" That which is important for me... are the simple eternal truths: the Incarnation, the Redemption and the Holy Eucharist "
Bl Kaspar Stanggassinger CSsR
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CSsR Links all around the world...

Why not visit our confreres around the world and get to know us better?

cssr map worldwide


  1. Province of Rome, Italy: http://www.cssrroma.org
  2. Province of Naples, Italy: http://www.redentoristinapoletani.it
  3. Province of Naples, Italy: https://www.santalfonsoedintorni.it
  4. Province of Madrid, Spain: http://www.redentoristas.org
  5. Province of Lisbon: http://www.cssr.pt
  6. Province of Lyon-Paris: www.redemptoristes.fr
  7. Province of Vienna-Munich: http://wien-muenchen.redemptoristen.com
  8. Province of London, UK: http://www.redemptorists.co.uk
  9. Province of Dublin, Ireland: http://www.redemptorists.ie
  10. Province of Bratislava-Prague: http://redemptoristi.sk
  11. Vice-province of Michalovce: http://redemptoristi.nfo.sk
  12. Province of Warsaw: http://www.redemptor.pl
  13. Region of St. Gerard, Russia & Kazakhstan:http://redemptorist.ru/en
  14. Province of Lviv, Ukraine: http://www.cssr.lviv.ua
  15. Province of St. Clement: http://www.stclemens.org
  16. Conference of North America: https://www.redemptorists.com/
  17. Province of Baltimore, USA: https://redemptorists.net
  18. Region of Sainte- Anne de Beaupré, Canada: http://www.redemptoristes.ca
  19. Region of Yorkton, Canada: http://yorktonredemptorists.com
  20. Vice-Province of Extra Patriam, USA: http://dccthaingoai.com
  21. Province of Denver, USA: http://redemptoristsdenver.org
  22. Region of Edmonton-Toronto: http://redemptorists.ca
  23. Vice-Province of Fortaleza (Brazil): http://www.redentoristasfortaleza.org.br/
  24. Vice-Province of Caracas (Venezuela): http://redentoristasdevenezuela.org/
  25. Vice-Province of Peru North: http://www.redentoristasac.com/
  26. Vice-Province of Resistencia (Argentina): https://www.redentoristaschaco.com/
  27. Vice-Province of Bahia (Brazil): http://www.redentoristas.com.br/
  28. Province of Buenos Aires (Argentina): https://www.redentoristas.org.ar/
  29. Province of Sao Paulo (Brazil): http://www.a12.com/redentoristas
  30. Vice-Province of Recife (Brazil): https://cssr-recife.webnode.pt/
  31. Province of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil):http://www.provinciadorio.org.br/
  32. Province of Bogota (Columbia): http://redentoristasdecolombia.com/
  33. Province of Santiago (Chile): http://www.redentoristas.cl/
  34. Province of Porto Alegre (Brazil):http://www.redentoristaspoa.com.br/
  35. Province of Campo Grande (Brazil): http://redentoristas.org.br/
  36. Province of Goias (Brazil): http://redentorista.com.br/
  37. Vice-Province of Manaus (Brazil): https://redentoristanaamazonia.webnode.com.br/
  38. Province of Bolivia: http://redentoristasbolivia.com.bo/
  39. Region of Korea: http://cafe.daum.net/cssrkor
  40. Vice-Province of Japan: http://www.cssr.or.jp/
  41. Province of Oceania: https://www.cssr.org.au/
  42. Vice-Province of Malaysia and Singapore:http://www.cssrao.com/unit/singapore-malaysia-ipoh/
  43. Province of Vietnam: http://chuacuuthe.com/
  44. Province of Bangalore: http://www.cssr.in/
  45. Region of Colombo: https://redemptorists.lk/
  46. Vice-Province of  Majella (Mumbai, India): http://www.cssrao.com/unit/india-majella/
  47. Province of Bangkok (Thailand): http://www.cssr.or.th/
  48. Province of Cebu (Philippines): http://redemptorists-cebu.com/
  49. Vice-Province of Manila (Philippines): http://www.cssrao.com/unit/phillipines-cebu/
  50. Province of Liguori (India): http://www.cssrliguori.com/
  51. Region of Madagascar: https://www.africaredemptorists.com/countries/madagascar/
  52. Mission of Mozambique: https://www.africaredemptorists.com/countries/mozambique/
  53. Vice-Province of Luanda (Angola):  https://www.africaredemptorists.com/countries/angloa/
  54. Mission of Kenya: https://www.africaredemptorists.com/countries/kenya/
  55. Zimbabwe Region: http://redemptorists.org.zw/
  56. Vice-Province of West Africa (Niger, Burkina-Faso, and Ivory Coast): https://www.africaredemptorists.com/countries/burkina-faso/


Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos: http://www.seelos.org

National Shrine of St. John Neumann, Philadelphia: https://stjohnneumann.org

Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Shrine, Canada: http://www.sanctuairesainteanne.org

Bishop Velychkovsky Martyr’s Shrine, Canada: http://www.bvmartyrshrine.com

Redemptorists Vocations: http://www.redemptoristvocations.com

Redemptorist Missionary Vocations, USA: http://cssrvocations.com

Redemptorists Vocation Promotion Porto Alegre (Brazil): http://www.evocacionado.com.br/

Center for spirituality and formation – Cotuí, Dominican Republic: https://casasangerardocotui.com/

Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, Bergvliet, Cape Town, South Africa: http://www.holyredeemer.co.za/wordpress/