" All others had a Redeemer Who delivered them from sin with which they were already defiled, but that the most Blessed Virgin had a Redeemer Who, because He was her Son, preserved her from ever being defiled by it. "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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Vocations News archive

Prayer for Vocations


We thank you for the blessings you have given us in Christ our Redeemer. 
Let your Spirit overshadow your people, making your gentle invitation heard in many hearts.

Lord of the Harvest, bless the Redemptorist family throughout the world with many vocations, so that those in greatest need will experience the Good News of Redemption.

May your love grow among us and your kingdom come, through Christ our Lord.



First Published on previous Province website on 6.5.2009

mass9We are happy to announce that Bro. Dominic O'Toole CSsR, who has spent the last eight years in formation at  St. Patrick's Edinburgh and Scotus College, Glasgow, made his final profession of vows as a Redemptorist on Saturday the 28th of September, and was ordained Deacon on Tuesday 30th September, by Cardinal Keith Patrick O'Brien, a great freind and supporter of the Redemptorists. We wish him well as he takes up his new ministry in Clapham, working in our community and new project in the heart of London.

Fr. Dominic has now been ordained to the priesthood in St. Mary's, our Redemptorst parish in London on 14th February 2009. A joyous occassion was had by all incuding special guests Cardinal O'Brien & Fr. Richard Reid CSsR who flew in from our Region in Zimbabwe for the occassion.

God Bless his ministry in our New Clapham Project.

First Published on previous Province website on 5.2.2009

FM News

"Be certain that if you listen to his call and follow him, you will find great joy and happiness"

Pope John Paul II Manchester June 1982

Recently we have been journeying in faith with a group of committed young adults (17-35 years old) in Scotland. This group is already involved in many forms of ministry in their parishes, their dioceses and further afield. They work with other young adults and devote time to taking others to enjoy the spirituality and peace at the shrine of Our Lady in Lourdes. We will continue to organise weekends at Kinnoull for this grouping, and explore new ways of supporting them.

They have asked the Redemptorists to accompany them and help them in Faith and Mission fm . They have been to St. Mary’s Kinnoull, one of our spirituality centres, for an experience of prayer and community on several occasions. This is also an occasion for catching up, for good humour and for friendship.

It is envisaged that we, the Redemptorists, will work with the group closer to their home areas, to bring a sense of community and togetherness on a more regular basis. This proposed ministry has great potential but is still in its infancy.

Pray that we will be able to work together within fm to promote the wider sense of vocation and mission, following lead of the teaching church in the ‘universal call to holiness.’ If you live in Scotland and would like to find out more about this loose grouping, or the proposed RYVM meeting later this year in Ireland, please contact us  for more information.


First Published on previous Province website on 1.5.2009

phoca_thumb_l_stpatsaltarCardinal praises the life and mission of the St. Patrick's Redemptorist community

The Scottish BBC station ALBA recently gave extensive coverage to the church of St. Patrick's in the Cowgate. Parishioners spoke of working in collaboration with the Redemptorists. The shrine of Margaret Sinclair within the church, and St. Pat's association with Hibernian football club were all mentioned. The Cardinal praised the work of the Redemptorists and the vitality of St. Patricks, saying that after the Cathedral, he considered it one of the most important churches in the city.

Unfortunately the video clip is not available of this programme as yet...

The Redemptorists of St. Pats are often on the T V or Radio, locally & Nationally.


First Published on previous Province website on 8.9.2009

New Postulancy in Bishop Eton

We ask for your prayers as three young men continue to discern their vocation with the Redemptorists.

One young man from the west of Scotland, Gerry Carroll has been based in our Liverpool community for a year, he will be joined by another Scot, Peter Morris and a young man from Oxfordshire Charles Randall.

Our Formation  program begins in September 2009.  Keep all of those in discernment and in our Vocation Contact group in your prayers

"Young people of the world, hear the voice of Christ! Hear his voice and follow him!"

