" Make me forget myself, so that I may remember only Your goodness! "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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Our Newest CSsR Priests…Makorokoto...


The following piece was submitted by one of our new Redemptorist Fathers in Zimbabwe...

cssr zimbabwe ordination4

(Fr Kenneth, Fr Gift, Archbishop Ndlovu, Fr Francis and Fr Gideon CSsR)


"Saturday the 14th February 2015 (Valentine's day, and Fr. Gift's birthday) was a special day for the Redemptorist Region of Zimbabwe, the Archdiocese of Harare and indeed for the whole Church, as four Redemptorist deacons were ordained to the priesthood by the Archbishop of Harare, his Grace Robert Christopher Ndlovu.

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More than 5000 people came from across the country to witness to this occasion as Reverends Gideon Sidinga, Francis Kunaka, Gift Mubayiwa and Kenneth Macharaga were ordained priests.

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cssr zimbabwe ordination16

cssr zimbabwe ordination17

cssr zimbabwe ordination19

Soon after the Kiss of Peace at Mass, the Redemptorist Fathers, Brothers and Students came and made an arch at the sanctuary, and, led by Father Provincial, they sang a hymn to Mary (Tiri Venyu, Hosi Mai - literally translated 'we are yours, O Queen Mother).

cssr zimbabwe ordination5cssr zimbabwe ordination7

After the celebrations and lunch, the thick skies that had been holding the rain for the past week opened up and it rainned."



Many congratulations and blessings are being sent to


Father Gideon Sidinga CSsR,


Father Francis Kunaka CSsR,


Father Gift Mubayiwa CSsR




Father Kenneth Macharaga CSsR


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