" Who except God can give you peace? Has the world ever been able to satisfy the heart? "
St. Gerard Majella C.Ss.R
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Vocation News

If you think you may have a Vocation to be a Redemptorist Father or Brother, please contact Br Royston Price C.Ss.R the Vocations Director by clicking here.

Please pray for Redemptorist Vocations.

Two CSsR Brothers and a Bishop...

We are grateful to our

Redemptorist brother,

who is the Bishop of Hallam,

Bishop Ralph Heskett CSsR,

who over the past month has ordained two of our brothers to the Diaconate.

Br Royston Price CSsR was ordained in St Mary's Clapham

on 1st August on the Solemnity of St Alphonsus


Br Mike Taylor CSsR was ordained on Tues 25th August

on the Feast Day of Blessed Methodius Dominic Trcka CSsR

in Bishop Eton, Liverpool.


To have these celebratioins in these days of Coronavirus

has not been as easy as it might have been.

However, we thank God for giving our brothers their vocation and as they said,

"these celebrations are not about a party,

rather this is about God and ministry."


The picture below shows two men

united by

a Redemptorist Vocation

and also

the Episcopate.  

two cssr brothers and bishops

Rev Br Michael Taylor CSsR - Diaconal Ordination

At Bishop Eton Church on 25th August 2020 Bishop Ralph Heskett C.Ss.R ordained Brother Michael Taylor to the diaconate.

A few photos follow for a full set visit



BrotherMIkeprofessionanddiaconate 4

Brother Mike Taylor - Perpetual Profession

On the 24th August 2020 Brother MIke Taylor made his Perpetual Profession at Bishop Eton Church Liverpool.  Brother Mike had selected the day of his late Mother's Birthday to mark this milestone.

A few photos of the day are given below.  For a full version visit 

BrotherMIkeprofessionanddiaconate 1


We welcome Br Royston CSsR - Perpetual Profession...


Final Vows and Diaconate Ordinations...


Br Michael Tayor CSsR 

will make his Perpetual Profession

on Monday 24th August 2020 

and he will ordained to the Diaconate 

on Tuesday 25th August 2020,

Bishop Ralph Heskett CSsR will be the ordaining prelate.

Both of these ceremonies will be held at

Bishop Eton CSsR Monastery, Liverpool


Br Royston Price CSsR 

will make his Perpetual Profession

on Friday 19th June 2020 

and he will ordained to the Diaconate 

on Saturday 1st of August 2020,

Bishop Ralph Heskett CSsR will be the ordaining prelate.

Both of these ceremonies will be held at

St. Mary's CSsR Monastery, Clapham, London


Please keep both our brothers in your prayers at this important time.

Our Mother of Perpetual Succour - Pray for them.

Our Holy Father Alphonsus - Pray for them

All our Redemptorist Saints, Blesseds and Martyrs - Pray for them.

Please pray for vocations to the priesthood and the religious life

- and especially to the Redemptorists.


Vocations Sunday - a message from Brother Royston CSsR



If you think you have a vocation to be a priest or brother please contact our Vocations Director at  

VOCATIONS SUNDAY CSsR Priests CSsR Brothers OSsR Nuns...



Interested in being a Redemptorist Priest or Brother contact  

Maybe God is calling you?...

voc 2020 march

You will see in this poster, a space. Is it for you?

Get in touch...

Mother of Perpetual Succour - Pray for us.

St Alphonsus, all our Redemptorist Saints, Blesseds and Martyrs - Pray for us.

Vocations 2020 ?...

vocations 2020

"With the Lord there is plentiful Redemption."

The Redemptorists of the London Province

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Vocations...have you ever asked...

vocations cssr


What is the Lord asking of you?

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OSsR Monastic Vocations Weekend for Women...

monastic weekend 2019

Do you fancy a Monastic Vocations Weekend with our Nuns in Dublin? 

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Vocations Promotion CSsR...


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reds cssr voc


Interested then contact  

So proud to be part of the Redemptorist Family...


vocations redemptorists


Interested then contact  

Preparing for Final Vows...

(Tuchów, Poland) A month preparation for perpetual vows of the Redemptorists of the Conference of Europe began on July 7th 2019 in Lubaszowa, Poland. Altogether 18 Confreres from different countries and continents will spend there in Tuchów for next four weeks renewing their commitment to the Most Holy Redeemer to preach the Gospel to the poor and the most abandoned.


The participants those who joined are from the Province of London (2), Edmonton-Toronto (1), Rome (1), Lviv (1), Warsaw (11 including: 3 students and 9 fathers and 1 brother who completed ten years after their perpetual profession), Vice-province Michalovce (1) and Region Zimbabwe (1).


cssr confreres together


The time of the renewal will be dedicated to lectures, prayer, knowing each other and building of fraternal community. The lectures of the monthly renewal will be presented by the guests speakers

Fr. Johannes Rӧmelt, Fr. Janusz Sok, Fr. Ronald McAinsh

and others who will speak on the following topics:

    • “Redemptorist: Priest in a century of the challenges”,
    • “Obedience: how to seek the will of God”,
    • “Theology of the Constitutions of the Redemptorists”
    • and many others.

We hope it will be a time of not only a new portion of knowledge but making new friends as well.

Paweł Orzeł CSsR, Tuchów


Click here for more photos

Redemptorist Missions and Vocations...

We came across this cartoon done in the 60's - still totally relevant today! 

Get in touch with the Vocations Director - if you are not a devil!

redemptorists missions cssr

A "NEW" Vocations Prayer...

Our brand new Vocations prayer leaflet has a "new" vocations prayer -

new in that it has one new word added.

This is an important word for the prayer's success!


voc prayer ii 2019 page 1


voc prayer ii 2019 page 2

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