" That which is important for me... are the simple eternal truths: the Incarnation, the Redemption and the Holy Eucharist "
Bl Kaspar Stanggassinger CSsR
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Mission Calendar

Mission Calendar

Sunday February 23 - All Day
St Crona's Dungloe- Parish Mission Monday February 24 - All Day
St Crona's Dungloe- Parish Mission Tuesday February 25 - All Day
St Crona's Dungloe- Parish Mission Wednesday February 26 - All Day
St Crona's Dungloe- Parish Mission Thursday February 27 - All Day
St Crona's Dungloe- Parish Mission Friday February 28 - All Day
St Crona's Dungloe- Parish Mission Saturday February 29 - All Day
St Crona's Dungloe- Parish Mission Friday March 6 - All Day
St. Saviour’s - Parish Mission Prep Saturday March 7 - All Day
St. Saviour’s - Parish Mission Prep Sunday March 8 - All Day
St. Saviour’s - Parish Mission Prep


Parish Missions:        

Fr Kieran BradyOur present parish missions are about putting new heart into the disciple already present. Affirming and encouraging them to be witnesses to a broken world. They are also about outreach to those on the margins, and to those within the faith communities who are unsure of the road ahead.

Depending on the type of mission employed within the parish, the emphasis may rest more heavily on building up or outreach. One thing is certain,  however, the Holy Spirit works in a special way during a mission experience, touching people in a way that I believe no parish programme can.”

A Parish Mission is a time for Renewal, Growth,Celebration and Empowerment.

And a time to deepen faith, unite parish communities, share the Good News, reach out in the Spirit.

Fr Kieran Brady – Redemptorist Mission Coordinator

For further information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thank for your support of our Parish Missions, especially if you have recently attended our Renewals. It obviously costs to keep the great work of parish missions and renewal going in the UK, the added blessing of Lay mission leaders also adds to our expenses.

If you can help in any way, please think of a donation or an ongoing gift to us.

See the 'Donate' box on this page. ‘at the ‘write a note’ section, please indicate you wish your gift to go to 'Redemptorist Parish Mission Team’. If you would like us to keep in touch with you, please also leave your contact details’.

You can also send a cheque to 'The Redemptorists' at The Mission Office, Erdington Abbey, 32 Sutton Road, Birmingham, B23 6QL.

Mission in St. Aidan's, Benton...


The Catholic Newspaper Northern Cross carried this story about one of our missioners

Fr Jim McManus and a lay assistant Ms Marie Hogg.

Read the story above.


Mission Not Impossible!...

So read the headlines in the Catholic Today newspaper run by the Archdiocese of Birmingham telling their readers of a mission given by Fr James McManus CSsR and Paul Murphy. Read on....

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Published April 2013

Missions carried out from Kinnoull monastery...

perth mission

Click to see a wonderful brochure

to help keep memories!


Perth's Parish Mission 2013...



St John the Baptist Church, Perth

Come and See

On Monday 25th February, the start of a week-long mission in the parish began with a Healing Service led by Fr Kieran and Fr Mulligan from the nearby St Mary's Monastery at Kinnoull. The Oil of Healing was carried in procession at the start of the service which was attended by around 200 parishioners.
Fr Kieran summed up the 'four attitudes' which prevent us from recognising God's love in ourselves and in others: envy; resentment; gossip and selfishness. "No matter how we feel about others," said Fr Kieran, "God is calling us to bring the Good News to them." Treating others with dignity and respect is what Jesus showed us when he sought out Bartimaeus among the crowds to heal him of his blindness. 'What is it that you want?', Jesus asked him. The man's cry for help had been heard. Jesus gave him the sight he had asked for saying, 'Your faith has healed you.' Christ is asking each of us - what would you like me to do for you? In our own lives, among those we know, people are crying out for forgiveness or a better understanding. We can bring these people nearer to Christ if our anger and spite, or the wounds of many years, are healed. Inviting the congregation to come forward to be anointed with the Oil of Healing, Fr Mulligan said, "God loves us - not for the people we would like to be, or for the people we should be - but for the people we are." The hymns were led by the choir, under the direction of Miss Susan Cassidy.


Parish Mission in Bourne and Deeping...

...given by Sister Phyllis Hughes and
Fr. Charles Corrigan from 24th -30th March
Bourne and Deeping are two market towns in Lincolnshiresurrounded by farming communities. Both towns have pre-reformation churchs and at the time of the reformation were staunchly Catholic. Today only a few Catholics live there. At one time the parishes were separate but in recent times they have been amalgamated and served from Bourne by Fr. Clement Orango. We stayed in Bourne during the mission, the services were spread evenly between both churches.
We were invited by the parish council to give this mission a year ago but it was postponed as I had lost my voice. At the end of last year I went to visit the parish and had a day’s discussion with the parish council about the forthcoming mission. As a result of the discussion we concluded that there is only one mission, the mission of Jesus who has given this mission to the church, to the parish and to the Redemptorists. The mission is to preach the word of God through the witness of our lives. Christ is the centre of the mission and as we only share with others what gives us enthusiasm, the most important task of our week, is to help the parish celebrate Christ’s presence in the church so that they can celebrate it in their lives and communities.