" Grant that I may never again seek any pleasure other than that of pleasing You, of visiting You often, of speaking with You... "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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Venerable Joseph Passerat

phoca_thumb_l_passerat“Love of the Next One” by Joseph Passerat

If there is anyone I do not love

I do not have “the love of the next one”

If I love “the next one”, I love God.

The appropriate line of conduct in loving my “ next one” is to have neither in my actions, nor in my ways, neither in my thoughts, nor in my words, something that, if her were to know if it could displease him.

I might not love the wrong committed by “the next one” but must distinguish it from his true person, which I must love.

O God, all powerful, grant me the gift of the love of “the next one”.