" Hell cannot harm us, if we remain faithful to Jesus Christ "
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Redemptorist Youth Ministry Meeting...

St Mary's, Kinnoull, was the venue for the recent meeting of RYM (Redemptorist Youth Ministry), which brought together Redemptorists and Young People from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Clapham (illness prevented the Bishop Eton delegation attending). The theme for the weekend was social networking: a look at how we relate to each other in life, and how that can provide pointers to our life with God. The first session focused on BFF (Best Friends Forever). The glorious Spring weather was perfect for a walk up Kinnoull Hill. This led to reflecting on what it is that God loves about us; our conclusion was that God loves us simply because we are!
On Saturday afternoon, Mark led the group in a session on the meaning of Holy Week, looking closely at the Easter Triduum in particular. In the evening, the focus was on reconciliation, taking the theme of the St John's account of the woman taken in adultery. After presentations of the gospel, the group were able to engage in various reflective prayer activities in the newly refurbished monastery crypt. Needless to say, the spiritual aspects of the weekend were well balanced with the social! Iris and Hugh gave an impromptu opera recital, Maggie demonstrated break dancing techniques, Shaun & Kieran stood on Fr Ed's stomach and Andrew and Vaila sang to each other... The less said the better! The monastery was a great venue, and the welcome of the entire community was fantastic. We can't wait for the next meeting!