" A man must be ready, for death comes when and where God wills it. "
Saint John Neumann C.Ss.R
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Clapham's Newest Community Member...

Here we see Fr. Winfried Pauly C.Ss.R., arriving by bicycle at the back door of the monastery at Clapham, London. In a short interview we find out a little bit more about what is happening in Clapham! 

When did you become a Redemptorist?

I was in the noviciate in 1982, coming straight from school in Bonn. The Redemptorists ran the school in Bonn, so I knew them very well.

What was your last Redemptorist appointment?

In Kirchhellen we have a community that specializes in youth ministry. There I was the leader of our Youth Pastoral Team. German speakers might like to have a look at the website for this community - http://www.jugend-kloster.de/

This work was a continuation of the work I had been involved in for 9 years in East Germany.

When did Clapham become a possibility for you?

My Provincial and I had many conversations about the need for Redemptorists to be ever ready to go wherever there might be a need. We must never get too settled. 

Three places were being looked at as possible locations, Switzerland, Ghent in Belgium and London. On my first visit to Clapham I realised that this is a good place to be!

Is there a time scale involved in this?

I'm hoping that I'll have 10 years here. We need time just to get to know the situation and to meet the people. At the end of the day it is the Lord's work!

There are many different cultures and languages in London, how will you cope with this?

Clearly it is very challenging, but I think it is wonderful. At the masses here I see many different people of social, economic, geographical and educational backgrounds, but they are together in the same place worshipping together. I believe that there is a great possibility to work with these people and bring them together.

Can you share something of your first impressions?

I feel a great solidarity with all those people who have left their homes, families and language and have to deal with a foreign language. It is so tiring! I'm also conscious of the great amount of support that I have here that many people don't have.

The Church is really a place where people feel welcome. In Germany, it was often my experience, that people were isolated from each other in church. Here people come from all over the world, they gather together and they know that the people around them are their neighbours.

Would you say to say something about the Ace of Clubs?

This is a centre that the Redemptorists got up and running many years ago, to help those who were homeless or who were finding life tough. It really is a place where one can meet the poor. At this point of my time in England, it is these people of the Ace of Clubs who will be my teachers, as they have the problems and the experience.


We wish Fr. Winfried well in his ministry! God Bless.

If you would be interested in Fr. Winfried's ministry and work get in touch: