" Who except God can give you peace? Has the world ever been able to satisfy the heart? "
St. Gerard Majella C.Ss.R
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100 5357This section of our website is dedicated to telling the unfolding story of our congregation in Zimbabwe. We work throughout this beautiful country, and have a strong presence in Tafara & Mabvuku and Borrowdale. Our main pastoral outreach is through five churches in the Archdiocese of Harare. If you have just found this section, we ask your prayers for the work of our confreres, the people and the nation.

Tafara - This community  is primarily a formation community with nearly forty young Zimbabweans studying to be priests and brothers.  The community also help to feed and clothe the people of the township.

Borrowdale - A Redemptorist parish served by young Zimbabwean Redemptorist priests and brothers.  

Region of Zimbabwe Retreat

ZImbabweRetreat 19

Fr Andrew Burns C.Ss.R the Provincial Consultor is currently visiting Zimbabwe for the region's retreat.

The 'Redemptorists Zimbabwe' Facebook page described it as follows:

"The Redemptorist Region of Zimbabwe had a very successful retreat experience with the Provincial Consultor, Fr Andrew Burns, C.Ss.R. There was a great atmosphere in this retreat centred on the love of self, neighbour and God.

The highlight was that the retreat was not heady but spoke to the heart." 

Zimbabwe's newest CSsR Priest...

Fr Brian Manyenga CSsR

was ordained a priest

recently by his Grace Archbishop Robert Ndlovu,

the Archbishop of Harare.

See the pictures below!

manyenga cssr5

Fr Brian Manyenga holding the host during his first mass, the day after his Priestly Ordination.

Our Newest CSsR Priests…Makorokoto...


The following piece was submitted by one of our new Redemptorist Fathers in Zimbabwe...

cssr zimbabwe ordination4

(Fr Kenneth, Fr Gift, Archbishop Ndlovu, Fr Francis and Fr Gideon CSsR)


"Saturday the 14th February 2015 (Valentine's day, and Fr. Gift's birthday) was a special day for the Redemptorist Region of Zimbabwe, the Archdiocese of Harare and indeed for the whole Church, as four Redemptorist deacons were ordained to the priesthood by the Archbishop of Harare, his Grace Robert Christopher Ndlovu.

Zimbabwe News...


During the course of the Chapter we were delighted to have four capitulars from Zimbabwe with us in Perth! Those present, Fr William Guri CSsR, Regional Superior, Fr Raymond Mupandasekwa CSsR, Regional Vicar Superior, Br Ben Posvo CSsR, Consultor, and Fr Joseph Musendami CSsR who is currently working and ministering in our Clapham community and parish. They brought with them great energy and inspiring experiences which they generously shared.




During the Chapter it was anounced that changes are to take place at the end of the month!


The changes are

Fr Raymond Mupandasekwa CSsR

- Regional Superior

Br Benjamin Posvo CSsR - Vicar Reginal Superior

Fr Elias Gweme CSsR - Consultor


Fr William Guri CSsR steps down after 14 years in Regional Government!

Fr William will go and do further studies,

this will no doubt enrich the Region.


Bishop Eton celebration


Bishop Eton held a Parish Celebration today with all profits going to Project Zimbabwe - a fund set up to raise money for the people in the townships served by the Redemptorists.


There was food 


IMG 2088  Hog Roast for the adults


CSsR Zimbabwe Website...


zimbabwe cssr logo


Our confreres in Zimbabwe are now up and running with a new website!


Click on the banner above and fly down to Zimbabwe!


On that website you will find out information on

Parish Missions

Our Book Shop Ministry


Br Benjamin's work and fundraising

and much more...


Congratulations to the Fathers and Brothers there.
Know that our prayers are constantly with you!

Going to Zimbabwe...


Your prayers are asked for

Br Peter Morris and Ms Frances Sibert who are travelling to Zimbabwe tomorrow (Thurs 12th Sept).

Br Peter will spend a year there having a pastoral experience and Frances will be there for a month.


We wish them well and promise them our prayers!



Br Francis and his work in Zimbabwe...

