" always ask for the love of God, and for the grace to belong entirely to Him "
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What we do



phoca_thumb_l_majellaWe honour our fellow religious of the past, our heritage and tradition, by continuing the gospel message of plentiful redemption for all. We do this through working directly with people searching for truth and love.

"His calling is a declaration of love. Your response is commitment, friendship, and love manifested in the gift of your own life."

Pope John Paul II - Valencia, November 1982.

In the UK we do this through pastoral ministry, in our preaching and sharing ministry, in inner city mission, in parish renewal through retreats and missions, in our life giving writing, in our dedication to study especially the ethical questions of our day, and the answers found in the good news of Jesus Christ. In the tradition of Alphonsus we are especially proud of our healing places; our international pastoral centres and places of renewal.

phoca_thumb_l_celeste3He longs to be known by you, to be loved by you, to be embraced by you. He is born in your flesh, to make himself like you. The infinite God has made himself a child, has made himself small and humble, so as to be loved and imitated by you. From love he is born in a stable and will die on a cross. Be silent, then, and wonder at such love.

Mother Marie Celeste Crostorosa O.Ss.R.

We believe that our unique identity is in the way we see things and in the different ways we reach out to people. There is no one path followed by all Redemptorists, but there is one goal:  To defend our joy in Jesus Christ and to bring to others ‘Plentiful Redemption’.


This article was written  in 2007 since when Fr. Terry has received the title Honorary Chaplain to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes.

I began this ministry about seven years ago. I had been going to Lourdes on pilgrimage for many years, latterly involved with HCPT - The pilgrimage trust, as director of the pilgrimage. In all my visits to Lourdes over the years, I had never been to confession in Lourdes (though I do go to confession regularly!).

I volunteered my services to the sanctuary and was accepted. The ministry involves about four weeks at a time, consisting of about six hours of confessions a day. If possible we also have a rest day. People don't talk about "miracles" very often in this day and age, but there are hundreds of miracles of God's grace and love daily in the reconciliation chapel in Lourdes.

My years of preaching parish missions had prepared me for hearing confessions, but a week in Lourdes is a bit like a year's confessions on a mission. The picture of Rembrandt's "prodigal son" is in the confessionals and is a marvelous starting point to help people experience the unbelievable love and forgiveness of God. The experience of hearing confessions in Lourdes is a truly humbling and uplifting experience, knowing that the Prodigal Father uses me to bring his peace and love into people's lives.

Terry Creech C.Ss.R.

Parish Ministry

Parish Ministry - Beacons of light in local communities- in the tradition of St. Clement bringing Christ’s Mission alive in the City.



 London - BirminghamLiverpool Bishop Eton  - Liverpool St Mary's


The Redemptorists are currently ministering in four parishes in the UK. From the city centre of London to the heart of Birmingham. In our old established community in Liverpool, and also in new ventures like St. Mary's Woolton. Each worshiping community sees a different face of the Redemptorists in Britain, yet each one knows they are cared for and experience the compassion of our loving Redeemer through the work of our communities.


phoca_thumb_l_pic5The Redemptorist presence in these parishes ensures that a message of hope is presented in so many different ways by gifted pastors and preachers. See what Pope Paul VI had to say to our Redemptorists in pastoral ministry:


“I want to say to you, a big thank you—as big as the world itself, for your nearness to people . . .  try hard to strengthen it. If we want to save the world we have to unite ourselves to the people by being in the midst of the world”.

The words of Pope Paul VI to The Redemptorists

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A little taste of the Middlesbrough community.