" Meditate especially on the sufferings and contempt which Jesus endured in His Passion "
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Celebrating Religious Life...

day for religious

The Redemptorist Community at St Mary’s Clapham invited all the Religious of the area to come and celebrate together the Feast of the Presentation.

It was great to have so many familiar and so many unfamiliar faces present that evening.

The energy and the humour that was present on that occasion ensured that we all went home refreshed, having renewed old friendships and made even more new ones.

We are delighted, and many were very pleasantly surprised to find out that our esteemed guest was His Excellency Archbishop Edward Adams, the Apostolic Nuncio in the UK, he was also joined by his Secretary Monsignor Vincent Brady.

As it happens, Archbishop Adams is the Titular Archbishop of Scala, which is a small village on the Amalfi coast in Italy - where indeed the Redemptorists were founded in 1732!

Our Religious Life is great and we celebrate it whenever we can!