" My Jesus, I will love only You; You are the only one I wish to please. "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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Vocation News

If you think you may have a Vocation to be a Redemptorist Father or Brother, please contact Fr. Richard Reid C.Ss.R the Vocations Director by clicking here.

Please pray for Redemptorist Vocations.


Reflections on my Priestly Ordination...

Fr Peter Morris CSsR writes...and lots of photos to see!

ord fr peter morris 148On Monday 26th Oct, I was ordained a priest. It was a wonderful occasion - one I've been very much looking forward to for some time. The excitement of so many people around me you could almost touch, it was so powerful & infectious!


 People kept asking me if I was nervous but I would respond honestly that I wasn't - I was just so happy. It was an extension of the experience I had on retreat, which simply confirmed that it was the right way ahead.

Our New Priest - Fr Peter Morris CSsR...

The Redemptorists, along with family and friends celebrated with great joy the ordination of Fr Peter Morris CSsR.


The ceremony took place in Aberdeen Cathedral but the ordaining Bishop was the Bishop of Hallam, Bishop Ralph Heskett CSsR. A wonderful celebration! 


We will let the pictures speak for themselves and at the end you will find a text that has been prepared for the Press!


ordination fr peter morris c.ss.r. 107

A happy priest!

ordination fr peter morris c.ss.r. 104

With more happy priests and bishops!

CSsR Final Profession in Harare 2015...

final vows cssr 15

Brother Kenneth Temba CSsR and Br Brian Manyenga CSsR

made their Final Profession

of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience along with the

Fourth Vow and Oath particular to Redemptorists,

of Perseverance,

in Mabvuku, Harare, Zimbabwe!

A wonderful celebration was had by enjoyed by all who could be present, 

and those here in the Province joined you in joyful prayer!

Congratulations - Makorokoto!

Let's keep these two men in our prayers...

Redemptorists CSsR on Twitter...

The assistant Vocations Director, who is about to be ordained

to the Priesthood later in this month,

has been leaving messages on twitter!

br peter morris cssr

" By the grace of God, I've found life in the Redemptorists.

Could this be your way of life too? Br Peter Morris CSsR"


Being called as a Redemptorist...

Thanks to the Polish Redemptorists!

The Formation Community CSsR London...

cssr reception 2Please pray for our Formation Community as it recently obtained a new member! 

Please also remember that we have two other men in the formation programme,

currently making their Noviciate in Canada.


In the photo above, you'll see 

Br Peter Morris CSsR - about to be ordained to the Priesthood next month.

Br Chris Reynolds - who now he has finished his postulancy, now joins the Formation Community

Fr Charles Corrigan CSsR - the Prefect of the Students

Br Charles Randall CSsR - about to take his Final Vows in the next few months.

Vocations evening in Motherwell Cathedral...

An evening was celebrated in Motherwell Cathedral with the emphasis on VOCATIONS.

Our Youth Coordinator was there and he flew the Vocations flag for us! This is what he had to say,

"Wonderful night at Vocations Mass in Motherwell Cathedral! Privilege to be representing the Redemptorists tonight in my home parish and home diocese with all the religious of our Diocese and those originally from Motherwell but working for church across UK! Church packed with around 1000 in attendance with lots of young people too. Special time earlier in evening sharing meal and Evening Prayer at Carfin Grotto with Bishop Toal and religious. God is good!"

motherwell cssr


Pray for our Novices CSsR in the Noviciate...

Please pray for the novices as they make the noviciate this year.

There are 8 novices in total, and two of them are from our province.

novitiate royston

Br Royston - London Provincenovitiate mike

Br Mike - London Province


Br Peter CSsR goes to Astorga - the Camino...

team 3

I have just recently returned from some pastoral efforts in Spain.  The vast majority of the time was spent in the community based in Astorga, as part of the initiative of Redemptorist outreach to pilgrims travelling the Camino to Santiago de Compostella.

team 2


CSsR Novices to Toronto go...

Please pray for two of our novices who head across the Atlantic to join other novices from North America as they make the noviciate together. The noviciate lasts for one year and one day! 

Our novices are Br Mike Taylor and Br Royston Price; these two men have previously done their postulancy (Liverpool) and two years of Philosophy at Allen Hall Seminary (London) and so begin their fourth year as Novices in Cananda.

