" That chosen 'Ark' of salvation, free from the common shipwreck of sin. "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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Vocations News archive

Prayer for Vocations


We thank you for the blessings you have given us in Christ our Redeemer. 
Let your Spirit overshadow your people, making your gentle invitation heard in many hearts.

Lord of the Harvest, bless the Redemptorist family throughout the world with many vocations, so that those in greatest need will experience the Good News of Redemption.

May your love grow among us and your kingdom come, through Christ our Lord.


Fr Victor being ordained...

In this photo we see the Archbishop of Harare, the Regional Superior, Fr William Guri and our Deacon, Br Isaac Davies at the ordination of our Fr Victor Bushu C.Ss.R., in our church in Mabvuku, Harare. Once again we congratulate our newest priest!


The Students - their new community...

Our three student brothers, Gerry Carroll, Charles Randall and Peter Morris are adjusting to their new life in the Clapham community. 

See for yourself how they are getting on...












Zimbabwe's newest priest...

frvictorbushuOur congratulations go to our newest priest,

the Rev. Fr. Victor Bushu C.Ss.R.


Our prayers and best wishes go to him.


Photos to follow...

Who is the happiest with their job?

The Magazine Forbes, published the results of a survey which basically asked, who is the happiest with their job?

The number one group is...

1.  Clergy:  The least worldly are reported to be the happiest of all

2. Firefighters: Eighty percent of firefighters are “very satisfied” with their jobs, which involve helping people.

3. Physical therapists: Social interaction and helping people apparently make this job one of the happiest.

4. Authors: For most authors, the pay is ridiculously low or non-existent, but the autonomy of writing down the contents of your own mind apparently leads to happiness.

5.  Special education teachers: If you don’t care about money, a job as special education teacher might be a happy profession. The annual salary averages just under $50,000.

6. Teachers: Teachers in general report being happy with their jobs, despite the current issues with education funding and classroom conditions. The profession continues to attract young idealists, although fifty percent of new teachers are gone within five years.

7. Artists: Sculptors and painters report high job satisfaction, despite the great difficulty in making a living from it.

8. Psychologists: Psychologists may or may not be able to solve other people’s problems, but it seems that they have managed to solve their own.

9. Financial services sales agents: Sixty-five percent of financial services sales agents are reported to be happy with their jobs. That could be because some of them are clearing more than $90,000 dollars a year on average for a 40-hour work week in a comfortable office environment.

10. Operating engineers: Playing with giant toys like bulldozers, front-end loaders, backhoes, scrapers, motor graders, shovels, derricks, large pumps, and air compressors can be fun.  With more jobs for operating engineers than qualified applicants, operating engineers report being happy.

Fr General shares his thoughts on Vocation!



Why not get in touch with Fr Richard, our Vocations Director...?

The Pope Addresses Seminarians...

Open Your Souls to the Light of the Lord



First Vows ceremony takes place in our Perth Monastery...

The first profession of vows took place recently in our Redemptorist monastery in Perth, Scotland.

Br Gerard Carroll, Br Charles Randall and Br Peter Morris marked the end of their noviciate by making their vows.

Confreres came from all over the UK, and there were other representatives from Kenya, Canada and Austria!

It was a wonderful celebration!

Pray for the brothers. 

Some of the photos below show the three young brothers on their big day!

The main celebrant was Fr Provincial, Fr Ronald McAinsh C.Ss.R., he was joined by

Bishop Ralph Heskett C.Ss.R., the Bishop of Gibraltar, he was the Postulant Master,

and Fr Charles Corrgan C.Ss.R., who is the present Formator in London.


Invocation 2011 Pics...

These pics can in no way present to the viewer the wonderful experience that was Invocation 2011!

As one person said to me,

"Here, you can feel the heart of the church beating!"



As we gathered over the weekend many people, clergy, religious and lay presented us with some excellent material.



The young people listened very attentively! 



Every possible range of cleric and religious were present! Including the Redemptorists - but unfortunately not in any pictures!



The wonderful liturgies were held in the splendid Oscott seminary chapel.



