" Have you ever seriously reflected what those words mean, a God to be made man, and to die for thee? "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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CSsR Virtue, Patron and Prayer Intention February...


Patron:  St Andrew

Virtue:  Hope

Ps 91: 14 Since he clings to me I rescue him,

I raise him high, since he acknowledges my name.

Hope is centred on God.

Through this virtue, we confidently expect the fullness of glory, our eternal destiny, the face-to-face vision of God.medal

For the early Christians, the anchor was the favorite symbol of hope (see Heb 6:18-19) because it symbolized strength and stability.

It reminds us that the stability of our hope comes not from ourselves but rather from our gracious God and our risen Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Saint Alphonsus was convinced that we do not sufficiently realize that God has made great promises to us and that we can be sure God will be faithful to those promises.

During February you could feature the act of hope in your prayers, saying often during the day

"My God, I place my hope in you."

You could also frequently make a conscious effort to let go of fears and worries that beset you and place your trust in God, whose love and care rule your life.

Thanks www.redemptorists.com