Pope John Paul II - Denver, 1993.


First Published on previous Province website on 5.6.2009

young manIn the last couple of years the Redemptorists of the London Province have re-doubled our mission of vocation promotion and accompanying. There has been a number discernment retreats and weekends. The Redemptorists have even appeared for a few months in the in-flight literature of Ryanair.

This seems to have paid off in some measure as three men begin postulancy and others  Others actively discern their call at this time.

We ask for your prayers as young men continue to discern their vocation with the Redemptorists.

"Young people of the world, hear the voice of Christ! Hear his voice and follow him!"

Pope John Paul II - Denver, 1993

Also in the last three years there have been record intakes in both the English and Scottish diocesan seminaries. Over 30 men have contacted the Redemptorists seeking information and direction. Of course not everyone who enquires is suitable for the religious life. Please keep Vocation promotion high on your list of pastoral objectives, and in your prayers.

First Published on previous Province website on 1.5.2009

Alphonsus, Prayer, writing and the music business..

Liam Neeson, known for his role as Oskar Schindler in Steven Spielberg’s film “Schindler’s List,” is the featured narrator on a new CD about the Stations of the Cross.  The CD features the 14 Stations and prayers taken from the writings of St. Alphonsus Liguori, the founder of the Redemptorists.

Neeson begins the CD by reading the “Introduction,” written by St. Alphonsus Maria Ligouri, the great 18th century Italian saint and doctor of the Church.  He then narrates the 14 Stations of the Cross which are taken from the classic text, “The Way of the Cross according to the Method of St. Alphonsus Liguori.”

“I had heard about the Redemptorists and their missionary work in the Amazon rain forest of Brazil and in the slums of Lagos and Ibadan, Nigeria,” Liam Neeson said in a press release.  “I was moved to help because the Redemptorists are living the Gospel message in some of the poorest parts of the world, offering hope to families who have been forgotten or abandoned.”

Praying the Way of the Cross is the third CD produced for the Redemptorists of the Denver Province by Ray and Theresa Herrmann, co-founders of Little Lamb Music, a company dedicated to providing families with high-quality Catholic music. In 2007 and 2008, respectively, they produced Praying the Rosary with St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori and Praying the Seven Sorrows of Mary with St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori.  On the CDs, the saint’s music is produced, arranged and performed by the company and other musicians and vocalists from some of the world’s finest orchestras and choral groups.

Ray Herrmann is a Grammy-award winning musician and one of the world’s finest session players and instrumentalists. He has spent the last 20 years playing with and arranging music for some of the biggest names in American music: Diana Ross, Chicago, Bob Dylan, Santana, LeeAnn Rimes, Stevie Wonder, George Benson and Herbie Hancock. Ray is also in the house band on the hit television show, American Idol.

On hearing Liam in the studio, Ray Herrmann said, “I was deeply moved by Liam’s reading of the words of St. Alphonsus. It was so beautifully done.  And I knew then I was part of something very special: a production that celebrates Good Friday with the voice of one of the world’s greatest actors with the sacred hymns and prayers of this great saint of the Church.”

Proceeds from the sale of the CDs will support the work of the Redemptorist missions in Brazil and Nigeria.

To purchase the CD or for more information, visit: www.littlelambmusic.com.

Copyright @ CNA

American Idol Musician  - releases two CDs of St Alphonsus' Works!

Grammy award winning musician Ray herrmann has worked with top musicians like Bob Dylan and Christine Aguilera, appeared on the USA tonight show and is often seen on the famous TV series, "American Idol". He is also a man of deep faith.

