" A badly written sermon has no more chance of piercing the heart than a rusty and crooked nail has of entering a wall! "
Ven. Fr Passerat C.Ss.R
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The Chapter is over...

The chapter met from the 11th to the 14th of June in Hawkstone Hall. 

The group has 608 years of religious service and dedication.

The youngest member is 26 years old, while the most senior member is 79 years old;

making the average age of the group 56 years old.



From top left, down and round to top right:

Fr Barrie O'Toole C.Ss.R. - Liverpool community

Sr Raymuda Jordan OP - Chapter Faciltator

Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R. - Chawton community

Br Michael Duxbury C.Ss.R. - Middlesbrough community

Fr Desmond Keegan C.Ss.R. - Edinburgh community

Fr Gerard Mulligan C.Ss.R. - Perth community

Fr William Guri C.Ss.R. - Regional Superior, Zimbabwe

Fr Charles Corrigan C.Ss.R. - Clapham community

Br Peter Morris C.Ss.R. - Clapham community

Br Lovemore Jim C.Ss.R. - Tafara community, Zimbabwe

Fr Richard Reid C.Ss.R. - Liverpool community

Br Benjamin Posvo C.Ss.R. - Tafara community Zimbabwe

Fr Andrew Burns C.Ss.R. - Middlesbrough community

Br Gift Mubaiwa C.Ss.R. - Tafara community Zimbabwe

Fr Maurice O'Mahony C.Ss.R. - Hawkstone community

Fr Kevin Callaghan C.Ss.R. - Hawkstone community

Fr James McManus C.Ss.R. - Clapham community

Fr Raymond Mupandasekwa C.Ss.R. - Tafara community Zimbabwe

Fr Timothy Buckley C.Ss.R. - Liverpool community 

Fr Ronald McAinsh C.Ss.R. - Provincial Superior, Perth community

Two other members of the Chapter sent their apologies,

Fr Kieran Brady C.Ss.R., and Fr Ed Hone C.Ss.R.







There was much to discuss and debate, but there was always room for joy and happiness!