" How good God is ... ... with those who trust in Him and leave all for His sake. "
Blessed Peter Donders C.Ss.R
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Venerable Alfred Pampalon

Venerable Alfred Pampalon is the Patron of Alcoholics and Drug Addicts.

Prayer to Venerable Alfred Pampalon



Dear Father Alfred, listen to my cry and come to my aid. Obtain for me the favours I desire. You are well known as the protector of people who are suffering in body, mind and spirit.


You show special compassion for alcoholics and drug addicts. You have freed so many people from their dependencies. Free me also, I beg you, dear Father Alfred, and free those people I recommend to you, especially members of my family.



I come to you with confidence. I pray for myself and for all those who are dear to me. Come also to the assistance of the Church and of the whole world. Amen