Click here to be able to read and understand something of the work Br Francis Maribe CSsR

does in Zimbabwe in his role as Development Coordinator.


caritas zimbabwe


Keep us the good work! 

Redemptorist Publications in Harare...



Have a look at our bookshop in Harare and see the wonderful work of our fathers and brothers there. If you live in Harare you can go and visit the shop - right in the centre of the city, next to the Archbishop's office!

Click here to visit - and send your good wishes to the shop!

Keep up the good in Zimbabwe!

Another Priest in Zimbabwe...

Rev. Br Isaac Davies C.Ss.R.,

will be ordained a priest, in Zimbabwe on the 8th September 2012. 


Please pray for him at this most special time.

The confreres are delighted by this news,

and many will gather for the Ordination Mass at

St. Alphonsus' Church in Tafara, Harare.

Our prayers and warm good wishes go with (Fr.) Isaac Davies C.Ss.R.


Hopefully we'll get some photos soon and get them to you before too long!

Our Confreres in Zimbabwe...


A recent photo of some of our confreres in Zimbabwe...standing outside the community chapel.

Collecting and Praying for Zimbabwe...



This is the smiling face of one of our confreres, Fr James Smale C.Ss.R., who preaches and gives appeals to help our mission in Zimbabwe as part of his ministry.


Fr. Jimmy travels around the country, visiting parishes, telling them about the work of our men in Zimbabwe. He has raised tens of thousands of pounds for the mission in Zimbabwe, and he can assure the people in their parishes that every penny will go directly to Africa.


The internet is a wonderful place for Fr. Jimmy to say a huge "THANK YOU" to all who have given so generously in the past.


It also gives the Redemptorist Province a chance to say another huge "THANK YOU" this time to Fr. Jimmy for his commitment and dedication to this work and the confreres in Zimbabwe.

Fr Guri from Zimbabwe writes...

Below, there is an extract from a letter written recently by Fr Guri, detailing some of the work he and the confreres are involved in...


"December 2011

Greetings from Harare. I hope this finds you well. 


Here is a bit of news from my side:


I attended the Assembly of the Conference of Redemptorists of Africa and Madagascar (COREAM) from the 20th to the 30th of August in Nairobi, Kenya. Br Benjamin, who represents the Redemptorist brothers of COREAM attended with me. We had time to visit the Redemptorists in Kenya and reconnect with those confreres who studied in Harare.


We had the ordination of Fr Victor Bushu on the 1st of October in Mabvuku, which was a very memorable event. I assisted Fr Victor at his first Mass in Mabvuku and  Thanksgiving Mass in Tafara. I was unable to accompany him to his rural home in Mutoko for celebrations the following weeked due to a bad cold. But I am told that the celebrations were wonderful at the Bushu homestead and at All Souls Mission.


Sadness in Zimbabwe...

We received the following note from the Regional Superior of Zimbabwe, Fr William Guri, to tell us...


"Dear Confreres,

We received with great sadness the news of the death of Mr Titus Bauti of Mabvuku.

Mr Bauti worked collaboratively with the Redemptorists as an able and reliable translator, catechist and community leader all the time that he lived in Mabvuku until his death.  

He died last night in Harare Hospital.

He had been unwell and in hospital for a while.

I will let you know the details of the funeral as they become available.

May his soul rest in peace in the love and mercy of God.

Muna Kristo,


Fr.William Guri, C.Ss.R."

Zimbabwe's newest priest...

frvictorbushuOur congratulations go to our newest priest,

the Rev. Fr. Victor Bushu C.Ss.R.


Our prayers and best wishes go to him.


Photos to follow...

Zimbabwe and Fr Denis McBride...

Fr Denis McBride, after a visit to Zimbabwe made this reflection which was published on his website, denismcbride.com - thank you Fr Denis for sharing!

They are a formidable group of men, the Redemptorists in Zimbabwe, and I had the privilege of offering a retreat to all the professed of the Region. They were warm, welcoming and really good company. We have 7 priests, 5 brothers, 2 deacons, 6 professed students, 2 novices, 4 unprofessed students, and 6 postulants – making 32 in all, the average age being around thirty.