Our prayers go with you brothers!


The Vow of Obedience Made Simple...


I would suggest that when most of us think of religious taking a vow of obedience we consider that the person will have to submit their will to a long list of rules and to the will of their superiors. It is true that, according to the Constitutions and Statutes of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, the vow does oblige members to “submit their will to their lawful superiors” (C.71) but there is far more to it than that. The religious vows of poverty, chastity and obedience can in fact be a way of becoming free for God and a way of finding true joy. We are called to be contagious with joy, the joy of the Gospel. The Redemptorists particular mission is to bring the good news of plentiful redemption to the poor and most abandoned so how does the vow of obedience impact on or contribute to that mission? We will begin by examining where the word comes from in the first place. Obedience means:

“To listen intently, to open one’s ears, to heed in practice.”

Uniquely CSsR Redemptorist…


What is it that still makes men want to join a Religious Congregation that is nearly 300 years old ?

Redemptorists are first and foremost preachers of the Word;

evangelisers in the strict sense of that word.

We work for the poor through a unique combination of ministries :stemma7cssr

Parish Mission preaching

Pastoral care in poor parishes 

Outreach projects

Retreat houses


Overseas missions

Our vocation has unique features :


Nearness to people

Popular preaching style

Theological expertise

Compassion in the confessional

We continue the tradition of St.Alphonsus by reaching out to the most abandoned and poor, especially through proclaiming the Gospel.

His spirit still energises the congregation, described by him as : “souls consecrated entirely to God, living in the midst of the world as if out of the world, and having no other thought than that of pleasing God.”

A Redemptorist vocation is that easy !


Bro. Mike Taylor

Thank you from Br Peter C.Ss.R

Br. Peter C.Ss.R expresses thanks on the occaision of his Perpetual Profession. 

Br Peter CSsR who made his Perpetual Profession today want to say a word of thanks! Congratulations!

Posted by Redemptorist Vocations GB on Saturday, 13 June 2015

Weekend of CSsR JOY - Part 2...

Br Peter Morris CSsR 

was ordained to the Diaconate

by Rt Rev Ralph Heskett CSsR,

Bishop of Hallam

in St Mary's Clapham, London,

on Sunday 14th June 2015.

cssr diaconate 2015Bishop Ralph CSsR with Br Peter CSsR before the ceremony

Weekend of CSsR JOY - Part 1...

Br Peter Morris CSsR made his

Perpetual Profession

in St Mary's Clapham, London,

on Saturday 13th June 2015.

From the Profession booklet Br Peter wrote,

"The Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer is an International Congregation of men dedicated to preaching the Gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ to the most abandoned, especially the poor. Whether as religious brothers or as ordained ministers, each member of the institute dynamically carries on that mission by word and way of life in the power of the Holy Spirit."

cssr final profession june 2015 3

Some of the confreres gathered with Br Peter in the sacristy.

cssr final profession june 2015 13

The Procession arrives in the church

Pray for our CSsR Brother preparing to take Final Vows...



Please pray for one of younger brothers, Br Peter Morris CSsR who will make his Final Profession, - for life - on Saturday 13th June in St. Mary's Church, our Redemptorist Parish and Monastery in London. He will then be ordained to the Diaconate the following day by our confrere and Bishop, Rt Rev Ralph Heskett CSsR, the Bishop of Hallam. Before becoming a bishop, Bishop Ralph was Br Peter's Postulant Director, so the ceremony will have an added extra!

Br Peter has been on the road of formation for quite a time. To give a brief outlne - we won't say too much as we hope Br Peter might do that later(!) -

Br Peter graduated from the University of Aberdeen, with a Theology Degree, went into the seminary in Glasgow, Scotus College, and tried his vocation for his home diocese. He then entered the Redemptorists in Liverpool as a Postulant, went to Canada for his noviciate, studied in London at Heythrop and spent one year as a Redemptorist in Zimbabwe, before returning to London for final preparation.


Become a Redemptorist - see the world!

Br Peter has finally said yes - and the Redemptorists say a heartening yes - and he now prepares in prayerful silence during his retreat prior to the wonderful ceremonies that will take place soon.

So please pray for Br Peter!

Please pray also for Vocations to the Redemptorists, especially the London Province - which consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Zimbabwe.