" The Blessed Mother has appeared to me and told me to become a missionary. "
Bl Francis Xavier Seelos C.Ss.R
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First Published on previous Province website on 5.2.2009

FM News

"Be certain that if you listen to his call and follow him, you will find great joy and happiness"

Pope John Paul II Manchester June 1982

Recently we have been journeying in faith with a group of committed young adults (17-35 years old) in Scotland. This group is already involved in many forms of ministry in their parishes, their dioceses and further afield. They work with other young adults and devote time to taking others to enjoy the spirituality and peace at the shrine of Our Lady in Lourdes. We will continue to organise weekends at Kinnoull for this grouping, and explore new ways of supporting them.

They have asked the Redemptorists to accompany them and help them in Faith and Mission fm . They have been to St. Mary’s Kinnoull, one of our spirituality centres, for an experience of prayer and community on several occasions. This is also an occasion for catching up, for good humour and for friendship.

It is envisaged that we, the Redemptorists, will work with the group closer to their home areas, to bring a sense of community and togetherness on a more regular basis. This proposed ministry has great potential but is still in its infancy.

Pray that we will be able to work together within fm to promote the wider sense of vocation and mission, following lead of the teaching church in the ‘universal call to holiness.’ If you live in Scotland and would like to find out more about this loose grouping, or the proposed RYVM meeting later this year in Ireland, please contact us  for more information.