He and his wife Theresa co-founded 'Little Lamb' music and together with the Redemptorists bring St. Alphonsus' music and message to a wider audience. They jumped at the chance to be part of this venture. As they said 'we knew of St. Alphonsus' devotion to Our Lady and his book the Glories of Mary, and it totally made sense to partner with the Redemptorists to create this "one of a kind" CD'. It is also the first time St. Alphonsus' music has been recorded in the U.S. and translated into english. Musician Ray continues,' the more you here St. Alphonsus' music the more you can appreciate its depth. He wanted the common man to be able to sing his hymns. His music has not just human dimensions but it also touches the soul'.

hank you to our Denver Confreres for making this possible on the 275th Aniversary of the founding of our Congregation.

For more on Ray Herrmann and littlelambmusic.com click here.


First Published on previous Province website on 31.1.2009

phoca_thumb_l_olpscrownedTo Our Mother of Perpetual Help

Bring your own prayer before our Lady's shrine and also ask Our Mother's intercession for more vocations to the Redemptorist way of life 'that those in greatest need will experience the Good News of Redemption'. Thank you. Join in the Salve Regina, say a prayer, and read more about the story behind perhaps the most famous icon of Our Lady in the world, which the Redemptorists are proud to promote. You may have to wait a moment for the image to load. Click here.

First Published on previous Province website on 29.11.2008

In a Turbulent Land.

See the latest article written by Fr. Richard Reid CSsR detailing the mission and ministry of our confreres in Zimbabwe.

Click here to read Richard's news.


First Published on previous Province website on 28.10.2008

phoca_thumb_l_icon alfonsoSt. Patrick's Redemptorists Outreach at the Fringe Festival

The Redemptorists of Edinburgh have long been known for innovative and creative liturgy and outreach. This includes staging some spiritual events during one of the worlds biggest art festivals each August. One correspondent reviewing the contribution of the Redemptorists, attended and part
ipated in an event called "Confession is good for the Soul", opening the possibility of confession out for all who were interested. Of course, the sacramental form of absolution was used only with Catholics. The journalist notes; "I've never actually been to confession before, so I went to St. Patrick's Redemptorist Church. The priest was gentle and understanding, and the chance to 'get something of your chest' in a non-judgemental hearing was rather soothing. It turns out confession actually does feel good for the soul". The Redemptorists are also leading meditation for beginners sessions in August.  


The following text has been supplied by The Scottish Catholic Observer, a Newspaper in the UK:   15th August 2008

An Edinburgh parish is looking to build on the positive response to its Edinburgh Festival confessions debut last year by offering the same opportunity in this year's Fringe programme. The parish is well known as the first home of Edinburgh's Hibernian Football Club, set up in the mid-1870s.

Involvementphoca_thumb_l_candle banner

Fr. Ed hone, St. Patrick's parish priest, spoke to the SCO this week about the Fringe venture and was keen to stress that confession is non-sacramental for anyone who is not a Catholic. "There is a great mystique which surrounds confession and we are trying to use the curiosity that these people have and try to involve them," said Fr. Hone. He said that the reaction from last year's festival had been 'extremely positive' and that the slightly more relaxed format of confession prompted many Catholics who had been away from the Sacrament for many years to return, other Christians to avail of the opportunity. One person, describing himself as an atheist, wrote a very positive review of Confession on a Fringe website.


Fr. Hone said that one of the main objectives of the scheme was to 'reinforce the idea of the Church as a welcoming and open place'. "Too often the Church is viewed as a closed society and we hope the Edinburgh Festival initiatives can go some way to changing this," he said. "Four years ago we ran a very successful 'Welcome Back' programme at the festival, we staged 69 events, helping those who had left or felt they had been driven away from the Church, we felt this was a good way of bringing these people back into parish life," Said Fr. Hone.


In addition to confessions, this year's festival will also see St. Patrick's running a Meditation for Beginners programme that offers a practical introduction to meditation in the Christian tradition. Fringe-goers who may have no experience at all of Christian prayer, or who are looking for help and inspiration in their prayer-life are invited to attend the 45 minute sessions which run from august 18 - 22 in the quiet and beautiful surroundings of St. Patrick's.



