" I be able, by the sacrifice of my life, to bring it about that all know and love God as He deserves "
Blessed Peter Donders C.Ss.R
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Zimbabwe News...


During the course of the Chapter we were delighted to have four capitulars from Zimbabwe with us in Perth! Those present, Fr William Guri CSsR, Regional Superior, Fr Raymond Mupandasekwa CSsR, Regional Vicar Superior, Br Ben Posvo CSsR, Consultor, and Fr Joseph Musendami CSsR who is currently working and ministering in our Clapham community and parish. They brought with them great energy and inspiring experiences which they generously shared.




During the Chapter it was anounced that changes are to take place at the end of the month!


The changes are

Fr Raymond Mupandasekwa CSsR

- Regional Superior

Br Benjamin Posvo CSsR - Vicar Reginal Superior

Fr Elias Gweme CSsR - Consultor


Fr William Guri CSsR steps down after 14 years in Regional Government!

Fr William will go and do further studies,

this will no doubt enrich the Region.



Some more news from the Region...


Serious heavy rain fall damaged the roof of one of properties. It was actually the room of two of our young students, who fortunately were home with their families at the time. Below is a picture of the site.


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