. In addition four confreres were approved for final Vows: Br. Francis Marimbe, Br. David Nyamuronda, Br. Isaac Davies and Br. Victor Bushu.

Also please remember in your prayers Fr. Joseph Musendami and Fr. Caspar Mukabva who will be ordained to the priesthood on 24th July in Harare. And finally please remember Fr. Tryvis Moyo who hopes to spend a year of training and preparation for his Formation work in Loreto House, Dublin. Fr. Tryvis is still awaiting a visa for Ireland.

This month the Postulants worked with Fr. Tim and Fr. Ralph on a Mission in Erdington, which by all accounts was very successful. This weekend they will be working with Fr. Richard Reid and I at a Vocations Weekend at Oscott College since Fr. Desmond is not able to be present at this time.

During the month Fr. Desmond represented the Province in Tropea, Italy at the preparation for the Colloquium on mission preaching. We hope that some of those involved in mission preaching will be able to attend the Colloquium in Trois Epis in September.

At its last meeting, the EPC appointed the following members to form the Preparatory Commission for the next Provincial Chapter and to be responsible for the election process for the Chapter members and the Provincial: Frs. Charles Corrigan, Desmond Keegan and Timothy Buckley. More details to follow next month.

You will have noticed that I frequently offer a book or two as good reading for the month. I often wondered if anyone reads any of them. So I was gratified to receive an email from Fr. Dickinson saying that of the books I recommend at the end of April, he enjoyed one greatly and that he had some reservations about the other. So that emboldens me to make a recommendation for this month.

At the end of last year Fr. Bev Ahern gave me a set of CDs which contain 36 lectures on the history of the papacy which I enjoyed greatly. Now I am just finishing an excellent book by the scholar who made the CD's. The book is called, "What happened at Vatican II" and the author is John W. O'Malley. The book is really a good theological and historical insight in the event of Vatican II and its consequences. It has a little of the flavour of Xavier Rynne's four books, but with a more theological and anthropological approach.

Two other items. Fr. Richard Reid is working on updating the Province Web site, and the renewed site should be up and running soon. Fr. Terry Creech has been ill in Lourdes, but is recovering and will be back in the Province next week for a break.

This month our special thoughts are with Fr. Ralph whose Episcopal Ordination takes place in Gibraltar on 10th. He left Bishop Eton a few days ago, and it was very painful for him and for all. However, he remains a Redemptorist Bishop with strong links to the Province, and will enjoy our support, hospitality and prayer. He has asked that those attending his ordination bring their Redemptorist habits.

Birthdays this month are many. Fr Michael McGreevy on 4th, Fr Oliver Keyes on 11th, Fr Charles Corrigan on 15th, Fr Terry Creech on 21st, Fr Kevin Callaghan on 24th, Bro. Thomas on 31st and Fr Gabriel Maguire on 31st. Congratulations to all.

With best wishes,

In Christ the Redeemer,

Ronald J. McAinsh, C.Ss.R.

Provincial Superior

Ps. Since I have been trying to give a Newman thought each month, I feel that with the two bereavements mentioned above, perhaps these marvellous lines from "The Dream of Gerontius," which we all know, might be appropriate.

Go forth, Christian soul, from this world

In the name of God the almighty Father who created you,

In the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, who suffered for you,

In the name of the Holy Spirit who was poured out upon you. Go forth Christian soul

May you live in peace this day,

may your home be with God in Sion,

with Mary the virgin Mother of God, with Joseph and all the angels and saints....

May you return to [your Creator] who formed you from the dust of the earth.

May holy Mary, the angels and all the saints, come to meet you as you go forth from this life...

May you see your Redeemer face to face.