First Published on previous Province website on 28.10.2008

NEW - Announcing a newly launched website from our Australian Confreres with lots of information on our life and spirit. To find our more about our global Redemptorist community check out - Our Redemptorist confreres Down Under.

Note our Contacts -Links page is also expanding connecting with many new Redemptorist confreres and websites.

(Note since the restructuring of this web-site in 2010 other redemptorist web-sites  are available on the current site from the What we do -> World Wide Community menus)

Noviciate Retreat in Canada

Here are our novices after their retreat which was given by our Provincial, Fr Ronnie McAinsh C.Ss.R.

There were nine on the retreat – Gerry, Charles and Peter – and the six others, one from Vietnam, one from Mexico, one from Dominica, one from St. Lucia , one from US and the other also from US but born of parents from Kerala, India. So it was a diverse group; and a very blessed time. Our men continue their discernment and their struggle to see what God is asking of them. They are in good spirits and send best wishes to all for Christmas.



News from the Noviciate...

The novices were delighted to welcome into their noviciate community two Redemptorist Bishops.


Back Row: Ashford, Br.Raymond, Anthony, Bishop John, Fr.Gary, Fr.Ray Douziech, David, Bishop Bryan, Fr.Ray Corriveau, Carmelo, Son & Peter (London Novice).
Front Row: Calvin, Charles (London Novice) & Gerard (London Novice).

Bishop John Pazak, C.Ss.R., Slovak Eparchy of Byzantine Rite

and Bishop Bryan Bayda, C.Ss.R., Catholic Ukrainian Eparchial Bishop of Saskatoon.


We continue to keep the novices in our prayers!

More photos will follow when we get them from Canada.

On Sunday 8th August 2010, His Excellency Archbishop George Kocherry came to Alphonsus House and ordained two of our brothers to the Diaconate.




Brothers Victor and Isaac lay themselves prostrate while the congregation invoke the saints of our Church.


Fr William Guri assists the Apostolic Nuncio, while

Fr Raymond Mupandasekwa looks on



The two new deacons now assist Archbishop Kocherry



Br Victor, Br Francis and Br Isaaczimdeacons



The Novices in the Noviciate

Our three brothers have now started the noviciate. They were joined by seven other men who will discern the path the Lord is calling them on. The other men are from Mexico, West Indies, Europe and North America.

God bless!


The Noviciate 2010 - 2011...

Our three Postulants, Br Gerard Carroll, Br Peter Morris and Br Charles Randall fly this evening to Canada to join the Inter-Provincial Noviciate. We are asked to keep them in our prayers each day this coming year.

We wish them Bon Voyage and God Speed!

phoca_thumb_l_brcharles 2phoca_thumb_l_brgerry2phoca_thumb_l_brpeter

Brs. Charles, Gerard and Peter.

Up-coming celebrations...


In Zimbabwe we are celebrating 50 years of our Redemptorist presence. We are doing so in style in August by having 11 professions of vows for the Region. Four of these are final vows and seven are of those who have finished the noviciate.

The four being Finally Professed are:

Br Isaac Davies C.Ss.R.

Br David Nyamuronda C.Ss.R.

Br Victor Bushu C.Ss.R.

Br Francis Marimbe C.Ss.R.

The Final Profession will take place in Tafara on Saturday 7th August.



Brs. Victor,David, Francis and Isaac C.Ss.R.




The seven brothers who have finished the noviciate and making simple vows are :


Br Gift C.Ss.R.

Br Gideon C.Ss.R.

Br Francis C.Ss.R.

Br Kenneth C.Ss.R.

Br Lovemore C.Ss.R.

Br Munyaradzi C.Ss.R.

Br Kudakwashi C.Ss.R.


The First Profession will take place on Friday 6th August

 novices7zimjoyzimoffertorynovices 2

We wish the brothers well as they prepare for these special and holy ceremonies.