Here one can imagine Blessed John Henry Newman preaching down to us as he did years before.



To show to the young people how important this event was, His Excellency Archbishop Antonio Mennini, the Papal Nuncio, came to celebrate Mass with us and offer the Pope's greetings and blessings upon us.


The weekend was a great success!

Thanks to the Oscott staff and seminarians for hosting this event!


Invocation 2011...

 “Invocation 2011” is a forthcoming national festival for young adults, to be held in the grounds of St. Mary’s College, Oscott in the Archdiocese of Birmingham from 17 - 19 June 2011.


This national festival is aimed at young men and women aged 16-35, who are looking to deepen their relationship with Christ and who are searching for the knowledge and tools to develop their own personal formation, discernment and understanding of God’s will for their lives, for some this may mean being open to the possibility of a vocation to the priesthood or religious life.


The event will provide “Fellowship, Catechesis, Confession and Adoration” with time for prayer, quiet reflection, and discernment through Keynote speakers, interactive workshops and life-changing services, above all the opportunity to encounter the Lord. We hope that you will also take the time to find space and enjoy conversation, accompanied by inspiring priests and religious, who will journey with you sharing their wealth of experience and providing witness to their lives and vocation."




We'll be there to take part in this wonderful vocations experience!

More to come after the event.

Professions this August...


Congratulations to our brothers in the Noviciate,

Br Gerry, Br Peter and Br Charles.


They have recently been accepted for Profession of Vows by the Ordinary Provincial Council.

The Ceremony of Profession will take place in

St. Mary's Monastery, Kinnoull, Perth, Scotland

6th August 2011

Noviciate with Superior General & his consultors



Fr Superior General, Fr. M Brehl (front-centre-right),

Fr. Juve Andrade, Consultor (to right of Fr. Brehl),

Br. Jeffrey Rolle, Consultor (front-centre-left), and

Bishop John Pazak(back-centre)

and the novices...




Our novices in Canada...



The novices of the London Province with the formation confreres


Our 'holy' novices...


Br Peter...



The whole noviciate community - very smart!



Br. Gerry, Br. Charles and Br. Peter.


We look forward to welcoming them home in a couple of months!

The Novices are Clothed...

On this Vocations Sunday we were very glad to know that our brothers in the Noviciate were clothed with the Redemptorist Habit...

5723205181_dded7a7560_zCongratulations to our three novices, Br Gerard, Br Peter and Br Charles.


Here is one of Br Charles



and one of Br Gerard


Here the whole noviciate class - congratulations brothers!


and the novices with supporting confreres.


Wear the habit with pride!

Vocations...ever thought...?

"Vocation Answers" is a video where seminarians and priests from around the world talk about the  decision to become priests and the unique experience that follows.

It explores everything from

'the calling' itself,  

to how their family reacted,

what their friends and even girlfriends said.

The video ends with a challenging question to the viewer.


Get in touch with our Vocations Director!

The Noviciate Day...

A report from our novices making their noviciate in Toronto, Canada and a photo of them with some confreres and our Fr. General, Fr. Michael Brehl C.Ss.R.



The day starts for most of us at 7.30am for Morning Prayer. It takes half an hour, as a period of silent meditation is observed before the “Benedictus” (also known as the “Canticle of Zechariah”) is recited. On some days, Mass follows immediately afterwards, on others, there is a break until 9 or 9.30am. That time can be used to get breakfast, exercise, read and so forth.


The rest of the morning will be spent in two classes with a break in between for either reading and/or reflection. All learning in the novitiate is non-academic. There is no pressure of written assignments or exams. Classes can cover diverse subjects: from theology to history of religious life; lives and writings of saints to prayer techniques; exploring emotional maturity to the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults.



Thoughts on Vocations to the Priesthood and the Religious Life...




Then click here to listen to Sr Briege McKenna



Then click here to hear our Archbishop Tobin and others.

archbishop joseph tobin


Can you think of someone who might become a priest or a brother or a sister?

Perhaps it is you!