" Lots of things I heard during the week have stuck in my mind, including the fact that I’m fallen and redeemed!  Quite powerful! "
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Parish Mission in Bourne and Deeping...

...given by Sister Phyllis Hughes and
Fr. Charles Corrigan from 24th -30th March
Bourne and Deeping are two market towns in Lincolnshiresurrounded by farming communities. Both towns have pre-reformation churchs and at the time of the reformation were staunchly Catholic. Today only a few Catholics live there. At one time the parishes were separate but in recent times they have been amalgamated and served from Bourne by Fr. Clement Orango. We stayed in Bourne during the mission, the services were spread evenly between both churches.
We were invited by the parish council to give this mission a year ago but it was postponed as I had lost my voice. At the end of last year I went to visit the parish and had a day’s discussion with the parish council about the forthcoming mission. As a result of the discussion we concluded that there is only one mission, the mission of Jesus who has given this mission to the church, to the parish and to the Redemptorists. The mission is to preach the word of God through the witness of our lives. Christ is the centre of the mission and as we only share with others what gives us enthusiasm, the most important task of our week, is to help the parish celebrate Christ’s presence in the church so that they can celebrate it in their lives and communities.

A month before the mission event Sister Phyllis and I gave a weekend’s retreat to the parish and preached at all the masses in preparation for the mission itself. The mission week was a fruitful experience. The numbers were small in comparison to city missions but due to the efforts and preparation of the parish council we had at various times about half of the parish as a mission sermon. Split sites don’t really help to build up the atmosphere but it was a great witness of faith to all who came. The parish council hopes to build on the enthusiasm and good will of the parish.
Vote of Thanks for the Parish Mission
On behalf of Fr. Clem and the Parish I would like to thank Fr. Charlie and Sr. Phyllis very much for leading us on this Parish Mission.
Only last night, my daughter asked me ‘Mum, What is a Mission ?’ and I didn’t know quite what to say!   I knew that this mission had been planned and anticipated for 2 years but how was I to explain what  we, as a parish, had let our selves in for...?
Even the dictionary was no real help …
“ an act of sending, a flight with a specific purpose, such as a bombardment, or a task assigned to an astronaut or astronauts…..and so on …"
However, Fr. Charlie and Sr. Phyllis, while not exactly astronauts, you have certainly taken us on a journey of a different kind, - one of surprises and unexpected outcomes.
You have gently led us on a journey around the garden of our souls and hearts.    
You have shown us that there are beautiful things growing there; that there are places that are fertile but not yet cultivated and that maybe too, there are some weeds that need our attention!
The journey has been both moving and enlightening.
Most importantly, you have shown us that  God’s Love for us is the sunshine and the rain that keeps us flourishing. 
Thank you

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The Redemptorist Mission Prayer

Father,  Pour out your Spirit upon us. Grant us a new vision of your glory,  a new experience of your power, a new faithfulness to your Word, and a new consecration to your service, that your love may grow among us and your Kingdom come through Christ our Lord.