They are a young vibrant group, bringing enormous talent and commitment to their varied work. They are led by Fr William Guri, CSsR, the Regional superior, Bro Benjamin Posvo, CSsR, the rector of the formation community, and Fr Raymond Mupandasekwa, CSsR, in overall charge of formation. These three, together with Fr Ronnie McAinsh, CSsR, our provincial, were the pioneers of today’s Region, although the Redemptorists from the London Province have served there for some fifty years.




Formation: Alphonsus House, Tafara The houses of formation are set in a large compound in Tafara, on the outskirts of the capital city, Harare. Fr Raymond is assisted by Fr Joseph Musendami, CSsR, who is in charge of the six postulants. The original chapel was burnt down and is now replaced by a new building, which is simple and elegant, decorated by stunning paintings by the Jesuit artist, Fr Tony Berridge, who has now sadly died. You can catch something of the chapel’s beauty from the pictures, and see some of the formation community smiling bravely!




Parishes The Redemptorists looks after two flourishing parishes in Tafara and Mabvuku, townships on the outskirts of Zimbabwe. The parishes are divided up into small Christian communities, with their own section leaders, who would liaise with the parish priests about the pastoral needs of their sections. The sections would meet regularly and have their own Masses. Lay participation is high, and the singing and the drums and the movement at Mass are wonderful to witness.


We also run St Gerard’s parish in Borrowdale and St Augustine’s in Hatcliffe, with Nazareth House as an outstation. St Gerard’s is probably the most influential parish in Harare, attended by many government ministers and their families – so the content of the homilies are particularly noted by men with ear-pieces rather than earrings.


The Mavambo Trust

The name Mavambo means Genesis, standing for a new start. Brother Benjamin CSsR is the director of the Mavambo Trust, originally founded to educate children 8-11 who have missed out on school, usually because they have no birth certificate and who cannot, therefore, register at government schools, or because they are too poor to pay the fees. The kids are often single or double orphans because of the HIV/AIDS crisis and are raised by their grandparents. About 70% of them are accepted into the regular schools after only one year with the Trust, which is a measure of the quality of the teaching. Bro Benji has the help of two sisters, Kathi and Mike; Danny is his assistant director; Lamech is in charge of social services and outreach, and there are over a hundred volunteers. The trust also feeds over 300 children a day during the school terms. If anyone reading this would like to make a donation, please e-mail Bro Benji – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Caritas Harare

Brother Francis Marimbe CSsR is the development coordinator for Caritas Harare, the social development arm of the archdiocese of Harare. 83% of the population live on less than $2 a day, so there are many pressing needs to meet. Caritas in emergency relief with regular projects in vulnerable group feeding, including hospitals and prisons and schools; developing skills for unemployed young people; HIV support; gender issues; water and sanitation; seed and fertiliser support; reaching out to squatter communities. Br Francis is supported by a committed staff of over thirty people, including experts in conservation farming techniques, nursing, and social workers.


The name means “the time the elephant goes to wash”, signalling a new dawn, a fresh beginning. Two Redemptorist brothers work in this project, Tendai and Tendayi, which includes child protection, child counselling, HIV awareness, and unemployment issues. 85% of the people are in “informal employment”, since the opportunities for full-time employment is very low. With HIV still a destructive issue in family life, the two brothers devote themselves to promoting HIV awareness, which they do not only in public places like churches but also in beer halls.

Redemptorist Book Shop We used to run the bookshop at the Cathedral, but the bishops’ conference wanted the space, so we had to find an alternative place. Fr Mark Chandavengerwa, C.Ss.R. runs the bookshop with two lay assistants and he can be seen in the photograph with Br David Nyammuronda, C.Ss.R. who very patiently took me on a walk around Harare. Br David will be starting soon at the Mavambo Trust, probably to teach the children there.


The Redemptorist Region has an impressive variety of works carried out by an impressive group of men, I thank them for their warm hospitality and good humour, and wish them every success in all their living and study and work.

Fr. Denis McBride C.Ss.R.